Tuesday, May 7, 2013

lots of dogs and sunshine...

 my friend gail has a new puppy, leo.  isn't he adorable.  a yellow lab.  always a favorite of mine.  i met with her after work and we took all the dogs to the dunes.  that was as far as we went.  the dogs chased the tennis ball and then we just sat and relaxed.  it felt so great to just sit in sand and feel the sunshine.  temperatures were in the 40's for sure.  tshirt weather!!
 yesterday i walked the coastal trail.  it's almost totally clear of snow...the dunes were clear as well.  trail reports are that the walk after the dunes is almost clear as well, perhaps by next week.
not sure what this bird is.  bonapart gull, black headed gull, tern of some sort?  any birder with id?  probably totally common. the gulls always look too similar for me to tell them apart.
 the docks with all the containers sitting on the shore.  below is mt susitna or sleeping lady
 some disturbing yet cool graffiti along the coastal trail.  it was hopping yesterday.  really gotta get cracking and get the tires filled with air, change over my cars tires and get it checked...haven't gotten much acomplished this stretch off.  always too much to do to get much more than laundry and dishes done.  guess i got the cat litter box cleaned as well, which means some vacuuming.  still i'm a total slacker.  my book sits untouched.  i need to get cracking on that too.  perhaps i can spend some time on the deck in the sun working on it.  i really think it's a good book idea, just have to get myself motivated.
 the uss anchorage from the coastal trail on sunday.  from what i heard the boat left on monday.
 my lovely city of anchorage, alaska.  it's really a great city.  great for anyone who loves winter and outdoor activities...and doesn't mind dodging bear and moose to be outside.
 am currently watching power yoga.  i did a few minutes of it, but i know i'd better start slowly.  i used to do it regularly, but like so many other things days passed and eventually it had been months and then years since i'd gotten out my yoga mat.  i know it would be really good for me to get stretching my body again.  i can tell my flexibility has decreased these years without it.  my favorite yoga dvd's are by rodney yee. he is totally flexible.
 always love when the light shines through the bark.
 nice to hear the sound of gulls again.  they've arrived back in town.
 love when there are these kinda rainbows around the sun.
 a few from todays walk up at prospect heights.  it was slushy and hard work going uphill.  in the end, you get to go downhill.
 lena and liz joined blossom and i.
 always love the random lost glove.  someone has one cold hand.
 the rest are dog pictures from this afternoon.  leo and beau playing together in the leaves at my friends house.  just fun to watch puppies...they are so uncoordinated.
 rio does the meet and greet.  she skipped the walk up prospect this morning and only did this short dunes walk.  i figured the slushy snow would be tough on her joints.
 liked that the ball was bouncing in this shot...i'm easily amused.
 this is the dunes.  about 100+ feet below is beach.  it's a bit of a steep cliff so i prefer to go around to the kincaid chalet and hit the "beach" that way.  our beach in anchorage is mostly mud flats which can suck you in and then the tide can come and drown you.  this part does have some walkable beach though with actual sand like these dunes which is nice.
 no tide pools around anchorage though...boo hoo.  i do love tide pools.
 a few close up's of beau.  he's a dobie.  high energy but sweet dog.
 rio quickly settled into the sand for a long rest.  didn't take much to convince her to enjoy the sunshine.
 blossom and leo do their time at meet and greet.

 gail, surrounded by dogs.
 cute puppy eyes and who doesn't love puppy breath!!
 lots of folks jogging past us on the dunes. in the summers there is a motorcross area just down from these dunes so it can get pretty noisy.  they are trying to make that area open to snow machines in the winter.  it was peaceful today.
 the puppy curled up with blossom for a bit to rest.  so cute!!  makes me think ms blossom may be ready for a  dog sibling.  not sure i'm ready yet though.  2 dogs and 2 cats feels like plenty, especially when i attempt to  go out of town.

 gail getting more dog love!! i think she's pretty excited to have a dog again.  it does take a lot of work on that front end.  training and waking up in the wee hours so they can go outside to pee.  it's worth it.
 beau is her daughters dog.  i posted these pics on facebook as beau is up here with her daughters husband and i know she's a bit bummed to be missing all of this.  she's in med school so busy right now.

 sunshine on the dunes!!
 took awhile to wear the puppy out enough to be able to catch actual  photo's of him.  they really do move fast and unpredictably at times.
 gail with leo.
 this one is a bit disgusting, but funny.  beau was chasing the tennis ball in the sand and eventually his mouth was coated with wet, slimey sand.  it is kinda gross i guess.  you gotta love dogs to appreciate it.  haha.
 blossom isn't without stink..she found every gross puddle of muck and lay down in it.
 rio was the only perfect dog today.
 the puppy had a great time being with the big dogs.  he's so small, he's 8 weeks old i think.  gail thinks he'll get to around 60 pounds.

 feet aren't huge so that sounds pretty close.  time will tell.  puppies grow fast.
 rio is in a dream state and i suspect she is running across the dunes in her dreams.  going full steam.  that is what beau is doing in these.

 rio only has one speed...joked with liz that she is like rio walking.  slow and steady, same speed whether it's hot or cold out, uphill or downhill.  she was again kicking my arse out there today.  she used to say she wouldn't walk with me cause i walk too fast. (even though she'd never walked with me, i must have some reputation).  apparently someone told her if i mention walking in kincaid or spencer loop she should just say no.  i think i know who, but she wasn't giving up her sources.
 loved this shot of gail.  she's just one of those great people out there.  kind, generous....i'm lucky to have some wonderful people in my life.
 watched some documentary on poor kids in cambodia.  it was okay.  my other netflix is a documentary on bees.  that could be interesting.  not sure if i'll get to that or if i'll read for a bit before crashing.
 3 women who were kidnapped years ago as teens or young adults have been found today.  a guy had held them all captive in his house and he and his brothers had all abused them.  some were held for over 10 years.  one had a child while held. it was good news to hear that they were free.  one of them saw the opportunity to try and get help and took it.  a neighbor heard her yelling and went over thankfully.  he and another neighbor broke down the front door and 911 was called and the other two women were rescued as well.
 can't imagine the things they must have indured.  my prayers to them and their families, may they find peace and get their lives back...and be surrounded by love and safety for the rest of their years.
 a few bald eagles flying around while we sat out there.
 even beau got tired out eventually.  he mostly ran the perimeter of the dunes keeping watch and making sure we were safe...what a good boy!
 leo learned the art of digging.  he seemed pretty excited to be out there in that sand.  gail hopes he doesn't transfer this new skill to the yard.  i know it's a puppy arse, but it's all new and clean still...!!
beau out on watch.  well.  hope you enjoyed the happy dog pictures. a bit different than the denali shots of sunday.  you never know out there.  the trails are a bit sloppy everywhere and you just have to go where you think it can work.  i'm feeling pretty determined to get in better shape and stay healthy as long as i can in this life.  i always hope to be able to walk for year and years to come.  i have walked an average of 2-5 miles/day for over 15 years.  i think it's the best thing you can do for yourself, both physically and mentally.

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  1. I don't love the puppy breath. I think they're adorable as you know but puppy breath always reeks of sour milk and ass to me.