Thursday, June 20, 2013


 and this loaded sideways.  gotta wake up early to catch my flight north so i'm just going to let it go.  it will drive me nuts tomorrow though.  to bad as it's a pretty picture.  ok...couldn't take it.  who says i'm not a wee big type A from time to time.  probably mostly when i'm prepping for a trip.  it never feels real until i'm at the airport.   tonight it feels a bit real as blossom and rio are off in different homes. better tonight for everyone..except me.  it's always strange home without them.
i'm sure i'm overpacking.  what will the weather be like, what is the mosquito count.  will i have time for other things, how long will roads take to drive.
 these are from a walk on the main bike trails in anchorage.  always amazing how much wildlife is right here in the city.  of course, how could i walk past these adorable baby ducks and their mom.
 got my ride sorted out for the trip. i'll park at gail and macks and they will get me to/from the airport.  so nice!  thanks! posted it on facebook and got several offers so that was awesome.  don't want to put anyone out though so i went for what seemed the least bothersome to the other people.
 wish the dogs could join me on this road trip.  i do need a mini vacation from the dogs every so often. i think it's good for me.  i have to learn to socialize with the humans from time to time.
 only had one night of work this week.  ready for vacay though i can tell.  post open hearts.  hearts can be annoying as so many people who have heart attacks are so anxious and they worry and freak over everything.  who says there is no correlation between having a heart attack and poor handling of stress.  i get more and more convinced that handling stress is a good way to prevent many illnesses.  some crap is just genetic and  bad luck, but some of these people ruminate about every little thing.  i actually told the one guy to stop ruminating and try to get some rest.  he slept and i think a small part of him got what i was saying for those few hours anyway.  by morning he was back to himself.  mr stress.
 the cairn artist was out there again yesterday. always love to see those little cairns.  he'll be out there for hours and could make 50 or more of them.  i think he just finds it relaxing.  i saw him back in the trees.  i'm not expecting him to have a heart attack anytime soon.  takes a great deal of patience to spend hours balancing all these rocks.
 blossom was a bit concerned.  she was all happy as i pulled up, visited with her friend and then i went to leave and she wasn't too happy about that.  poor pup.  i will miss those dogs.
 for how much i'm packing i'm sure i'm forgetting some stuff.  i'm guessing i'll survive.  too spendy up there to just replace stuff or go on some wild shopping spree. not much for shopping options up there either.
 bull moose takes a drink from the pond.  wild roses above.
 we all felt a little earthquake last night.  turned out to be just over a 4.2 on the scale.  it was pretty short, loud, bang, bang.  then it was over.
 trying to put in a few layering items. camera gear, computer stuff.  should make a list i suppose, but then i'd think of more stuff that seems critical.
 i'm a bit scattered.  not too much sleep today.  wanted to get the errands run, walk the beasts and meet gail for dinner.  i did it all!  we ate and ling and louis's.  always a nice place...thanks sharon!  she had sent her freebie card for eating there so many times.  gail and i split the free meal and toasted sharon...miss ya!!
 fields of dandilions.  some guy was following me as i walked across this little ball field.  hate when people act like you are some evil dog owner when you are just innocently walking the dogs.  they were on leash, i pick up their poop...what up?  back off dude.
 funny how some people just need to feel they are in control of whatever little pocket of this earth they can find.
 hopefully, all goes well on the flights.  just over an hour i think north.  i'm a chicken flyer though.  never feels comfortable and when it starts to feel comfortable, something usually happens to make it feel uncomfortable again.
 it's good in life to feel uncomfortable.  it's good to go places you've never  been and see things you've never seen.  it's good to put yourself out there and be open to meeting new people and making new friends no matter where they pop up from.
was talking to someone about this and they said they kinda got how some people as they get older get more nervous to be out and doing things.  bad things happen in that world out there.  bad things happen in that safe zone that is home too.  that one dude was sleeping when a sink hole sucked him into the earth.  bad people come into that safety zone you call home too.  in truth we are never truely safe anywhere so instead of letting that fear hold you back, you have to try and let it go from time to time.
 am i nervous to travel to nome, a place i've never been, without anyone i know.  sure i am....but what if i don't go and i miss a totally cool trip.  friends had spoke of going and then didn't end up going.  maybe that is just how it was supposed to be.  at least this time.
 baby geese at cheney lake near my house.  i only took my little camera today.  charging batteries.
 finish laundry and crash...that is my plan.  my flight isn't until after ten, but i'm the sort that likes to get to airports early.  i always wrote my papers at the last possible minute, but airports...i don't like to procrastinate.
 i'm taking my lap top so if i have time i'll try and download some photo's and write in the blog a bit.  if not, i'll just wait til i get home.  there is a lot to see up there. will be very different from what i'm used to here.  old mines and miners gear all over...could make for some fun photography.
 lots of wild iris out at cheney.  may miss the eklutna irises again this year.  can't wait to see what wild flowers nome has to offer.  maybe i should add that book in more luggage!!!!
only gone less than a week so really not that long at all.  i can  do without a lot of stuff for that short of time.  good night.

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