Sunday, February 22, 2015

ice, ice, baby....

 rain and not warm enough temperatures equals ice and lots of it.  it is a mess out there.  the side streets and just ice all the way across.  i risked life and limb getting to the gym.  really should have worn those cleats in the parking lot.  a bit insane, but a few slips and slides on foot and in the car and i survived.  20 min bike, 10 min ellipitcal and free weights.  as long as you don't break any bones you can call it a successful outing.  Blossom and i walked as well...i had cleats for that though.
 misery....though oddly, there is a thing zipping around the internet about how happy and content Alaskans are...the most happy and content apparently.  of course, my first thought was that though i am happy and i know many of my friends are happy this state has the highest suicide rate and domestic violence and alcoholism...but hey...we be happy.  of course, the suicides die so then they must not be added into the final tally.  all things can be twisted a bit.
 Rio did not join us on this icy walk and i really would prefer for her to not walk in this mess anyway.  she's probably being held together by arthritic bone spurs at this point.  one bad fall and i would lose the old gal.  so it's couch time for her.  the labs all came out clear.  her urine was fine though no answers as to why she has been more thirsty and peeing more...unless i'm just totally observant and am aware of her malady before her organs can show signs of issues.
 WARIS meeting.  spreading the phone calls.  everyone took a wildlife/nature organization to make their own.  spoke with PM and i guess i'll look into the villages in the area around Round Island and may assign villages for folks to contact leaders in.  PM mentioned HA, of BBNA.  i explained that i hadn't really been able to figure out their stance on the Round Island situation. truth is that woman can be a bit intimidating over the phone...and i have a hard time understanding  her.
 you have your up weeks in this thing and your down weeks....this one less up and more down.  chasing ambulances....leads that go nowhere.  thanks to the board for hanging in there with me.  i wish the walrus had someone more capable to fight their cause...i'm trying my pink friends...i'm really trying.
 this crap weather doesn't really help anything...if they took that survey this week, i doubt us Alaskans would have been quite as happy. we want snow!!  i'm  betting there will be some fender benders this week.  i slid a few times.  don't slam on your brakes folks and just steer the car away from cliffs and hard objects. i'd say go into a snow bank but we seem to  be short of those this year.
 i guess there may be some happy fisherman who will be happy that there will be no staffing on Round Island this year...they can now sneak in closer for fishing, hide out in storms more easily and there is also worry that the walrus will be disturbed or poached and that the beaches will be raided for ivory and the island raided for archealogical artifacts.  it's a free for all on Round Island.  one year can do a lot of damage.
 long chat with my sister in law and a friend.  good people and conversations always help get me out of the rafters.  my brain can travel in many directions at the same time.  i try to be zen, but some days and some folks can unzen me.  long walks can re-zen me.  long walks tougher in rain and ice conditions...rain, rain, go away, come again  in spring i say!!
 this is my street from my front ice.
 be careful out there folks...!!
thankful for.  A.  slips and slides but no falls.  B.  negative lab tests C.  the good people who stick with you no matter what.

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  1. I was part of that Gallop pole lol, I had no idea, if they had called this week they would have had a different outcome from me at least so sick of rain, I'm a woose when it comes to leaving the house in this weather.