Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sunshine continues...

 haven't heard anyone complain about the weather of late.
 these are leftovers from March catch up.  now i can just mix old with the Iditarod leftovers as possible.  above is a musk ox skull from the conservation center and above that one is Rio enjoying the sun on the front deck while i shoveled the nearly 2 feet of snow that had fallen that day.
 maddie and T.  we stopped at Chair 5 for a meal on the way back from our rainy trek down Turnigan pass that day.
 i call these dog ghosts. blossom loves to go lay on the deck and her body warmth makes these imprints out there.  for some reason it cracks me up.
 poor girl took a few tries getting into the car today for the Monday walk.  she actually yelped out in pain, which is really unusual for her.  she is over 8 years old though.  maybe too much fun at the beach yesterday.  i was trying to help her load in and then just took a break to ponder whether i should be walking her at all today. by the time i moved the garbage can back to it's place she jumped in on her own.  no yelp that time.  guess she didn't want to be left behind
 seemed to take forever to get my blood drawn this morning.  i was hungry from fasting, in a hurry to get to the dog walk and cranky.  i tend to get cranky when i'm off my feed.  you wouldn't want me to be an anorexic.  haha. my grand plan was to get the blood drawn then stop in at the cafeteria for some grub.  no time though.  i searched the car for some bit of a candy bar or a leftover bag of chips.  i had cleared out the usual crap due to trash day though...not that this means my car is clean by any stretch.
 i always seem to have a messy car.  perhaps one day....not!
 these are just snaps of the snow day.
 there was quite a lot of it.
 good turn out today for the walk.  i did discover i had a small baggie with some kisses from xmas.  4 of those and off for the walk.  ate a few more when we were nearly finished then cocoa and croissant at Kaladi's....not a huge diet today.  did meet a few friends for pizza at a new place downtown, flat top pizza.  fine pizza, not a very varied menu, but good enough.  more of a bar like place with 4 pool tables.  not sure i recall too many pool tables downtown so that will probably be nice.  could be a great place to get out of the crowds of Humpy's next door from time to time.
 my bar hopping days are in the past.  truth is i never was much for bar hopping.  i tended to settle in to a bar or mostly, i went for the dancing more than the drinking.  did have many fun nights out clubbing and country dancing. mighty fine dancer in my time i must say.
 it can get a bit ugly though if you are still chilling at bars that often at this age though i think...a time and a place.  happy i had those days though and feel no need to try and recapture my youth by trying to do all the things i never did when i was young...cause i did them.
 blossom gets coated in snow

 probably won't be too many more snow ball days out there this year.  summer will be here sooner than later.  the sunsets are happening closer to 8pm now.  it's nice.
 i have appointments on Wednesday, tomorrow is open.  how much gas do i want to go through.  not sure yet.  hmm...long walk closer to home or a drive out a ways.
 could continue to work on the to do lists...

 slowly the boxes get checked off. tonight i have even managed to get through the paper shredding and putting the stuff that i may need for taxes in one pile.  of course, i am still finding that loud noises can be annoying to my still sensitive brain.  if i just let it have peace and quiet for a bit things improve again.  noise is not my friend though.
 my friend gnat saved me from the noise maker by giving me a call.  can't talk on the phone and listen to the shredder.  so hopefully i can get to these taxes. the trip deposit is ready to go as well.  so i'll pop that in the mail.
 bought myself roses one day.  they smelled lovely and i knew ain't nobody else gonna be buying this girl any flowers.
 the other day while i was out there walking slowly due to a touch of a gi bug, i wrote these notes in the snow.
 as we walked today we found that in addition to my happy, positive notes someone else had added their own happy/positive notes.  :-)
 we had a nice crew on the trails today.  the most we've had in a bit.  blossom did fine out there, even chased her toy.  she is tired tonight.  i gave her a doggie massage.  rio opted out after her day out at the beach.
 gnat and i were talking about missing those best friends in our lives.  that friend that you seem attached at the hip to.  speak to all the time.  they know you inside and outside, they accept you for who you are.  you may bicker but you always make up.  we both have many really good friends, many of whom live far off.  i mean and we both meant that friend next door.  i've had a series of best buddies over the years and you are still good friends but time and distance do tend to take their toll.
 you can't talk every day.  at some point you were supposed to pair bond and if you didn't you have to stand alone way too often some times.  i miss having someone in my corner.  someone i don't have to ask to check in on me, who likes the same things and thinks many of the same things and that you can laugh and laugh and laugh with.
 i've fallen into this position of being the planner.  i fear that if i stopped doing all the planning i'd never do anything, i'd never get invited anywhere.  it feels like as the planner i'm often taken for granted though.  it's just expected that i will do the planning.  it just gets exhausting i guess.  you live alone so you have all the responsibility for everything.  would be great to find a friend where it would all  be more balanced i guess.  
 these are at Eagle river.
 don't really wish to complain, but it just bites on occasion.  venting..
 i'm not doubt hungry again and getting cranky.
 drive to/from seward.  it sure was a pretty day for a drive!!
 could drive north but it's a long drive.  bummed as a few people did things that i really would have loved to have been invited to, but i wasn't...too far to go on my own in winter though.  i'm just not on anyone's list of people...
 there are just fewer pools of people to choose from to find and develope new friendships with let alone romances.  that would be best...a guy to chill with, but i am seemingly completely invisible to the members of this species who are of the opposite sex.
 my experiment with texting was less than successful.  i made an effort to send out texts daily to a variety of people.  check in, make myself available..in the end, just like my planning, if i stop they stop as well.
 blossom swimming, yes, i'm sure it's pretty cold, but she never complained.  perhaps that cold water is why she was a bit sore today.
 you can't make yourself liked or thought of.  i know i'm a loner too so it can be tougher.  that is why i generally have found a good friend that i relate to and then hang with them a lot.  can be hard to find people who i relate to that relate to me as well. it's not to say i don't have many friends at one level, it's just hard to find that other level of friends.  i feel like this sunstar...lots of arms reaching out, but often just drifting in the tides.
 hard to see what is going on in these pictures but above blossom has spotted the sea lions out there and was quite curious.  below Rio has caught a scent of them and won't budge from that spot.  it was pretty cute actually.
 rio and i chill by the logs on the beach while blossom continues to chase her tennis ball.
 for the moment, these two girls seem to be my best friends.

 they look quite content out there.  you con't have to apologize to dogs, but i do sometimes.
 the words, "i'm sorry" are grossly underused it seems.  not sure why some are so hesitant to use them.  i've always been one to just want to talk through stuff, clear the air and move on.  i have often been frustrated when people can't just say these words or take responsibility for a thing. in the end i find i just apologize for whatever my end was, sometimes it's just for being overly irritable or sensitive (when someone has been unkind or insensitive).  not enough people in my world to be chasing em off.  easier to just put on your big girl pants as it were, but that doesn't mean it isn't irritating sometimes.
 i'm not perfect, far from it, but the fact is neither is anyone else.  i'm not going to hate someone for making a mistake and i'd hope they wouldn't hate me either for the same.  otherwise there'd be even more hate in our world than there already is.
 something one rarely sees...it's usually loaded with tourists here. it was nice to just sit peacefully and relax by the water.
 the rest are from the drive home.
 my besties sleeping..
 i really didn't have much of an expectation for the sunset yesterday. i generally prefer a bit more cloud cover.
 really did like how the sun lit up the rails in this spot though.  thought it was cool looking.
 it was just so serene looking

 i am ready for my sleep.
 quite happy knowing i have nothing really going on tomorrow.
 my apologies for my whine fest today.  it's my blog so i'll whine if i want to, right?
 is anyone really listening anyway. :-)
1.  i am grateful for the many good friends that i have, i do have many and i don't want that to be lost in the fact that i sometimes want for a best friend at times.  i am blessed with many more friends than the average i'd guess.  2.  happy to have been able to purge and shred all those papers.  there is something releasing about shredding all the crap that builds up 3.  have enjoyed re-watching the BBC James Herriot series.  thank you BBC!

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