Monday, January 20, 2014

SMILE... it always makes the day a bit brighter...even if it's written in moose poop!!

 dang it..side loader...why oh why won't blogger come up with a way to turn photo's!!  oh well...i'm still writing happy words in various things i find out in nature.  today it was moose nuggets!!  for those of you unfamiliar it's moose poop.  i'm all happy right now as i've got sister hazel on and i love their happy beats and rips.
 finished up 3 nights of work.  the first two were doozies!! some days you just think, if the general public only saw you now...they have no idea what can happen in a hospital.  the stuff we deal with.  i pray for a  bit of patience and kindness and to not kill anyone as i head to the hospital.  it paid off this week.  lets just say it's not always the patient you have to care for...the entire family can become your patients.  the emotional/social stuff can be way more draining than the actual patient stuff.  some situations are just tough to deal with...add them together and you get the burmuda triangle of patient care assignments. i walked around north bivouac on tuesday before work and again today.
i missed two days in a row of walking.  horror!!  the first day the chinooks blew and it's just ridiculous to attempt to walk in that crap.  i've done it before, but i've come to realize that it isn't worth it.  a tree could easily come down on you and the moose get crazy..i've seen em running like mad from the wind spooking them  that is never good.
above blossom is trying to take down that tree one branch at a time.
 rio continues to join on the walks we do take.  her cyst blew up a bit today so i had to deal with that when i got home.  gotta schedule her for surgery.  hate to do it, but this lump has gotta go.
anyway, yesterday i didn't walk either.  i think that was more just because i was so exhausted from dealing with family members and drama and trauma.  lets just say i really don't plan on changing to psych nursing anytime soon.  wow!!  gotta hand it to those who have the patience to deal with that day in and day out!! my back was knotted up and i woke with a headache.
also got to thank the acc folks for switching up my assignment when i did my last night down there.  my first two nights were in picu.  fun crew though up miss my folks.
 today and tuesday i wandered up to basher after my walk looping around north biv trails.  not that exciting.  wish i'd been there on wednesday as the sunset was beyond amazing.  i took pictures from my bedroom window and my front deck, but they really don't do it justice.  guess there was rainbow action too but i never saw that.  it was the day of the chinooks.  it's really not the wind i mind.  weather is cool, sadly though the chinooks destroy my beloved winter wonderland.  it was pretty icy out yesterday and with rio insisting on walking it seemed kinder to just skip it.
 from what i heard the trails were punchy.  today they had refrozen but they were all chewed up and uneven.  as i was loading up to leave these people showed up with ski's.  i just looked at the guy and said something about it looking like it would be a rough ski.  he said, "it's better than nothing".  clearly i'm not that into skiing as i can think of lots better than being on the sticks on crap snow like that.
 more mapage.
 a 4 year old accidently shot another 4 year old cousin...why do these kids all have access to these guns.  it's time to start making those who don't stow their guns properly responsible for the deaths and injuries that occur from their negligence.  such a waste.
 a bit of fog..but not enough or i wasn't in a good place to get decent pictures.  another missed opportunity today.  another day, another picture.  i do love fog though.
 here is the evolving sunset from the other day.  it was really blowing.  when i'd go out on the deck the  wind would be pulling the door the other way.
 ohio had a bad execution.  my one brother posted a note on facebook about what is the opinion here.  i'm not keen on the death penalty for various reasons.  expense is one.  it's way cheaper to keep people in prison for life than to go through the endless processes of an execution.  it is a very final end too and if there is an error you can't correct it.  another thing that has always bothered me is the inequality.  each state is different so if you kill 20 people in the right state you won't get the death sentence, but if you kill one person in the wrong state you will.  having said this i will say that i do think there are a few heinous criminals who clearly, without any doubt have caused such intolerable acts of violence that i'm not opposed to sending them to the next life to meet their maker as it were.
guess it's like abortion to me.  there is a place where i can see the validity of it, but in general it's a bad idea.  i'm not for outlawing abortion either, but at the same time, it's something that should be done extremely rarely and not used as some form of irresponsible birth control.
 trash cans flying past the house...
 i've never been one to see this world in black and white terms.   i also don't see the world through rose colored's all grey to me.  i see both sides to things and i feel like i'm always open to another opinion.  so many things just look differently through the lives of others. just because in your experience an answer seems crystal clear you can't know what it looks like from anothers perspective.
 sometimes it's better to not think at all and just watch an amazing sunset evolve in front of your eyes.
 walking and nature are my peace.  no matter how horrible the news is i get to go out with the dogs and be in peace for a bit.  work and all the stress can be just left behind.   it helps to have many cool people to walk with and a few fabulous dogs too.
 very cool stuff going on out there...was just reading about a contact lens that they are working on that will be able to obtain blood glucoses from the persons more needle sticks..that would be amazing.  there are some super smart people out there doing awesome things to help others.
 one of our JBER-based soldiers was captured nearly 5 years ago.  i guess new video was released that shows him still alive though looking  pretty rough, as would happen in several years being held captive by militants.  he's originally from Idaho but had been stationed up here.  Bowe Bergdahl went missing near the Pakistan border  back in June's good news to get a video clip proof of life as it were, but you just hope that some clues can be gotten to get him home again safe.  my heart goes out to him and his family.  i was at the post office the other day and there was a soldier behind me.  the lady in front of me turned to him and asked if she could shake his hand and say thanks for his service.  most of the time, they are just working like the rest of us and living their lives, but it's easy to forget the risks they take for our safety and national security.  i never have to worry about being captured by the enemy and tortured and held for years away from all that i know and love.
 looped around stumphenge
 then across the open area...there are more areas of open water than i've seen in a long time.  it doesn't look very deep but i have no desire to find out how deep it is.  i also put blossom on leash until we got past the open water...of course, i also peered around looking for the frisbee we lost last winter.  i never give up!!
 the trees look cool naked of leaves

 here is "smile" before i turned the nuggets into a word.
 moose poops and those of many ungulates are very neat and tidy.  i was a volunteer zoo keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo for several years, worked with a lot of the hoofstock.  many had tidy poops. tough to rake up though.  then there are the rhino's, nothing neat or tidy about those big poops.  see i am a poop expert.
 rio sleeps with such peace when she knocks out.
 a few more from wednesdays sunset.
 this gal was in the parking lot at the trailhead today as i pulled in.  so i had to snap some photo's of her as she made her way to south bivouac trails.

 gets tough for these great beasts to walk through the snow as it gets deeper and deeper.
 there are from basher today.
 as i drove up there was a beautiful view of the alaska range, it had sunshine on it, brilliant.  not in a good place to pull over and get a photo, and not able to see that part of the range from where i was on Basher trails.  it was so detailed and majestic looking though.  what a sight.
 these are of my town, anchorage.  below you can see the hospital i work at, the big white building behind the native hospital (brown building lower right corner) is the new UAA stadium going up.
well, i guess i shall turn in.  another good day.  tomorrow is a holiday, we shall see who turns up for the monday walk.  i did make a few brownies tonight as i watched a few clips from American idol.

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