Tuesday, March 11, 2014

congrats Dallas Seavey, winner of Iditarod 42

don't think he realized he had won until after he had arrived in Nome.  i think he was just thinking of beating his dad who was behind him.  he came on to front street running by the sled and exhausted.  Aily was close behind.  she left Safety 20 minutes after Dallas did.  his dad is now safely into Safety.
a quick chat with Aily makes it sound like she had a tough time out there like King did.  maybe they got the worst of it all, this storm.  she sounds like she got rattled.  couldn't find trail leading into Safety, did get to Safety though somehow.  she had no idea she'd passed King out there and with reports of snowmachines being blown over she opted to stay put.  then Dallas breezes through.
in the end, he just had the team and the guts to go for it.  Aily blinked, she hesitated and if you do that with someone like Dallas, he will beat you.  he kept looking back as he drove his team onto front street, but i think he believed it was his dad back there.  in the dark all you really see is the head light.
there will still be stories to tell on this crazy iditarod run.  nothing ordinary out there.
for now, i'm going to bed....it's 4:30 am.  good night!!

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