Sunday, June 16, 2013

all caught up with the old pictures....on to the new ones!!

 actual photo from today. that dang rio keeps wanting to join and i haven't had the heart to turn her away.  will have to try and leave her couch bound tomorrow and perhaps try to work my way slowly up bird ridge. today we made a slow walk up one of the trails in arctic valley.  it's military, there are ski lifts on the hill.  those are run by someone else now.  used to be just military i guess.  alaska is considered foreign service i think or something similar.  they had some nice digs, still do.  there is an old silo up there from the cold war.  it's empty now and i was tempted to keep walking and check it out.  didn't want to push it with rio and it was pretty hot out there anyway.  another day  i guess.  more fun if i can hike with both dogs.
 this lady moose was in the bog the other day.  she is a regular there, i recognize that scar on her side.  she's had some babies out there from time to time.
 back to today.  the tundra flowers are starting to show up.  i hear the are really out up bird ridge, one reason i was thinking of heading up there.  i'm not to into uphill but i know i'd like to get this arse in better shape.
 went to kohls after my swim tonight and bought a few basics.  i'm not big on clothes shopping.  clearly i'm not too into fashion.  would be nice to have a few things to wear besides hiking clothes.
 i seem to lose my "girl" more each year.  i'm happy my hair is growing back out again, at least enough to put it back in a braid.  so lazy.
 quiet day really.  not even any deep thoughts.  stopped by gci but was unable to make a decision. i think i'll change over in the next few days but i'll stick to my current iphone and just go month to month until it starts to give me fits.  hate to trash things that haven't lived out their usefullness.
it's what we do in our society.  if you are old you are deemed useless it seems.  it's true for humans too sadly.  it's strange aging in our culture.  it is what it is.  i am what i am as well.  you can fight the aging process but eventually your body will age.  i'm not one to spend my money on plastic surgeries.  you can paint the car, but the engine is still the original.
 some military stuff behind high fences, above that is some of the ski lift apparatus.
 blossom had a fine day out there.
 i don't fit in and never least that is how i tend to feel.  i'm happy though, in my awkward, unique ways.  can't always relate to the regular people.  there are enough people in my life though that seem to get me and are chill with me and my strangeness. wouldn't want to have lived an ordinary life anyway.  not that my life is all that different in some ways.  i have a job, a morgage...
i just didn't follow the herd.  in english years ago we read a poem. "i took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference".
 there are always going to be those moments when we look at the life we may have had and wonder, but those moments pass and if i had taken that main road i never would have been able to see alaska and all there is here that is amazing and spectacular.
 from potter to mchugh with tanya, speedy and sydney.
 some wild geraniums i think.  tanya knows the flowers better than i do and speedy is taking a master gardening class so soon she will too i think.  i'll use them as my resource.
 always pretty up there.  probably all grown in now.  perhaps some of the bear activity has slowed down as bears meander some place else in search of food.

 the big event in anchorage today was the colour run.  looks to be a fun run.  many people i know were out there.   15,000 signed up to run it.  i had debated getting up and going just to take pictures, but i overslept and it does seem like it could be a nightmare with that many people downtown.  i like that it's really just for fun.  get tired of all these cheesy get your t-shirt and a ribbon events.  you "run/walk" and you get powered paints tossed at you.  actually, i think tossing the paint may have been the better job on that one.  you no doubt got just as painted and had more fun as you are out there the whole time.  if they do it again i'll have to volunteer to be a paint tosser.
 kept popping into facebook today to see who was there and check out their pictures.
 still on potter to mchugh.
 pulled some weeds and got bitten by a few mosquito's.  yard work...
 love this cool carrier amy has for sydney.

 was great to get in the pool today. i keep popping downstairs for water...clearly i'm a wee bit dehydrated after hiking and swimming.  i debated getting the bike out for a ride.  getting sleepy now though. got 50 lengths in today.  water was perfect.
 these guys, fiddleheads, are supposed to be good eating.
 these are out in kincaid.  this is beer can lake (little campbell lake).
 always love all those fresh green colours.
 the trail is passable, but still a pretty good pond there.
 not much garden work done this year.  such a slacker...seems almost too late to bother now.  will call the lawn people monday and see if i can get that arranged.  would be good to get it cleaned up at least.
 tired pets.
 back to the bog.  loved the reflections
 the mosquito's are thick though so i suspect i will avoid it for a few weeks and hope the bugs settle down.  there is always a week or two that are super thick.
 this little dog stole blossoms tennis ball, he was awful cute so i tossed it out for him a few times at  his owners request.
 powerline pass.
 puddles and snow.
 pretty out there as well though.  nice to get out and about and watch everything grow.
 love these juniper type trees.  cool trunks
 quick walk between shifts up patterson.  dogs cooled off in the stream
 scott was lovely and came over to fix the cats sun deck.  pogi is happy to have his view back.'s almost solstice.  it's pretty light out even when it's "dark" though.  blossom kept waking me up barking at a dog she was watching wander all over the neighborhood.  in the winter she would never have noticed the dog as it would have been much darker out.
 back to today.  lots of water for the dogs to cool off in.  they took full advantage of each opportunity.
 the trail option one goes straight up.  option two was still up but not as steep.  i took option 2.
 i remember hiking and backpacking as a teenager and being totally irritated by switchbacks.  it seemed ridiculous at the time.  why would you not take the shortest route up and skip all those switchbacks.  now i have a much better understanding and appreciation of those switchbacks.  sadly, alaska is not a place that seems to build many switchbacks.  of course, this is a military installation so that may explain the no switchback thing.  these trails were probably made by men in their late teens, and twenties...who like me would have no understanding of the purpose of a switchback.
 main parking lot below. todays hike was not a lot of mileage, but felt like a lot of elevation.
 another beautiful, warm day in anchorage.  i was happy to see some clouds roll in this afternoon.  my plants could use some rain though.
 cute heart in rocks at one place i stopped along the trail.
 i shall end with that and get some rest.

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