Tuesday, January 14, 2014

walk, lift weights,swim...ran out of time to ski

 we got  a light dusting of snow last night and a bit more was coming down as i headed back from the gym.  got my gym bag together and though i made a late start i made it to the gym.  first i hit the free weights and rowing machine.  then the pool and lastly the jacuzzi. nice way to end the day.  will have to get my old free weight routine back in action.  free weights has always been the best way to tone up the muscles.  i turn 50 this year...it would be nice to turn 50 with a more shapely body, feeling more confident.
 played a bit of phone tag with the kayaking group down in ketchikan but one of the co-owners got in touch this evening.  i think it's the son of the guy we had gone out with years ago.  sounds like he co-owns it with his mom now and the dad gave it up and moved to girdwood with someone else. this guy sounded enthusiastic and i think this will be a good trip.  i need to send a message to janet down there and let her know the dates.  hope she can join.  would be great to catch up.
 excited to visit my old home in ketchikan.  it was the first place i lived here and will always be my alaskan home i think.  i do miss it some days.  loved the small town alaska life.  didn't love the expense and the isolation of it.  just easier to do stuff all over from here.  that doesn't mean moving back to ketchikan never crosses my mind.
 thinking i'll rent a public use cabin out there just in case we find a use for it.  otherwise, it's only $35/night so a cheap back up in case the weather turns to crap.  i did rent the dale evans cabin up at lost lake for 2 nights.  hopefully we can get to the lake this summer.  felt bad as another friend planned a kayak trip for pretty much the same days. i just get so amp'd up when i see the cabins available and then i just book it rather than lose it.  after my bear encounter i may be loving the cabins this summer more than ever. would still really like to get an electric fence to put around my tent out there. not too keen on the idea of having company when i'm trying to sleep.  i may try to find one that i can put around my car as well.  overkill, i'm sure, but it's nice to sleep with peace of mind and the idea of being ripped to bits by a grizzly is not a good thought.
 yesterday i took both dogs out to the multiuse  chester creek trails.  we walked from goose lake to past c street. i know i passed signs that assured i had gone 2 miles each way and since i went further on either side of those signs i'd guess it was probably a 5-6 mile hike.
 that dang rio keeps whining and i'm not sure what is up.  figuring it's probably arthritic pain.  who knows.  she could be getting dementia too.  she keeps refusing to be left behind and did perfectly fine today walking.  i didn't give her the option today for the monday walk...i just got her some smelly tuna and walked out with blossom. if it is pain, she'd do well to take one day off.  she's never whined before so that is odd.  the other day she stopped on the landing of the stairs when i went up to bed, she never came up and just whined down there.  i finally convinced her to head downstairs as she wouldn't come up stairs.  i stayed down there hoping she'd settle down.  no go.  it was nearly 3 am and i was tired so i headed up and hoped she'd just stay there. a bit later, she raced all the way up the stairs to her bed in my room.  making me nuts.
 the beer can above was part of a decorated tree along the creek.  the cans are from midnight sun.  they used several as part of their tree decor.
my braid froze, it often does this time of year.
 always nice to follow the creek as you walk .i really need to get out for a few more ski's.  i'm not a huge skier but it is fun.  i'd had enough today though.
 lots of tunnels and bridges on the way down this trail. i was tempted to just get to westchester lagoon.  we were close.
 i've never done the ship creek trails.  maybe i should look those up and give them a try one of these next days.  always like to check out all the options around town.
 another shot of my frozen braid.
 fun day out on the monday walk . not too many pictures taken, but i think everyone had a fun time.
 syd mostly napped.  tanya was back with us after missing several weeks.  next week is a holiday so i should just take a break day since everyone else is and head to hatchers or something.  we shall see.
 we stopped off at the tree.  the birds and critters have pretty much demolished it.   we were all happy to see that they have enjoyed their woodland treats.
 amy got the added exercise of dragging the sled with syd.  she was happy though to be out.  that fresh dusting of snow just brightened everything up.
 a few more bridges/tunnels from the walk.

 i may get to bed before 2 am tonight.  rio hasn't made her way upstairs yet, but she is happily snoring on the couch.  whew!!  she does occasionally spend much of her night there.
 always great to get that first phone call under my belt for the planning of another adventure.  not sure why it's delayed.  probably somewhat the introvert in me.  once i know people and feel comfortable i'm fine, but going out of my way to meet new people can be a bit uncomfortable.  i do love meeting new people ultimately though.  you learn so much from each person you encounter.  we all live such different and unique lives it's fun to see where others lives take them.
i can feel the muscles that i worked out today. love weight lifting...always have.  i also love that rowing machine. i only did 5 minutes day, but i didn't want to overdue anything that first time out.  my new gym bag worked great.  good night...

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