Thursday, January 16, 2014

no ice...just more snow. happy day!

 admittedly, most of my days are happy days.  i really can't complain.  today i started out heading up the airstrip.  no planes have landed that i can see of late, though that plane that landed on boniface road was planning on attempting to make it to this airstrip for an emergency landing i think.  no go.  anyway. i ended up taking  the lynx trail at the end of the airstrip and then cutting back towards my trailhead via moose track trail.  just less traffic i figured, see new stuff.  always nice to experiment with new paths on my usual trail routes.  the yellow on the signage is all mushing trails.
 i'm finding i have to lead rio by leash to things and then she seems fine so i'm thinking more and more it's a bit of doggie type dementia.  she was on her dog bed in the main room tonight whining.  she did this last night too.  both nights i lead her to the couch by her collar, she jumped up and never whined again??  go figure.  everyday she walks and seems to do well with it. she doesn't like to be off lead anymore like she seemed to when she was younger.  i keep her on leash.  the moose had convinced me of that years ago anyway.
 not much new to take pictures of on the lynx/moose track trails and no moose spotted.  a guy with one of the local media was out there as i was leaving looking for moose for that moose lying in the snow getting covered by fresh snowfall.  i hadn't seen any moose and told him that. i said i'd seen moose at the ball field yesterday and that baxter bog was always a moose haven.  he had limited time it sounded like. i may have sent him to kincaid if he'd had more time.  moose rarely show up when you are specifically trying to photograph them...they also seem to know when there are tourists about.  i remember quinton having relatives in town and they opted out of a bike ride with us.  i think we saw at least 12 moose that ride and the drive to/from (they had been wanting to see moose).
 somebody really needs to comment on this blog soon.  i get to thinking i'm just rambling on to nobody but myself...which i kinda am.  my brain likes to ramble. i've been in a fantasy mode these past days where my brain really ambles off in various directions. day dreaming i guess some would call it.  fantasizing of a different life, i think we all do that from time to time even when we are happy in our own world.  it would be nice to feel lovable though.  i know i'm lovable in general, but it would be nice to have a male find me lovable.  mostly i just feel invisible when it comes to members of the opposite sex.  hell, i would not mind getting some action in my fiftieth year of life!!
 hopefully, i don't offend anyone, not sure if my brother has returned to read since my brain death discussions.  you aren't allowed to have certain conversations in general public and i don't necessarily have anyone to talk to on matters of any depth on a day to day basis so this is where i do that. no offense intended, but i've never been good at small talk, i'd rather have the broader discussions about life.  sometimes those topics can be offensive.
 didn't see any mushers out there today, but there are some sled tracks i think.
 after i hit the main trail i went ahead and took the side trail back along the creek.  the snow was really starting to come down by this time.  always so beautiful being out there in the silence.
 i went to the gym but it was so packed i circled looking for parking but then headed back home.  i think i'll head down to my stairstepper before i head to bed.  bummer.  a packed gym always bites though.  better to get there a bit earlier or later.  i was gonna go later, but i got sucked into american idol.  yes, i like american idol.  for some reason people are always surprised by this.  not sure why.  i like to sing and play guitar..not great but i do enjoy it.  i am loving this years judges!! they are a great blend.  harry connick, jr is so funny and he's also a true musician which is great to have on there.  jlo is great to have back as well, as is keith urban...that one chick last year was horrible so it's great that he gets to deal with a more normal crew.  they looked like they were having fun.
 the snow today was wet.  i had debated going for a ski after but everyone i met that was skiing was saying it was sticky. could have gone still, but i had an agenda..even if i never really followed it.
 made some turkey noodle soup and enjoyed my evening anyway.  i had also thought i may hit the hockey game tonight.  missed that boat as well.  i was cracking up with the idol judges.  connick is funny in that you can tell he's a father to teen girls and one young girl he complained about her lyrics being too mature for her. it is sad sometimes what these people do to try and impress the judges.  one girl came in with her tiny cheerleader outfit.  i don't recall cheerleaders being that scantily clad when i was in high school.
 not sure i got any spectacular shots...well i know i didn't get any, but i still enjoyed the day.
 i can tell the snow conditions by blossoms attachment to the snow.  when it balls up like this on her it's a good day to attempt a snowman.  i did head to the backyard and got started, but i opted out and took a short nap instead. i'm not a great snowman maker.  one of these days. you grow up in Los Angeles and building snowmen is a tough talent to acquire.  not sure why spell correct doesn't like Los Angeles.  strange.
 miss breezy chatterbug was feeling friendly.  maybe blossom was too wet for her to snuggle up to so i was sloppy seconds today.  she stayed near me.  she's no lap cat though.

 all the feline snuggle time goes to pogi.
 the movie i watched the other day about the tsunami was "the impossible".  last night i finally watched, "django unchained".  aside from the violence i really liked it.  at least they had the decency to make the blood squirting out so overdone that you knew how fake it was.  not for everyone, violence, lots of swearing.
 people can be manipulatable because they want to believe stuff.  it is funny.
 love the deep blue layers in the ice chunks in the creek.
 back to work tomorrow night.  already...that went fast.  got some stuff done, still lots to do.  always lots to do.  got my guitar out while photo's loaded.  i had finally finished a song i started ages ago, don't write new stuff much anymore, not sure why.  probably due to the happy, peaceful life.  poetry and music often seems to come from broken hearts or wounded souls.  nobody's even tried to break my heart for awhile and my soul doesn't feel wounded.  you grow up, you heal, you move on.
 it's called, "tidepools" so not about love or a wounded soul.
 i love the puddles in the rocks,
by the shore,
i love the tiny world i see,
at the oceans door,
i watch the fish dart around,
amongst broken shells,
sea stars clinging to the rocks,
so much life abounds.
their world is changed with each tide,
and they must learn to abide,
i observe, i'm filled with hope,
they've all adapted so they can cope,
if they can do it, why can't i...why can't i?
 a hermit crab crawls on by,
an anenome,
tentacles reach into the sky,
the sun beats down,
i crack a muscle on the rocks,
and feed the fish,
over barnacles i walk,
just enjoy the day.
 a seal observes from afar,
afraid to get near,
every time i look at him,
he disappears,
but the sea lions stay,
they never seem afraid,
eagles chitter from  the trees,
they sing to me.
 waves crash upon the shore,
as i walk the beach,
i look for treasures from the sea,
oceans gifts to me,
rocks and shells tumble back,
still held by tides,
but there is much left behind,
for me to find.
 there you go...i really should put more of my poetry in here.  mediocre poetry to go along with my mediocre photography and my opinions that nobody wants to hear!
 so is life, right?
back to singing for a bit before i head to  bed.


  1. The song made me miss our nights of serenading patients at 2am bath time. Sorry, I just got caught up on blogs today post pooch walk.

  2. nobody will sing during bath time with me anymore...