Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the Monday walk happens!!

 of course, i can't say that it will happen next week...if it does it will happen without me.  i have my procedure next week. hope that it works and sticks this time.  gotta go pick up my script tomorrow.
 finally enough snow and no ice so that speedy could bring the sled with syd.  a bit of a workout for her, but great to have her along.  joined also by MT.
 otherwise, looking forward to working another 3 nights starting tomorrow. okay, not really, but i'll be fine.
 our petition is up to over 3250 signatures at this time.  sent the link via email to a few of those in the decision making capacity and also sent emails with links to some i have met of this year who i knew had an interest in Round Island.  so perhaps more signatures tomorrow.
 next stretch off i really should try and pull stuff together for taxes. it's that time of year.  i go through and shred crap and get my taxes together.  at least i should get some money back so that always makes it a bit less painful.
 i will say that this week at work i noticed the icu had posted on their white board that they had raised over $600 bucks doing chili feed/s.  it was taunting me.  clearly i am inefficient in the soliciting donations.
 just reading a few interesting articles...people are researching whether there are more earthquakes in high tides and also others are researching the impact of glacier melt and the increased organic carbon that is released.  there is a lot of organic carbon it sounds like and that can also impact the ecosystems downstream of the run off apparently.
 the world seems to become more and more of a mess as the years go by, the humans are a mess as well...seems to go hand in hand.  as resources decrease, the human battles are sure to increase.
 for today and most days i am off peacefully walking the woods with friends and dogs.  dog walker by day, walrus advocate by night...well i do that during the days as well.  you get the idea though.
 the light and the day were beautiful.  the dogs happy and the humans pleased as well. the light is staying out later and later which nobody is complaining about. Katie joined us for coffee so all in all a relaxing and productive day.
 in other walrus news...the federal government has made moves to put limits and restrictions on arctic ocean oil leases.  natives want whales protected for subsistence hunting and walrus use the areas as vital feeding grounds. may be best to at the least put delays.  right now oil prices are low anyway...may has well wait and revisit these areas in later years.  i'm all for staking claims though.  discussions must be made to prevent crazy oil battles in the arctic ocean as the ice melts.  Russia is already seeming intent on claiming it all as their own. make the north pole and the sea around it like Antarctica..a place of research and peace not a place of oil and battles. in time perhaps safer, more efficient ways will be found to extract oil and not risk huge oil spills..or just better options for energy.
 there is no techniques at this time for cleaning oil off of ice in the arctic ocean should a massive oil spill occur.
 this was always my concern with nuclear power plants as well....no real way to fix a disaster and no techniques for dealing with the nuclear waste.  you fix those issues, come up with real plans that are known to work, then we will revisit the issues.  too often man wants to charge through and just do it,that isn't always the best way to go.  we are greedy, us humans though,  and very impatient.
 i have been saved from myself.  my netflix on my ipad seems to be not working at this time so no more Gilmore Girls for me...probably out of streaming time...or nearly out anyway so i suspect this is a good thing.  i do tend to get hooked into a series each winter of something. so this year it was Gilmore Girls.  any favorites out there i should plan for this next winter?  i could look for a deal.
 other things i've watched in previous years, "the big bang" James Herriots series, "northern Exposure", "sex and the city" and "bones".  i do love the original Law and Order and Seinfeld but can't say i own any of those dvd's.  there seems to always be reruns of those on tv.  i remember when i lived in South Dakota this show, "wings" would come on as i got ready for work.  may have to get that one of these days or other oldies such as "get smart"...lots of good tv out there....yes i watch tv sometimes.  it's not on at the moment though so i can exist without it as well.
 sounds like my past co-workers in Ketchikan have reached a tentative agreement on their union contract...good for them.
 it's been awhile since i pulled out my guitar...tempted to do that before i crash for the night. unless i get some idea that there are lights out and then i may check that out...we shall see.
 loved the ice on the moss on the trees.  we took twists and turns on todays walk.  we were out for 2 hours though and i suspect we got in a good 4 miles.
 the crew.
 the dogs seemed to be loving it out there.  Blossom lost yet another tennis ball on the last bit.  i suspect she set it down to sniff something and then lost track of it.
 i have this tiny canker sore right under my lip...so annoying!! have always found those sores to be such a bother.  trying to ignore it.  ..not doing very good at ignoring it.
 this area is always super pretty to me.  just great light and trees and the grassy bits create all these bumps which just look pretty.
 the light i the trees is quite nice as well.
 a new female ghost busters...could be fun.  funny that it will also include saturday night live alumni.  don't really watch much saturday night live anymore.  watched quite a bit as a teen.  those were the days of some of the greatest comedians.  also loved to go to pasadena's ice house and watch the comedy routines.  we tried to never miss  Brad Garrett.  that guy was super funny and also very nice...very tall too!
 these always look so Dr Suess to me, little frost balls.
 the frost is building up and up.  it can get pretty impressive.  lots of colder days in the past few weeks.  not sure what will happen in the next few weeks.  you never know in this place.
 Speedy gets a work out as i guess syd decided to climb in the sled just as the uphill run was coming on. a bit of a work out for her no doubt.
 but then you hit the tank trail and you are almost back to the car.  no biggie for  speedy i'd guess
thankful-a.  that i took advantage of all the cool stuff Los Angeles had to offer in the years i lived there.  dancing, bar hopping, comedy clubs, concerts, trips to vegas, beaches. hikes.  so much to do in a  big city like that.  b.  the ability to keep plodding along and to stay hopeful.  c.  distractions

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