Wednesday, May 15, 2013

you know you are old when...

 your 7 year old patient looks at your id badge and asks if the picture was taken "a long time ago", then tells you that you look "way older than the picture".  kids are never ones to coat the facts. time to get a new picture of the old me.
work was easy for me and tonight i'm on call.  guess i was slated for the peat team but when they rearranged me and i was no longer scheduled as peat i never got rescheduled as a pool person for today so once they found me they had no use for me.  that could still change through the night...or i will stay home.
not many pictures today.  just cruised around the bog with the dogs.  thought i was working and it was windy today.  the dogs were sniffing like there was a moose, but i didn't see it until i was around the other side so the trail is just the other side of those trees.  luckily most of the time the moose have a don't bother me and i won't bother you attitude.
 a few geese chilling in the bog.  always feel badly for the magpies this time of year.  they live here year round and all these birds show up and space and food must now be shared.  this annoys the magpies to no's pretty obvious.
 had some stupid add on thing install itself to my computer when i sat down and have spent the last 1-2 hours trying to do all the steps to remove the dam thing.  i may have done it.  it's a search thing called mixidj.  if you can avoid  when i looked it up there were just sites explaining how to get rid of it.  never a good sign. until it was gone i was unable to get off of my main blog page to attempt to write a note.  i don't want to be premature but yeah me for removing and fixing an issue with my computer.  fingers crossed that i got that bad boy!
 another strange thing has happened in the computer world for me today.  suddenly my blog views increased dramatically.  i have no idea why but i usually get around 100 views on the days i post and on the days i don't post maybe 40-50 views.  so that tends to work out to about 500 views/week.  today my views were well over 600 and already for the next day it was over 200.  not sure what happened there.  i looked to see where the views were coming from and most came from some blogs of note...of course, when i clicked on this i got an obscene photo...and maybe this horrible mixidj thing.  who knows.  well...if you are new readers and not some crazy spam thing, welcome.
 this moose was well over 200 yards away from me and still those ears are back...a bit wary of our presence or perhaps there is someone walking on the trail just beyond those trees that i'm not aware of.  moose can get wary this time of year anyway as many will be dropping babies in anchorage in the coming weeks.  yes, some people will be trying to go to their cars to run errands or go to work and be held back due to a moose calving.  another thing that can happen is a bear may make a meal of baby moose and that has been known to prevent folks from getting to work as well.  not sure from this distance if this is a cow who will drop baby moose soon...there often is a baby or two born in the bog right by my house.
i think i have earned a chocolate shake for all the stress of dealing with this computer stuff.  may attempt to pop in my netflix movie and see if i can make it through it before i get called in to work.  a  bit less relaxing to be on call now that i'm in the float pool...i can get called in anywhere for anything.

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