Tuesday, January 28, 2014

rio in recovery mode and another boring Alaskan sunset!!

 still under the influence.  her tongue stayed out for several hours today.  i did mange to wake up and get her to the vet on time...of course, i woke up several times through the night, which is what happens anytime i have to wake up in the mornings which is why i hate day shift.  i tend to wake every hour in fear that i've missed the alarm, which means i am overly tired.
the last bit i slept i had a dream where i somehow had the dogs loaded in the car on the way to the vet but i was riding a bike to get to the car and freaking out as i was running so late.
 saw one moose on patterson rd on my way to the vets in the dark so no picture of that one.  later as i headed to the abbreviated monday walk i saw this pair on Patterson.  i stopped and snapped a photo as there was nobody behind me to be pissed off at me for stopping.  blue skies!!
 just Lena and i out there today.  a few made it to coffee but as soon as i hit the parking lot i got a call from the clinic saying Rio was ready to be picked up.  i decided to just go ahead and do a short walk.  Lena was cool with that.  i think she stayed out a bit after i left, but blossom and i got in 45 minutes of tennis ball tossing time so i think she was happy.  she was confused this morning as well about leaving the house so early without breakfast and leaving rio at the vets.
this afternoon she kept sniffing at rio.  she smells weird i'm guessing.
 Lena and i just went up the tank trail.  it was strange in a few patches we could both feel this warm, almost tropical air blowing on us. freaky for Alaska in January...really freaky for Alaska anytime.  i can't say as i've ever felt warm air like that up here.
 rio has separation issues and anytime an event like this happens she gets extremely needy.  most of the afternoon after i got her home i needed to be in physical contact with her or she'd start whining.  oh, i forgot to tell you that part way on the walk today with Lena the phone rang again.  it was the vet this time, worried that i hadn't been called to pick up Rio.  she was apparently starting to whine something awful there.  poor pathetic pooch.  my vet knew this would only get worse the longer it took for me to come get her...so at that point Lena and i turned around.
 gave her some cottage cheese with water when she was allowed solids.  she's eating great already and got up for her breakfast...normal Rio behaviour.
 she was pretty sleepy and drugged for quite awhile.  just meant that i snuggled with her on the couch and blossom looked sad as she tends to get more than her share of attention.
 noticed this beautiful sunset happening so i convinced rio to move upstairs to her bed there and i snuggled with her there and read, occasionally getting up to get a few snaps off of the sunset.  now rio just has to be in the same room as i am.  so some improvement.
 my 120 pound baby!!
 i am sleepy tonight though. will turn in a bit early i think.  i tried to put a t-shirt on Rio to keep her from scratching as recommended by the vet, but that was the only time she actually scratched at her incision.  i think the shirt irritated it more than not having it. hopefully, she doesn't scratch it open.  they did trim her nails up nicely...thank you vet techs!!
 valdez is closed off by road at this time.  big avalanche which also caused a small lake to form.  it's slowly draining, but the road crew can't do much about it until the lake drains off a bit. looks huge by photo's and videos i've seen.
 was kinda laughing as it did make the national news, they were shocked sounding that a whole community was cut off without a road.  truth is most communities in Alaska have zero roads in/out and are dependent on planes and boats.  our capital has no roads in/out of it.  it's an inconvenience for Valdez but it's not really the huge deal it would be in other places in the lower 48.  Anchorage has a road out to the north and one out to the south.  those occasionally get shut down for one reason or another and it's not a huge stretch that both could be closed off simultaneously.
 hope you aren't sick of sunsets...we've had some amazing ones this week.  these are all through my bedroom window...nice view up there.  couldn't stray far from Rio, didn't want to make her have to get up repeatedly and follow me about the house.
 thanks everyone for all the nice wishes for Rio's recovery...:-)  i do worry about my fur kids.  Rio gets so stressed out with any change in her routine.
 at some point i looked out the window and the sky was on fire...so amazing!
 here is her incision...the mystery picture by the way was the open wound.  i went to take a picture of it and Rio moved...a sign that i shouldn't take a picture of it.  thought it looked abstract and therefore not as gross as it really was.  hopefully, this heals up well.  she said i could pull out the sutures in 2 weeks.
 the rest are with the rebel.  again, all through my bedroom window.
 another day i may have gone some place else to try and get better photo's but today i just had to enjoy it from the house.
 the clouds were just so pretty and bright!!
 keep waiting to run into a few bears out on the trails.  it's been so warm i've no doubt a few of them are wandering out of their dens to check it out.

 my fresh sheets are calling to me.  Rio can take short leash walks as of tomorrow, hopefully, she'll be up for one.  i know she won't want to be away from me so if i go to leave she will surely follow.

long night and long day...off to bed.

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