Tuesday, June 18, 2013

another day up arctic valley...different route though.

 was joined by amy and little sydney and liz.  it was another scorcher up here in alaska.  into the 80's.  sweat, bug spray, mud...i slipped on all the mud several times.  not sure why i shower in the mornings.  this route takes you to some great views.  we took the muddier path at the misdirection of another hiker.  was happy i was wearing my keens and often just stood in trickling water with rio to cool off.  feet go numb pretty fast still.
we had originally planned on a cruise out eklutna way.  more flat.  this weekend an idiot got drunk and was throwing steaks at a black bear and got attacked.  we thought it best to give the bear some space for a week or two before heading back into the area.  those wild animals are pretty tolerant of human activity but they have their limits.
 sydney makes here way up all the little moguls at the very top. you can still hike on for a long ways up the ridge.  great though as you get up there fast and get great views.
 the drive up i saw 2 porcupines and a black bear....no pictures, i was running late.  on the way back i saw a mama moose and calf...amy saw a different black bear.  so lots of critters about.  lots of little prairie dog type guys on this...i guess they would be marmots?
 loved this picture of speedy and mini speedy.
 was all set to leave rio at home due to the heat, but she was going to have nothing to do with being left behind.  refused her peanut butter and headed for the door.  luckily everyone is patient and with sydney along and rio along we all knew we weren't going to be on any races.  they both were troopers and did great. rio is passed out on the couch now.
 the silo's i spoke of the other day.  speedy says there is a planned tour up there this year.  that would be totally cool to get in on i think.  cold war history. always interesting.
 blossom found every patch of snow she could to sink her belly on to.  below is her on the back deck at midnight last night.  she prefers colder temperatures.
 i was hot, hot, hot.  came home and took a nap as again blossom was busy barking at everything in the neighborhood a few times in the middle of the night because she can see everything going on in the hood.  the joy of extending day light hours. i am enjoying them while i can, they will soon be decreasing and not extending.
 woke up boiling and headed to the pool to do my laps. the water was so cool and i was in heaven.
 amy battles the all terrain stroller.  i finally encouraged her to ditch it on the trail.  not many folks out today so i figured it would be safe out there, it was.  she was so happy walking on without it.  sydney was a little less happy at first but i think it all worked out great in the end.
 we decided liz can no longer say she can't keep up with us...she kicked our butts to the top.  we'll get her up spencer loop soon. that would actually be a better all terrain stroller walk, nice wide trails...though quite a work out.
 the flowers are still getting started over in these parts.  was going to head to eklutna area anyway and check on the flowers out there, but still had a few errands to run.  happy i ended up swimming though.
 me chilling out on the ice.  felt great!
 it is a ski area and these signs mark the boundary of the ski area.
 my neighbors are great.  my lawn is mowed and they will all take care of my place and cats while i'm in nome.  so cool!!
 the girls on the mountain.
 even rio made it to the top!!
 headed back.
 tundra evergreens
 back down at the bottom. it's dusk out side.  it's finally cooled off a bit.  i was tempted at 11 pm to get the bike out.  need to get some time on the bike.
good night and have fun hiking, where ever you are!!

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