Tuesday, January 14, 2014

windy, windy night...

 that is never good, getting chinook winds in the middle of winter.  it always happens and it's just down right depressing.  we alaskans, hate when it warms up in the middle of winter.  it just means that our beautiful snow will turn into ice.  it's a mess.  our schools don't close for cold or snow, they do close for warm chinooks.  too dangerous to drive on all the icy roads.  we shall see what the place looks like by morning.
 most of today was lovely.  this is what i woke to.  this is my view out my bedroom window.  10 am.
 i made an appointment for rio for a check up today.  if you whine at my house to go to the vet and get poked and proded. sorry rio.  labs normal.  still not clear if this is related to pain, dementia or general lessening of her other senses.  got some new pain meds and will check back in.  i also want to arrange to get her lump removed.  she has several lumps, one has just become unsightly and will blow up soon.  i'd like to avoid that.
 so i just did a loop at rovers run.  saw nobody out on the rovers run part, just on the multi use trails.  was thinking i should write a letter to the editor in response to one written the other day.  in that letter the person complained that she isn't a very good skier and the dogs on the multi use trails should not only be leashed but they need to be required to be on short leashes. there are a few large park areas that are dedicated completely to skiers.  no dogs allowed.  go there lady!! everyone out there was friendly today though.  no crazy lycra folks
 didn't get to the gym, but did get on my stair stepper with small free weights.
 also enjoyed a few games of pool in the garage.  saw my neighbors are actually parking their car in their garage....i had to justify having my pool table to myself.  i do enjoy shooting the balls around a bit.
 not many photo's today.  not feeling too artsy i guess.  was thinking about photography today.  some times i think i should get a fancy program for my computer.  i am lazy and i think sometimes i'm a bit of a purist.  i mean it's fine that other people use the programs to create photo's.  i like the challenge of seeing what i can create out there in the woods, just my camera and i.  still i do like many of the shots from others, many of which i can tell are enhanced by a computer program after the fact.  mostly i just add some contrast or crop my pictures.  beyond that, i haven't bothered.
 was surprised i hadn't seen a moose in the past few days.  as i was driving to the vets i looked over at the baseball fields....there were two of them out there so i pulled in and snapped a few shots as they walked away.
 nice to see our ball fields serve a purpose in all seasons.
 a 71 year old in florida apparently shot a 43 year old at the movie theater after a dispute about cell phone use during the previews i believe.  the 43 year old was killed.  that's crazy!!  it is nice to see that crazy happens at all ages though.  this world gets more and more screwed up.
 did have the pleasure of watching an amazing skate the other day.  i think it was sunday.  nationals maybe for ice skating.  a young guy, jason brown.  the crowd was on their feet giving him a standing ovation before he'd even finished.  i must admit i even had tears in my eyes.  it was that good. he's only 19...if he stays injury free he will probably only get better and better.
things went less well down in austrailia for the open in tennis.  i guess the temperatures were brutally hot and players were passing out.  perhaps they should have thought about postponing that event.
 these were a male and female.
 watched a good movie the other night from netflix.  of course, i'm forgetting what it was called now.  it was based on a real story of a family who survived the tsunami's of '2005 i think it was.  right after christmas.  sounds terrifying.  life can turn in an instant.
it's time for me to turn...into bed that is.  not sure what tomorrow will bring.  ice is never good for walking, but i'll be out there anyway.  cleats are a good thing.

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