Monday, March 24, 2014

A Sunday drive to Seward...

 and a few other things.  didn't get away until after noon, but my timing worked well and i was back in Turnigan arm for the sunset. no clouds out there really, but lovely flat calm water and sweet colours.
 a few pictures also from yesterdays walk out at Eagle River Nature Center. above was a nice little peek a boo into the river.  mostly frozen over.
 Blossom was so happy out there on the beach at Lowell Point.  i think that is the name..getting tired.  she ran and swam and chased the tennis ball.  slept the whole drive home almost.  i think the beach is her favorite place to be.
 thought this snow on the rocks looked like a mountain goat.
 there were several dogs out there.  this guy was really cute and sweet.  chased blossom around for a bit.
 rescued this sun star...i think i saw it smile after i turned it over.  looked like it was feeling a bit out of control being tossed about by the little waves.  seemed to be able to manage better flipped back over. soon the tide was coming back in.
 these sea lions were sighted swimming fairly close to shore.  i decided that it was time for blossom to run on the beach for a bit while they were out there.  she did stop and watch them for quite awhile at the waters edge.  Rio caught a scent of them as well.  she was very excited and was trying to get closer for a better sniff.  took a lot to get Rio pulled away from them actually.
 used to see the sea lions quite a lot when i'd do walks on the beaches in Ketchikan.  not sure Blossom would like it there.  the beach part yes, but maybe not all the rain.
 there were at least 4 sea lions that i counted.
 saw a few otters as well.
 nothing like a stroll on the beach though.  so relaxing.  after we walked i sat on a log for awhile and blossom continued to chase her tennis ball.  Rio relaxed and dug a hole to rest in.  sometimes i think i have the happiest dogs in the world.  they sure make me happy.
 nothing like a drive in scenic Alaska to clear your brain out and prepare for whatever comes next in life.
 i have little stress and walks and drives are great ways to relieve what little stress i do have.
 one lone boat out there that i saw and it was this sail boat.
 Seward is cram packed with tourists and boats in the summers, nice to be there on a winter day.  no crowds, no craziness.
 always seem to have to take a picture of this birdhouse at the harbor.
 a few from the drive.  always get a shot at the train that is frequently sitting at this spot.
 the water was flat and calm.  so perfect reflections.  only wished a big group of Beluga whales had shown such luck.
 didn't expect too much of the sunset as there weren't any clouds, but i thought it turned out quite lovely.
 liked the sun glowing in the tracks above and below is Mt Redoubt.  a local volcano
 did read part of the paper this morning.  bed late.  they had several stories from the 1964 earthquake. 9.2, i'd be fine not having that repeat while i'm here.  happy to live at this east end of town though as it does seem a little bit more stable ground. who knows though with  a 9.2.  the Turnigan area really was wiped out though in that quake.  people got swallowed whole and never found.  one of the stories was of 4 kids who were home alone as their mom was off for an errand.  in their attempt to escape 2 kids just got sucked under as their house and the land around it was moved towards this peaceful looking place in Turnigan arm.  it was anything but peaceful that day.
 back in those days it wasn't unusual for parents to leave kids and zip off. i was home without parents frequently.  families were larger for one.  so you weren't really alone very often.  also there was several to many other stay at home mom types in any given neighborhood so you always kinda knew who was out there and who you could run to if something dire happened.  not really with something of this magnitude, but then even people who are together in these things can't always hold onto little kids as they are being shaken and sucked in or taken out by the sea.
 i think there was also more societal pressure to behave a certain way, which maybe kept people with a propensity of doing harm to the kids in their neighborhood in check a bit. people followed the rules more often because it was noticed and reacted to if you didn't.  there existed shame.  you didn't want to be the kid from the divorced family or the guy who failed and had to file bankruptcy.
 another story was really sad.  apparently a beam had fallen on a women and was pinning her down.  her husband was nearby and looked badly.  she actually said she was fine.  her husband insisted they rescue her first. sadly, when they lifted the beam they discovered the beam had actually cut the woman in half and that the beam was all that was holding her organs inside.  they took her husband, i'm guessing just removing that beam was the end of her.  she must have been in total shock and didn't even realize she was injured to this degree.  the body is good at protecting you from horrible stuff sometimes.
 will have to refill the gas tank.
 my apologies to Katie, my brain remembered that you had mentioned going with me to Seward if i went one of these days, but not until i was near Girdwood. i'm hoping you had fun plans with your family today. sorry.
 a few from yesterdays Eagle River walk again.  didn't take many pictures yesterday and most of them were landscape type i guess. whatever my brain is in the mood for.

 below is the river.  people had been walking across it...we didn't go that far.
 loved a few of these with that flat water and sweet reflections.
 repeated the shot in black and white...which do you like better?  i couldn't decide.  liked them all in both. i often just flip back and forth so i can decide later what i think.
 i'm always a fan of reflections though.
 making myself NPO except water after midnight.  supposed to have lab draws for a Dr appointment this week.  trying to just get those "i'm turning 50" checks out of the way.  apparently Scotts wife thought i was older than him....i'm not!!  thankfully, we cleared that up yesterday.
 plan to get that deposit off for our kayak trek.  it's starting. yikes!!
 the end of March is fast approaching.  crazy how fast time flies. not too much big planned for this summer. hopefully i'll get some hikes in.  there are always some that i haven't gotten too.
 always lots to see and do, road trips are always fun...unless a bear tries to kill you.
 back to the beach.
 and a last sunset shot.
think i'll get a big drink of water and head to bed.
grateful for:
1.  health enough to be able to get out and explore this amazing place
2.  being lucky and getting to watch those sea lions today, so cool
3.  the best dogs a girl could have

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  1. I love your photo journalism, and your adventures. You are awesome.