Monday, February 2, 2015

finally a moose sighting!

 all three nights in adult ICU, last week all three nights in peds ICU..just like the old days. had a pretty sweet assignment really 2 vented patient, no family around.  that is the coveted ICU assignment.  did have to make a 3 hour run down to MRI with one of my patients last night.  4-7am.  did make that last part of the night fly though so i can't complain.
 roadtrips...ICU lingo for packing up a patient and taking them some place for say a CT or MRI, well they can  be a bother mostly because you have to undo everything, tuck it in the bed and well by the time you get back every line and tube is a twisted mess of spaghetti, which is also ICU lingo.  CT's are pretty quick so it's more time packing and transferring so really a bother for such a short trip.  MRI's are generally longer, but it's also more complicated. you have to remove all your metal and all your patients.  metal.  there can be a lot of metal in an icu.  we had to shred his temperature probe out of his foley catheter.  thankfully, all went well.
 our petition started to fly these past 24 hours it seems.  felt like i was hoping we could get to at least 100 signatures, well at this time we have nearly 2700 signatures!  was really happy and surprised when i got home this morning.  there were loads of really nice notes on there too of support.  i will admit that as i was reading through them this morning i started to tear up and then i was just crying.  lack of sleep, stress release.
 in truth this non-profit and battle to get the Walrus Islands Sanctuary funded again has been a roller coaster ride emotionally.  some days i'm all happy and thinking i have mad skills at being an activist...finally my passion, honesty, stuborness, writing and photo skills all have a purpose beyond myself.
 then other times i feel overwhelmed and out of my league.  i worry that i will not be able to help at all, or make it worse. worry i'm failing people and the walrus and the islands.  i'm learning and i think i'm not as quick a study as i want to be for all this.  other people in life always seem to make everything just look so much easier, efficient.
 the signatures are a step in a good direction.  still have to make sure that the message gets to those who make these decisions.  we aren't successful til that happens and plans are being finalized to get a crew  back out there for the 2015 season.
 made it out walking between shifts.  bog mostly. once we just walked the tank trail.  always good.
 tired today after my walk so i just watched some Gilmore Girls and napped.  i should have stopped with Luke and Lorelei getting back together and leave it at that.  oh well.  they are both a bit dramatic in their own way so nothing so mundane could happen.  good show though.
 my new tripod has arrived so i'm debating a short drive to search for lights...sounds like a good show was already seen and i was napping. oh well. that seems to be my lot in life.
 bright blue skies of late and cold, cold temperatures.  Alaska how it's supposed to be.
 time for another board meeting i think.  will try and arrange that in the next week or so.  been a wild ride...i'd love for it to end in a success.  wish me luck...but mostly wish me wisdom and the walrus luck i guess.
thankful for.  A.  Challenges that take you on roller coaster rides...that is how you grow and you should keep growing until your last breath.  way too much to gain in this life to waste it being stagnant and afraid.  B.  the Dad in me...honesty to a fault and being stubborn come directly from him.  C.  the Mom in me...she brought the laughter, the song and kindness to me.

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