Saturday, June 15, 2013

it's too hot!!

 a few last shots from holgate.  headed off to nome next week.  can't believe it's almost solstice...nooo!!! i always get a bit sad at summer solstice knowing that it means the light is at it's peak and will start to drop off shortly.
 maddie plays with the bubbles.  bob and tanya had her birthday party today.  great day out there.  sunny and warm!  it's suspected it may get into the 80s even.  not to complain, but it's pretty hot out there.  party was fun!  tanya got me to make the cake.  i have mediocre cake decorating skills but thankfully 10 year old kids aren't all that particular.  the thing tasted good anyway.
 it was so sweet...apparently maddie got a card and then also a gift package from the new friends we met on the beach out in holgate.  so sweet of them!!  there are some rotten eggs out there in our world but overall, there are far more lovely and kind people!!  to take that time and effort for a kid you just met that one time was so sweet and that maddie was so excited that her new friends were a part of her birthday this year!! thanks holgate 7!!  i think her gift from you guys was her favorite...she squealed and jumped in joy!!
 lots to do this stretch off.  want to arrange some work on the yard.  may get my phone changed back to gci so i'll have coverage.  they are the only ones that get you coverage all over alaska.  so i may just upgrade to that iphone 5 and make the switch.  should pack and work on dogs sleepover bins.
 the summer seems to be flying by fast.  i totally think we had 2 aprils and skipped may when june hit it was nuts.  we are having lots of great sunshine this month though.  hoping the rest of the summer is awesome as well.  increased fire hazard right now though...we could use a bit of rain.  i'd be totally thrilled if it would rain a bit each night and then be sunny all day.  not sure mother nature will arrange that for me.  not like santa clause and all you have to do is be a "good girl".
 things are growing faster than i ever remember them growing.  totally catching up from the loss of may.  flowers have popped up all over town.
 some guy, rowe, peaked all the mountains in the "tooth" group.  that being mooses tooth, bear tooth, eye tooth, sugar tooth and broken tooth.  these are the mountains that the local restaurant have chosen to name their businesses after.  they are extremely popular here in anchorage.
 there are plenty of mountains up here for climbing.
 had a strange phone call the other morning.  this person doing casting calls in anchorage for a new show got my name from the producer of "legends of alaska" which i appeared in with the dogs.  she was looking for people who were believers of zombies or preparing for a zombie apocylpse.  i am neither.  i'll take sasquatch over zombies any day.  so many strange things have happened from that one silly photo i took.  cracks me up.
 a few from my walk out powerline pass.  loved this cute little yellow bird.
 great to see the tundra flowers kicking into gear as well.
 you can see the bridge out there.  didn't quite make it there.  had rio and there were lots of snow patches the further in i got.
 rio was happy to cut back early and lounge on the deck.
 work was busy and not to bad...depending on the night.  last week i was up working the dialysis machine and made this fishing scene with the bendables.  i was hindered in my creativity by being tethered to the machine.  i was also hindered by the limitations of medical tapes.  the batmen kept falling down.  it was a cute idea though i think.
 monkey was the bait.
 was trying to make this batman a scuba diver...there just wasn't tape strong enough to be up to the task.
 so last night i started anew.  added a damsel in distress as what scenario is complete without one.
 thought it came out kinda cute.  i think i'm about the only one who messes with the bendable adventurerers anymore, but it's what i do.  it lets them know i was there.  haha.
 felt bad for my one patient as he was from another country and the light was throwing him off.  was it day or night?  very funny.  i had super nice parents to the kids i was caring for.
 the one night it got totally busy.  i was pulled from the dialysis machine to be a helper for all the other nurses. really i mostly helped locate things.  worked with nurses in the adult unit and eventually we had everyone all hooked up to the proper monitors and what not.  i helped them with their issue and they helped me with mine.
the next night my dialysis machine ran without any issues..yeah!
 mandatory meeting.  i am thankful to have a boss now that though she has to go through all the steps that are handed down from above she also lets you know she understands the big picture.  i always hate when upper management tries to pretend that things are being put in place for the "benefit of the patients" in these elaborate speeches.  just tell me, it's coming from above, we have to go through the hoops or else, sorry, sign here.
the thing they are trying to implement creats a situation where people ultimately will just have to make up shit to fill in all the boxes thus making said implement useless anyway.  we all already know that what we are being required to do is useless, but still we will be required to go through the motions.  some of those people in the cubicles really need to spend a few nights in my shoes and see how silly these ideas of theirs are.
 fresh growth in campbell airstrip.
 another funny thing from that morning.  i started working at providence in 2001, which means i'm in my 12-13th year there.  you get a pin at every 5 year mark.  at my 10 year mark i got an email that directed me to a site to purchase a thank you gift from providence.  i got no pin.  i just figured they had switched over from the pins to this gift giving site.  then the other morning my new manager brings me the pin i was supposed to be givin a few years had been lost in one of the offices of my old managers.  i laughed and shook my head. the plus side was that it gave my new boss an inkling of what we deal with in the other unit...she had to do my evaluation as it hadn't been done for i don't know how long.  i got a note a month or so after i changed positions, but i figured my skipped eval wasn't a bad reflection on me so i just deleted it.
 rio ponders life in the creek.
 off to kincaid for warning signs of both bears and moose.  a woman was stomped on out there on mize loop last week i think.  another moose was actually shot in denali national park.  charged someone with a gun.  new laws have made it legal to carry a firearm in the national park.  this is the first animal shot since the rule changes took place.
 the big colour run is tomorrow.  supposed to be tons of people going.  the paper said 15,000 signed up.  crazy.  downtown will be shut down.  part of me is tempted to head over and take pictures and look for friends, part of me is more tempted to just avoid the crowds and look online at the pictures other people will take.
 the green has totally filled in now but these are of the new growth coming on.

 those fresh greens are just so spectacular!

 we started out doing the big loop of summer, but hit the trail pond.  it's probably dried up by now i'd guess.
 we turned back and headed over to the dunes. rio was chill with that anyway.
 the dunes look cool with all that greenery too so fun to check it out.
 gotta go sign up for the road lottery in denali national park.  it happens at the end of the season.  it's been a few years since i even attempted to sign up.  they let like 400 cars/day drive the road on those days.
 blossom just got frisbee time today in the yard.  they were a bit hosed today...poor dogs, but i'll have to get them out and about tomorrow.  who knows where.  think, think, think...
 thought this turned out cool on the dunes.
 nice except for that crooked know i hate a crooked horizon.
 with all this warm weather lots of toddlers have been falling out of windows.  it was in the news..i think mostly to remind people to be mindful and make sure their screens are secured on windows.  can be devastating.  all this sunshine does have a downside.  everyone is out and about and that means many of them will get themselves in trouble and end up in the hospital.  be careful out there!!
 love this's so cool
 a few from my trek with lena out at spencer loop.  i should head up the hills as it will be cooler up there than in downtown.  it's the weekend...of course, tomorrow everyone will be at the colour run.
 blossom always remembers right where the mud bath is...nice.
 we were not alone out there.  bear tracks in the mud.

 quite the buns of steel work out.  sadly, my buns were not immediately made into buns of steel.  wish it worked that way.
 manny looks happy on the trails.
 young moose on it's own in the woods.
 probably his mama with her new calf.  i guess this is how older siblings must feel.
 so far the flowers i planted are still alive...though just barely.  it's been hot.  if this keeps up while i'm in nome they won't survive.  i'll have to ask the kid next door to try and get some watering done in addition to all the other stuff i have him do...cats, paper.

 it is nice to have my deck covered with flowers again.
 that poor family that was randomly attacked by that maniac have suffered yet another loss.  the elderly great grandmother who had dementia and was in the house during the attack has also passed away.  they suspect she may have been sexually assaulted as well in addition to witnessing the sexual assault of her daughter and great granddaughter and the murder of her daughter and son in law.  just horrible.  that poor family....
 this part of the garden is all in.  blossom and rio helped out and kept me company
off to bed.  i'm tired.  good night.

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