Monday, March 31, 2014

early spring continues..nobody is complaining....

 lots of folks out enjoying the warmer temperatures and blue skies.  also the long days.  this couple was skiing down by the creek/river as i walked on the trail above.  we got to the parking lot about the same time.  it looked a bit tough skiing at times, but they said it was great fun and relaxing being right there by the water.  of course, i'm more of a nervous person but maybe i see/hear of the worst things that happen and it's made me more cautious. you slip in under all that ice you could easily be taken under and that would not end well i fear.
 there is a tree filled with shoes on the way up to Gold Mint trail, which is where i ended up today.
 work continues slow as far as i go. i think they know i have a hard time saying no to on calls and have cont to put me on call.  night one i never got called in, night two i got called in pretty early at 2100, night three it was 3:30am.  that is a tougher call in.  it does go by fast i guess though.
 that last night i got called in to be a sitter, which means i come in to try and help keep a patient from hurting themselves or others. often alcohol related...which is how it went last night.  alcohol withdraws are nasty at times.  i still think it would make a fun reality tv show...i really need to write some producer of reality shows with the idea. put a bunch of folks going through alcohol withdraws on the island and then have games with winning team getting to have a drink or ativan.  hallucinations, gotta laugh sometimes or you would go nuts i think.
i kept looking for porcupines in the trees but only saw these nests.
 lots of trees trying to bust out already. also as i drove through Palmer i noticed they are already playing golf out there.

 still...the snow is pretty thick out there in many places so we still will have break up.
 you don't get out of break up that easy.
 i think this magpie was eating another dead magpie...survival of the fittest, who knew magpies would resort to canabalism.  of course, blossom was very interesting in checking out the dead bird and i had to keep her close.  i'd really prefer my dogs not eat dead crap they find on the trails..i'll leave that to other more wild animals...pampered pups don't need to go there.
 the trail was really good over all, much  better than my last trek out there.  Rio did pretty well with it.  sadly there are still some holes punched in it and poor Rio seemed to land in every hole.  i tried to direct her away from them, often causing myself to fall in one as i walked forward while directing Rio behind me.  it's gotta be exhausting for her though, thinking about every step.
 so i didn't feel too much like i worked hard all week.  i don't think i slept too hard either.  tough to sleep when you are on call.  you tend to stay up late and then crash as the night goes on..seems less and less likely they'll call you in, but they can call you in...and they often do.  did have to use some PTO this week but i try not to get too concerned.  i'm sure i need the mental break from time to time.
 i guess Ted Talks was in Anchorage this weekend.  i didn't notice it until too late, but hopefully i can catch a few on the web site.
 thought this ice kinda looked like a grand piano!
 more bird nests that aren't porcupines.  haha.
 as i was driving to work in the wee hours this morning i began to be followed by a police car.  i think the cop finally realized i was headed to the hospital and turned around. i was driving the speed limit.  perhaps they have begun profiling middle aged females in honda's...
 i have been followed by many cops in my many days of driving.  my California days were my most prolific as far as police encounters. i lost count at over 40 somewhere for having gotten out of tickets, that was in California.  i did go to traffic school every year ( in CA law you could go once a year) for 4 years at least and then i did have tickets on my that would mean that before i turned 30 i had to have been pulled over at least 50 times. i recall a few fix it tickets in there as well.
 i even yelled at one police officer and i think i actually had him a bit flumuxed as before he let me off he told me to wear my seat belt, at which i pointed out that i was wearing my seat belt.
 i know i got at least one ticket in my two years in South Dakota and i have gotten tickets in both Ketchikan and Anchorage.  i find i get out of less these days but i also rarely get pulled over anymore.  so it was kind of odd to find myself being followed again by the law.
 had fun with the shoes.
 lots of black and white today...i always love it.
 it's midnight and the street crew is out there.  maybe not best day as everyone has their trash cans out, could make snow plow work more difficult.
 was thinking about life as a single female and how sometimes i feel like i have to be even more careful to not get irritable or angry.  i mean when you are alone you don't want to piss off the few people who bother to spend time with you.  was feeling a bit melancholy for a few days, but then i got some random phone calls from my brother Jeff and niece, that was fun.  also on the days i got called in the folks in PCU were super happy to see me and one tech was raving about me and how much fun she'd had working with me.
 i of course, did some model walking for this tech as she had enjoyed that the last time i worked with her, i aim to please. this whole month i haven't been in either ACC or Peds.  strange i guess.  overall i  would say i am enjoying life in the float pool. for years i really rarely got an on call.
 the trail here in the summer goes to the left, the lump in the middle is actually a beaver house.  the trail today went over the beaver pond.  those beavers can be nasty, hopefully they are resting.
 we walked to just past the 2 mile marker.  it was easy walking to that point.  i guess just beyond where i turned there is an avalanche area that you can walk over and then a biker i spoke to says it gets kinda punchy and soft beyond that so i was happy we had turned around.
 Blossom at the 2 mile marker
 tomorrows goals, ACLS check off, cat litter and bills. gotta get to those taxes as well.  nice to be getting a few things accomplished though. the bills and cat litter were on todays list, but they didn't get done and i'm getting tired.
 a friend texted and i opted for a movie over cat litter. it was that new "grand budapest hotel". or something similar to that.  i liked it.  it was quirky and humorous, original and interesting.  also some fun cameo appearances by a variety of actors, always fun.
 they still haven't really found the plane from Malaysia, they seem to think they are honing in on parts of it...i will wait for confirmation.  it's been such dramatic reporting that one must not get sucked into the drama and instead await facts...remember when reporters actually reported news and didn't just try to create it?

 a few of the girls tonight at home....both dogs are happy and tired.  that is the sign of a good day.
 yesterday i just walked up Patterson and back and the day before i did a loop of gasline/powerline/tank.
 a few here from rovers run day
 always love the shadows of all the trees.
 and lots of little animal tracks all over the place.
 blossom has had some good toy time so she should be happy, but it seems to never be enough.

 these are snapped out the car window as i was driving to Hatchers.

 the shoe tree.
 the bridge out there had a good 4 feet of snow on it, seems like it anyway. it was a drop off to the bridge from the trail of snow and then a further drop down to the creek below.
 mile marker 1.
 had to get a few of rio...she really is a sweet dog.  she's such a trooper out there.

 this picture really doesn't do the depth of snow on the bridge justice.  hmm....

i'm tired and i've run out of photo's. grateful for  1.  blue skies and warm spring days 2.  unexpected phone calls that brighten up your day 3.  having people be happy to work with me

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