Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sunsets make me smile...

 great day, but the to do list got longer.  accomplished nothing.  enjoyed it anyway.  tomorrow will have to be a more productive  day before i head to work.
 watching, "people like us"
 headed to basher trailhead for the sunset after kaladi's with the amy's.  Gail and Lena joined for  the walk and at Kaladi's  the Amy's.
 the day was beautiful, warm and sunny.  well, warm is relative...it was in the 30's, for us that is warm. back east is much colder right now.  unusually cold i guess.
 seemed like a good day to head downtown. the ice sculptures were done.  thought i'd check them out.  it was warm and not crowded.
 rio keeps whining downstairs.  not sure what is up with that.  too much walking today.  she decided to walk with us.  we did the 4 miles. then i had her walk up basher. she did great, dragged at the end. probably overdid it though.  she looks fine, i forget she is 9 years old going on 10 sometimes.
 she's a good dog.  she will do anything you ask of her.  she is tolerant and sweet.  she's one of those dogs that would follow you to the end of the earth.  she is loyal.  it's funny, i remember the moment she just bonded herself to me.  she was only at the house for an hour or so and was settled in on a dog bed.  she'd found a bone and i didn't want her to have it.  she growled at me and i just got all cesar milan on her, took a deep breath and with confidence just reached over and took that bone from her.
 she must have respected me or felt that i was in charge and she was safe here, with me and with blossom as her buddy.  i think she still feels safe here.  that is the best you can give a dog.  especially one that has been abandoned.  i often think of how hard that must have been for her.  blind and left at the shelter.  her world as she knew it stopped.  who does that to a dog?  who lives with a cares for a dog for 2 years and then just ditches them at a shelter to an unknown fate.  what kind of people do that?
 but.....she has a home here and she is safe here.
 movie just finished. i really liked it.  people can change, especially when they are allowed the truth of their past.  so many secrets get kept and honesty can really set people free, explain things that they could never have understood and that they for years blamed on themselves.  i think most of us do assume it's us, our fault.
 it's simple really, but so hard to believe or imagine some days.  when people have issues with you it is usually more about them than you.  you just never know what other people are dealing with.  i do like a happy ending though, doesn't everyone?
 life can have a happy ending.  some times it just takes some time to sort out all the crap and come to terms with what it all means for you.  we make choices that we think are the best for that moment, in time though we may find out our choices were wrong or selfish or short sighted.  it's okay to be wrong, we all are, just have to own up to it when the time is right i guess.
 these are a few of the ice sculptures.  some were pretty good.  seemed like there were less than other years.
 many had some pretty impressive detail work.  maybe because it was warmer and probably easier to work on them.
 this one had cool details, but honestly the green light made it tough to see.  this one may be better to see in the daylight.
 the fish was simple, but i really liked it.  the lights were great on this one.
 the brain dead girl has been moved someplace.  she was transported by ground so that means someplace fairly close i guess.  who knows.  doubt that will be the last we hear of that.  seems the comments after the little internet articles have been more sad and understanding but also people wishing this family would come to terms with the reality of the situation for themselves and out of respect for the child who has passed by current legal and medical  standards.  will those change...?  we shall see. i do think this is something that will happen more and more.  it's just sad really.  no surprising i guess.
 her body was released from the hospital officially to the coroners and then back to the family for transport.  generally your death certificate will read the time of death as when you were declared brain dead.  not sure if they will put hers on hold until the time the rest of her body gives out.
 didn't take many pictures on the walk today.  we were booking it a bit.  3 humans and 4 dogs, we were outnumbered.
 above is leo and below is blossom.
 lucy at the kaladi's.
 sunsets are so peaceful. it was nice just standing up on the hill watching the sun go down.

 lots to do over the next week or so. gotta get some summer stuff planned, cabins, ketchikan.  winter seems to be flying by...hell life flies by.  i guess that is why i generally don't get too concerned about the small crap.  when you are dead and gone, who really cares if the dishes were left in the sink.
 wouldn't want to have people at my funeral or whatever having nothing to say about me except i kept a clean house and my clothes were always folded neatly.
 rather have them say i was always willing to put aside my to do list and just go sit and enjoy a sunset or watch the birds migrate or get hot cocoa with friends.
 you can see spencer loop from the basher trail.  i really need to take that trail further one of these days.
 loved this one just for the details on these spiky balls.  pretty cool i thought.
 the church was pretty intricate as well.
 a little better of the turtles.
 this one was simple but pretty.
 the tree lights were nice on it as well.  they almost look like aliens.
guess i will get ready to turn in. i'm reading wally lambs latest book.  still trying to get myself into it.

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