Monday, June 17, 2013

bird ridge...

 i knew there was a reason i never hike here...uphill, all uphill.  killer. not to mention the temperatures were in the 80's today.  burn, baby burn!!  i think i was hoping for a little turnigan arm breeze to make the hike more bearable.  no such luck.
the flowers were out and lovely though.  above is columbine.
 gotta get motivated tomorrow and meet amy out at eklutna.  we'll just hike the flatter trail that follows around the lake.  after the arse workout the past few days that sounds like a good idea.  i think rio can handle it too.  i want to see if the wild irises have bloomed out there.  always nice to see all the wildflowers out that way.
 may pop up to the lookout, may not.  we shall see.
 it was beautiful out and i was happy to see some clouds out there.  was hoping they would create some shady spots.  there were a few shady places and blossom started laying down at each one.
 i felt badly as i convinced this tourist couple to walk further up to get some views.  they were super nice.  i had them make walking sticks, which i'm sure was helpful.  i had my stick.  mostly the coming down is hell.  anyway.  when i got to an open area i was perfectly happy to take a break and head back down.  an hour and a half of up was fine by me and though i had water for blossom.  i didn't want to push it with her.  too hot.  have seen too many dogs with heat stroke.  not pretty.
the couple kept on walking uphill though.  wonder how far they went? hope they aren't cursing me tonight in their hotel.
 there had been a run in the morning.  i didn't get out there until 2pm i think.  i started hiking at about 2 anyway.  i really can't fathom running up this trail...well, i can't really fathom running anywhere, but this is pretty loose scree at times and steep in some places.  some guy fell off the mountain in a similar race in seward last year, never found his body.
 this one was one of my favorites for the day.  i looked for the couple to see if they wanted to get their picture taken and take mine, but they were cruising up the hill.  i mosey more.
 it's funny...up here when it gets hot like this we have more water.  the glaciers melt and the rivers and streams can fill.  rabbit creek overflowed. i thought it looked like potters marsh was half muddy, half normal as i drove past.  it seemed to have cleared some by the time i drove back.  almost stopped, but it was too hot and i wanted to get home.
in california, where i grew up, when it's hot like this you have total drought.  water rationing.
 blossom is loving our long days.  she can keep on her security watch all night.  she can see all the way down the street at night, all night.  i've been woken up the past two nights by her barking.  first night a dog wandering the hood and the next night a cat.  it never gets dark.
 long tongued blossom runs ahead and then stops and waits.
 there were lots of lupine out, which was great.  saw quite a few of those columbine as well.
 tried to get some actual cleaning done.  i've been terrible, weather is too nice to stay inside. today i sat out on deck with old catalogs and magazines trying to work my way through them.  i stopped at pier one on my way home and bought an umbrella for the table out there. have always wanted to pick one up. next i need to get a stand for a hanging chair swing that tanya and bob bought for me.
 a few timed shots.
 blossom was so happy to get back to this creek.  she was so hot and this is almost at start of trail.
 rumors out there that there is some crazy dog hater person trying to cause harm to dogs at dog park and perhaps other places too.  a few dogs were shot out in the valley.  will have to keep a close watch on the girls.
 the trail sign is cool.  it is a popular trail.  the tourists were laughing as the guide book said moderate for level.  i guess when you consider a few of the hikes out there this gets you up to the top fast.  it's fairly short really or as long as you want it to be.
 really need to pop over to the grocery store.  being so hot out there i am hesitant to leave the dogs in the car for more than a few minutes.
there is this spout along the seward highway that comes out of the rock.  free water for anyone who wants it.  some people swear by it.  it comes right out of the mountain.  pure as pure can be.  it runs all through the winter as well.  going so fast it never ices over.  locals are always pulled over filling various i joined the ranks today. will have to put some empty jugs in my car and fill them whenever i head that way. it is good water.
 someone pulled up behind me.
 here is my lovely little umbrella.
 a few more flower shots from the day.

 lupines and colombines are my favorites of the day.
 switched over to the wide angle from the macro after i'd taken some flowers and once i hit the more open area's of the trail.  never got totally out of the tree range.
 i know, call me a slacker.
 should be doing more to get ready for my trip.  just need to pack i guess.  charge stuff at night.  thinking i'll take my ipod and the little speakers as i doubt there will be anything to listen to on the radio as i drive.
 will be interesting to be further north this time of year.
 it's after shop or not to shop that is the question.  i think they are open still. hmm.  will have to check.  it would be nice to be able to make breakfast tomorrow.
 i'm sure the trail got even prettier further up and maybe there was even a patch of snow for blossom to roll in.  if there had been a breeze i would have been more willing to push on...or i suppose if i'd been with other people.  so much easier to slack off when you are alone.
 happy fathers day to all out there.  my father has passed away many years ago now.  he was the best father a man could be.  took a lot for him to totally relax i think and enjoy being a parent.  i suspect it was just so much pressure being responsible for 7 kids.  that is a lot to have hanging on a person.  he worked hard.  we had our issues, probably because i was honest and independent like he was.  too much alike.  i know i've had some of the same social issues.  can't do the bullshit and small talk.  i do have good people who have taken the time to get to know me and when they do that they seem to like me.  my dad was the same.  he had a solid group of loyal friends.
would have enjoyed more daddy time and a few compliments would have been nice.  wasn't his way though.  in the end we came to peace.  a ted talk i was listening to was about saying and doing the things that make you uncomfortable.  i think my dad respected the choices i made and the path i took in life.  i'm sure he would have rather i chose to stay mormon, but i know he respected that i made the decision thoughtfully and did what i thought was best for me.  live  true to who you are and you will be happiest.   live your life doing what others want and expect from you because you fear making a change and you will be unhappy. you just get this one life, don't let other people live it for you.
did he have regrets, i'll never know i guess.  he never complained about having 7 kids though and i never heard him complain that he had to work so much.  he just did it, because that is what you do when you have a houseful of kids to raise.  you put them first.  he had a hard time participating with us sometimes, but i could tell he enjoyed us, even if it was from the periphery at times.
my highest regards to all parents for the sacrifice you make to create happiness in your kids lives.  to give them the best chance of success.  my friend had just had a baby and was exhausted...i told her she must be doing it right then.  parenting is exhausting.  doing it right is anyway.  good night.

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  1. Okay, now I better take the boys and run the bridle trail. Thanks for guilting me into it. Miss taking those hikes with you!