Wednesday, March 5, 2014

iditarod...sleds and riders are taking a hit

 it's a wreck out there.  12 mushers have scratched already. that is often the number of mushers that scratch on the entire race and we are only at day 3.  jeff king has an awesome go pro video that really shows you the craziness these mushers were riding in through the denzell.  i would have been swearing and screaming.  it shows how calm he is despite being tossed about.  he somehow maintains control for the most part.
 it does make it pretty easy to see how so many sleds and riders are being taken out. many have had sleds just fall to pieces.  mushers have been torn up as well.  the mushing mortician was aided by the jamaican who heard his call for help.  jansen must have fallen at one point and knocked himself out.  he was out for at least 2 hours according to news sources.  then as he tried to get things together he went through the ice. he then slipped and fell due to his ice crusted boot...not sure of details really but he apparently busted a foot.
 the video is on the iditarod insider.  well worth the money to follow the iditarod on that. i've paid the 30 something/year for a few years now.  it's like 7 min long.  "jeff king go pro-amazing exhibition of sled driving"
 i was in my own craziness last night in the ER.  we never stopped.  i really need to get cracking getting ready for work right now.  haven't even made dinner yet.  yikes!!
 lots of snow out there.  shoveled and built a snowman.  it's heavy snow.  the roads are hell, folks should be driving like little old ladies out there.  i went to the grocery which is only like 5 blocks was mayhem though, cars and trucks going all over the place.
 love the husky teams.
 the dogs seem to actually being doing great on the trail and from what i'm reading once the teams get past that horrible section the trail is pretty awesome.  only the strong will survive though.  this trail has taken out some true veteran riders who have done this for a living for years.  some trash talk about why it wasn't moved north this year and others just say, they made a decision and the weather got worse instead of better.  it's snowing now though so maybe the stragglers will benefit from that.
 no time to go over these teams...sorry  i really need to get ready for work.  may be in ER again.  i know they were already requesting me last night.  one never knows.  the guy that usually gets floated there is on vacation so that usually means i'm down there more often.

 as for's all in flux right now.  many are taking their 24 stop now and a few already did so it all gets jostled about until everyone is done with that.
many of the regulars up there at the top though battling it out.  yikes..i gotta run!!  so exciting i couldn't leave you hanging!!

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