Saturday, January 11, 2014

winter sunsets are just so amazing

 could also be that summer sunsets happen so late at night that you often just miss them.  haha. these were from a bog walk between shifts.  spent the last three nights in the adult icu.  overall, i'd say that is still my more preferred place to work.  like working there from the float pool and i do enjoy that in the float pool i wander away from the adult icu for a break from time to time.  great to meet new people and mix it up.  coming up on a year since i switched.  for sure last year this time i was contemplating the move.  no regrets.  i think i would have happily gone between the two units for years more but sadly, the management changes probably would have continued to make that less comfortable.  it lasted 8 years which is way more than i could have ever imagined.  i had a good run and i got a lot of experiences.
 busy week, always busy there, which is probably also why it's good to step away some at times.  had a continuous dialysis patient last night.  helped getting the line in and then had to set up the machine.  now i went to an inservice about how to set it up like 3 years ago and since then it's either just been running when i arrived or the charge has just set it up.  nelly was showing me several weeks ago and i had attempted it that next morning when my filter clotted.  of course, i had inadvertantly poked a hole in the flush bag and ended up with a waterfall of normal saline crossing the room.  by the time i got that mess cleaned up the doc came through and decided to switch the machine to another patient.
 i mostly got it set up by myself.  another co-worker came along and helped me with the glitches.  your supposed to follow the directions but i think i got ahead of the directions.  the machine makes a lot of noise when you do that.  i just have to remind myself that it's just a machine that is not attached to a patient so it can make all the noise it wants.  it's not causing any harm really.  i'm adverse to noise though. i believe in having good alarm etiquette.  a term i coined for people who kindly hit silence buttons in a timely fashion.   got it running and we all survived the night.
 had an annoying family member that was making me nuts one night. i was happy to hit the MRI and escape.   i was flustered though after dealing with this guys daughter, the mri guy was laughing as i'm usually totally chill.  it was a nice break.  after we returned the family decided to leave.  i think the guys wife actual realized that her kid was making me nuts and took pity on us all. the daughter had dealt with hospitals a lot due to some family member getting sick for an extended time.  i wanted to say i like to watch hockey that doesn't make me a hockey player...being in a hospital with a family member doesn't make you a nurse or a doctor.  i am all about family, but sometimes people forget that we have a job to do.  it's like they want to feel like they are in charge of everything and they want your focus on them and not on the sick person who is actually in the hospital bed.
i have actually expressed to people that they have a choice, i can take care of their loved one or answer inane questions from them.  anyway, when i get really annoyed i just shut my trap and focus on the patient, pretty much ignoring crazy people.  she just had an accusatory and demanding tone about her.
 getting more information about possible kayak plans in ketchikan. i think i'll just plan on calling and seeing what they thing are good plans for the group. they seem chill with a larger group size, will send 2 guides along which is good i think.  hopefully i can chat with a few friends first and see what the consensus is, then i'll settle on dates and ask for time off.
 eating these tasty blue diamond almonds.  got em at cost nummy!!  addicting really.  i can only eat a few at a time, pretty salty i think.
 hit university lake before starting work the other day.  easy day.  bites this week as all week the aurora predictions are all 5's, which is the highest rating.  sadly the weather forecast is for all clouds everywhere!!  must have been a big solar flare.  not sure i've ever seen an entire week of 5's before. wow!! hopefully, the weather forecasts aren't totally accurate and we get a chance at some clear skies to catch the aurora.
 last week i nearly lost an earring on the trail.  my emerald/diamond earring flew off.  thankfully, it turns out it landed in my coat. i slowly was removing things on the trail and it dropped down. whew! if it had flipped anywhere else it would have just sunk into deep snow.  last night i noticed around 10pm that i was missing an earring.  i was busy but didn't see it anywhere.  about 5am i felt something near my calf, shook my leg and out pops my earring.  no idea where that thing was hiding all night.  haha.
 love traffic reports in alaska.  often they are about moose on the road. the other day as i was headed to costco there was a report that boniface was closed due to a plane making an emergency landing during rush traffic.  the plane was damaged but otherwise nobody was really injured and no cars where involved.  road was closed for a bit while they got the disabled plane off of it, but then back to rush traffic.
 thought this dog at the dog park was so cute.  his ears/face are adorable.
 back to the bog.
 just erased a photo, oops.  i'm needing to get to bed soon anyway.  wanting to get up early and head out for a fun day of playing in wasilla with friends and sled dogs. will have to get cracking.  may just try to walk dogs and then just take them with me.  they can chill in car for a few hours i think.  may leave them...hmm.  not sure.  could walk them out there too at some point.
 was watching a show that is trying to do the scientific tests on sasquatch sightings rather than just tell tales.  so they were heading to russia to do DNA tests on hair samples and follow the clues.  the russian term for what we call sasquatch is almasty, translates to wild man roughly i think.
 in this one area there were tales of a wild woman who was caught, beaten and then seemed to be held captive.  she had like 4 kids so they followed up the stories of this possible breeding of a human with some sort of neanderthal relative?  turns out the poor woman was subsaharan desert and was probably  beaten and raped.  an unfortunate black female in a place that perhaps had never seen anyone non white or non native?  not sure.  i guess many have a small percentage of neanderthal and her relatives didn't have any more than anyone else so clearly she wasn't some close relative to the neanderthal as yet undiscovered, she was just a woman who was treated very badly.  it is actually an interesting show.  of course my interest is peaked for all things sasquatch since my footprint caught the eyes of the professor and the travel channel.
 not many pictures from today.  i slept in.  didn't get to the gym but i have now gotten my bag ready for some real workouts...weights and then swim.  that is the goal.  want to be able to consider a paddle in baja next spring with the whales.  so maybe baja in spring and see if i can arrange an iceland trip for summer.  that is possible goals for trips next year.  we shall see.  pretty spendy aspirations for someone who really needs to save money for a kitchen remodel.
 the girls and i went to north bivouac for our walk. the sun was limited.  don't think i got there until after 3, maybe even 3:30 so it was getting dark . dogs don't care, we had a nice walk.
 got some thank you notes written...still have one package to mail...started getting the to do list written.  added a few fun things like massage and hair cut/color.  that should counter the more pleasant colonoscopy that i need to put on the list.  joy, joy!
i'm sure i have more to say..when don't i!  good night though. hopefully i get my act together tomorrow and play with dogs in wasilla!

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