Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lost In Kincaid...

 that was me on thursday.  i decided to do a loop around beercan lake (otherwise known as little campbell lake but i prefer the old non politically correct name).  this park is right in town, but there are so many loops and side trails that it's easy to get yourself turned around.  this above picture was when i knew once again where i was.
this time of year the trail can become a small lake and then there are the moose, always the moose.  you change directions to avoid a trail that has become a lake, then change again to avoid a moose.  i tried to backtrack but lost sight of the little side trail i'd taken between larger more established trails.  even if you run into a helpful map that has been placed in the park, they aren't always as helpful as one would imagine.  i saw no maps this day.  thankfully, my mental gps was directing me back to the right place...will this next generation who have never had to use mental gps be able to find their way as easily.
of course, i was getting a wee bit nervous.  i knew i'd make it out eventually, but feared i may not find my way before work started.  i had visions of calling the house supervisor to say i had to call out sick as i was "lost in kincaid".  as i ran through this conversation in my head out there on the trails i knew i would have to make sure and tell them i didn't need a rescue squad or 9-1-1 quite yet.  i surveyed what i had on me besides camera gear for survival.  rain coat, bear spray, water, dog treats....
 3 nights of work behind me.  starting to get used to the floating thing i think.  kinda nice moving around and it's also nice i think to not be in the pediatric area as much.  i originally started working peds because a friend was there more than due to some desire to take care of kids. i think i evolved to enjoy peds and picu and i think in the end i got more out of it than i ever expected i would.  fun to make kids and families laugh.  just a different atmosphere.  i learned a lot and met lots of super nice people.  finding to that i can easily listen to others complain about this and that while keeping myself detached from the unit to unit irritations and drama's, which is cool too.
the geese above were in baxter bog by my house.
 rain today.  i did manage a loop or two around university lake before it really started raining.  fun day too as i ran into an old friend from the old days at the dog park...before it was an official dog park.  jack used to frequent the park with his great dane, chloe.  she was a puppy when i met her but she has now passed on to the bridge.  she was just over 10 i guess.  he was there with his roommates chocolate lab.  the dog reminded me of loki, my friend quintons ex's dog.  that wrong pitch of bark that is like scratching on a chalkboard.
fun to catch up with an old friend though.  laughed and enjoyed the dogs and old dog stories.
the squirrel above is raiding my cute bird feeder.  miss breezy chatterbug was quite excited watching this guy from the window.  i tried to take a few pictures of her in the window..but the windows are obviously quite dirty.  did make another dent in the dog poop in the yard today.  snow keeps melting back and the side yard is clear of snow now.  as it goes, the poop shows so back out i go.
 these are from that day in kincaid.  saw a few moose.  this one was the first one i saw right after i started. the others i was in my confused, lost anxious state and didn't bother with picture taking.
 these are the big lake that took over the trail.  blossom didn't mind at all and it was deep enough for her to almost swim out there.  she did her first actual lake swimming today at the dog park.  she was pretty stoked to say the least.  rio enjoyed wading as well.  now we have to worry about the beavers of university lake that like to go cujo on the dog population at the park.
 my first night was back in the emergency room. only my 4th day there and the sheet we check said i'd be orienting...that didn't happen. i was on the west side with 3 rooms and a bed in the hall.  the bed in the hall stayed open. i admitted 2 patients and  though it took me a few minutes to get myself re-oriented i think i did just fine.  no charge nurse yelled at me.  this time she mentioned that she'd looked at my charting and i was doing just fine.
it's nurses week and i seemed to miss all the "festivities" that were happening this week at work.  the hospital apparently gave out a little cell phone holder case?  not sure.  with the float pool, not sure how these things get handed out.
my best nursing compliments come from the patients i take care of and their families.  one of my emergency room patients had a migraine and after i gave her a few shots in the rump she left not sure if it was going to help but wanting to get home.  she had a kid with her and so i involved the kid and kept her entertained while she waited with her mom.
as i was settling in the next patient (the rooms don't stay empty long down there) the charge i think handed me a little note on a post it.  later i read what it said...."nurse betsy, thank you. it is now working. you guys saved my night and were wonderful to me.  thanks, migraine lady".
 pogi is always my snuggle cat.  happy mothers day to all those moms out there.  my mom is gone so the day is always a bit sad to me.  mostly i guess though, it's just another day.  today, after working 3 nights i mostly slept.  that first night in the emergency room though i got lucky and closed down the west side and was able to go home at 4am.  always nice to get a few extra hours sleep.
 more from the bog.  the pond is opening up.  nice to hear all those shore birds again in town.
 managed a short swim.  40 lengths today.  always enjoy people watching while i swim.  some eye candy a few lanes over kept stopping between laps and getting his cell phone out from between towels and texting.  can't say i've ever seen anyone texting while swimming.  i was laughing to as sometimes he would be taking self portraits of himself in the pool to send as well.
 the bark has been stripped off my hungry moose.  keep popping outside. it's raining pretty good, but the sky is also this beautiful pink colour.  it's reflecting off the deck and the table.  my deck table and chairs are out there, but with this rain i shant be able to eat my breakfast out there in the morning i guess.
 have enjoyed the reflective qualities around the trails with all these puddles...that is if i can get my camera out before blossom crashes through said puddles.
 rio has also been enjoying wading in.
 had an easy night last night.  they gave me a 1:1 assignment. the cool part was the guy would never normally be a 1:1.  one of our cardiac surgeons likes to go back and forth between the two main hospitals in town. most recently, he's done most of his cases at regional hospital, but they must be tiring of accomadating his every need and so he's now punishing them by doing his surgery's here.  i guess he wants all his open hearts to be 1:1 until they get the breathing tube out.  not sure how long this will last, it's a spendy request.  i kept myself busy, but i can't say as my work load was the usual adult icu work load.
 liked this reflection of blossom in the puddle. yesterday between shifts i got the dogs out to campbell airstrip for a short loop.  i think blossom was happy to be chasing her tennis ball.
 this is always my favorite section. the trees are amazing out here.
 blossom is still trying to enjoy every last bit of snow she can.  quite a few mosquito's today at university just occurred to me.  don't think i got bit yet, but the mosquito's are starting to make a comeback.
 another shot of the trees from yesterday.

 i've always enjoyed wolfhounds.  this guy/girl was at the dog park today.  only 8 months old and taller than blossom.  loved the tie for mothers day?  anyway.  this one is an irish wolfhound.  just seem like great dogs to me.
 last few are from work.  across from providence hospital all the trees were hacked out to make way for this sports arena for university of alaska, anchorage.  it won't have any ice for hockey games, which seems bizarre to me.  it's supposed to seat like 5000.  it will cut the hospitals mountain view a bit and i can't wait to try to get to work at the same time as some event occurs.  could be a traffic nightmare.
 i stared out friday on the regular peds floor.  not a bad assignment and it was looking like it would be a decent night out there.  a patient was getting admitted to the peds icu though so i gave up my peds assignment and headed back.  i only got one baby and that kid wasn't all that bad in the end...this meant i had time for shenanigans with the toys that have been making appearances around the unit there.  don't think anyone has topped these guys riding the hanging fish.
 leanna helped me with this rescue scene though.  thought it turned out kinda funny.  the lower one loaded sideways.  oh get the idea though.  found a toy helicoptor and used a baby armboard as a backboard for the monkey.  the supermans were assisting in the rescue.  wasn't really sure what to have them doing.  originally i was going to have them repelling from the ceiling.
 i think i took this one from the adult icu of the new sports arena.  still sad about the major loss of trees.
off to pay bills and watch a movie.  sleepy anyway.

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