Friday, January 31, 2014

just because it looks like may, doesn't mean it is may.

 the overall temps have decreased some, but when you look around you would be sure it was break up, late april/may. do not let yourself be fooled though, it's not spring, we still have a few months of winter to go and i've no doubt it will return.
 took rio and blossom today to potter to mchugh creek.  we did a slow walk to the lookout and back.  didn't want to tax rio too much. not much ice or mud which was great. rio still always has trouble with all the exposed roots.  exposed roots are hell on a blind dog.
 it is strange and i do have to remind myself winter isn't over.  don't want to end up feeling depressed when it returns again.  easy to get your brain into spring mode.
 i'm on call.  figured i'd keep myself up a bit longer lest they call me in right as i fall asleep.  it's too early and that phone can ring anytime.  i'm a wee bit fearful that once i drop off i won't hear it ring.  i've been known to sleep through a phone ringing.  i've been known to sleep through a lot actually.
 liked the color of these bright dried out berries.
 was nice to not have to rush in to work.  they didn't call me off until nearly 6:30.  pretty late, but i think they know i'm chill with that.  usually that means patients moved around at the last moment and i wasn't needed anymore in the area they had first thought they'd need me.  after that, they see if anyone else needs me and by 6:30, everyone is usually pretty set...then you just wait past the 7-7:30 time when people who were expected to show don't show up or someone shows up sick or something.  now anything goes.  i could get called in to psych to sit with someone who goes nuts...?
 for now i'm being paid a small wage to be available.  so at this moment i'm a paid writer!!  i should be downstairs on the laptop putting in my time.  instead i rested and watched a movie.  one i liked quite a lot, "the magic of belle isle".  i've also begun watching this series i've heard talked about, "downton something".  just netflix'ed the first few episodes so i'll send off for more of the series.  always fun.
 have been hearing noises tonight. sounds like explosives and stuff.  wondering if the military is doing some sort of night training?
 bit of a hot flash going on right now.  strange.  our bodies are strange things some days.
 anyway, the movie i watched tonight is a good reminder about imaginations and continuing to use them no matter your age.  i need to seek out mine so i can work on these books that i think would be fun to get written.  i liked the idea one writer was talking about on NPR of talking to your creative side about your projects, a dialogue with yourself.
 a tiny creek running along side the road up to the trail had these cool ice formations so i stopped to check those out.

 always love the icicles and the movement of the water around them.
 looked like a pretty low tide out on the flats.

 enjoyed the sunshine dancing off the water out there.  odd too that at this time of year there weren't the usual ice bergs out there.  where are they??  nome hit nearly 50 i think...they rarely even hit that in the summers.
 another perk of staying home tonight was watching american idol. with the new judges i am enjoying the show again.  last year keith urban had his hands full with the two judges he had to work looks like they are all enjoying each other.  it's just way more fun to watch.  love harry connick jr.  he's a great addition.
 been in an eating jag.  need to snap out of it and get back into an exercising jag.  much better.  good to get out and walk though.  don't see any snow in the forecast.  my cleats are for sure getting a work out.
 sideways, but still a pretty shot i think.

 was just enjoying the light.  rio enjoyed resting as did blossom.
 the willows are totally confused and you can see all the spring growth, not sure what happens when winter returns for these poor confused plants.
 kinda laughing as i think people really only see blossom off leash in photo's so when i post a photo of her on a leash it's like people don't know what it is.
 she does get walked on a leash from time to time.  actually more and more.  she is of the belief that if she is off leash she should be chasing a toy.  when i can tell she's a bit tired or it's not a good trail for tennis balls or frisbee's i just put her on a leash, then she doesn't feel obligated to play and just walks.
 liked the water action coming off the ice.  that is how it builds up.
 we'll start all over now that the temperatures are starting to melt.  i enjoy the ice though so i'm sure i'll enjoy hunting down more icicles.
 another one with water action.

 my life is small, it's these little things that make me stop and look closer.
 simple is good.  there is so much out there if you only stop and look around.

better try to get a short nap in.

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