Tuesday, February 17, 2015

more warm sunny weather...dang it...i want some snow!!

 a few not to bad shots of the northern lights from my back deck last night. noticed them after 1am so tested out the new tripod.  only took about 10 photo's so these were the keepers.  tried walking into bog but the lights were lower on the horizon and easier to see from my yard as it turns out.  the skies were pretty in the bog and i've heard it's an easy place to hit the aurora local.  the dogs seemed happy with the 1:30 am stroll.  confused but happy.
 i'll figure out northern light photography eventually and maybe get less lazy about getting out there in the wee hours of the night.  from facebook posts there are hundreds of Alaskans out there taking beautiful aurora photo's.
 today i walked Rovers Run.  no photo's beautiful day out there, slight breezy, not real exciting photo ops though.  didn't take any yesterday on the walk either.  just Gail and i on the Monday walk, several more joined for the Kaladi's.  it was a bit drizzly out yesterday, i guess raining in some parts of Anchorage.  our walk was pretty sweet though.
 these are from the trek to the sand dunes the other day.
 i always think of how bad the outcome would be if i were out here and the big quake hit...the big quake will hit it's just a matter of time and on this sandy substrate i would just get sucked into the abyss never to be seen again.  i would suffocate under the sand.  thought it was just me who has these sorts of thoughts. my massage therapist said she thinks the same thing every time she is out on the coastal trail.
 other places that make me think of the big quake and potential danger are those high and steep turnigan arm trails and even the pool at the gym.  it's not that i'm negative or on edge all the time.  just thoughts that randomly seem to pass through my brain in these situations.  probably a survival tool we all have.
 your brain is no doubt always assessing risks and danger and making a plan in the background for your possible escape or demise.
 had those same sort of thoughts in Los Angeles growing up but it was less about natural disasters and more about attacks or robberies and that sort of thing.
 the dunes are still pretty and i doubt i will stop going and doing on the off chance that that one time i'm there the big quake happens.  you really just can't live life avoiding any risk.  i guess you can, but what fun would that be.  i don't see myself as a huge risk taker, but i've been in my share of potentially life threatening situations.  still i keep going out there.  live life to the fullest...that involves risk.  be aware, avoid stupid risks that will be reported in the paper as look what this idiot was doing and then go for it.
 house smells good.  making stew in the crock pot.  using a packet i found....hopefully it tastes as good as it smells. will just keep letting it cook and see what i get.
 talked to WWF in Anchorage.  hopefully, i'll connect with a few other more national organizations in order to plea the case of walrus.  Walrus aren't an animal WWF is actively working to protect so it will be our job in WARIS to change that.  she was really nice and hopefully i got her email address right and maybe we'll get a few more signatures for our petition.
 KH is checking out us getting booths or some such thing to "advertise" at the fur rondy.  that could be a good way to get people involved.  we can make a paper version of our petition and add signatures that way.  may have to pay some money up front but if it's not too much it would be money well spent i think.
 this trio of mother and twins was out on Patterson near my house as i was headed out to run errands yesterday.
 a bit nervous because of the traffic more than me.  i was across the street from them taking these pictures inside the car.  a neighbor pulled over next to me to check and make sure i wasn't having car troubles. nope....i just never bore of taking moose photo's
 they are so cute!
 the Yukon Quest has been won.  looks like Brent Sass won with Moore right on his tail.  my friend VM will watch the furs so i am free to hit Fairbanks for the restart...super excited.  i have room in my hotel room ... thank you KH!!  just call me if you want to join.
 may see if i can book a room for the 10th in Chena as i've never done the Chena thing in the winter....or summer for that matter.
 should make some calls right now, but i am feeling a little nap/rest before work coming on.
 three nights of work coming up then i have PT and a vet appointment for Rio on Friday.  a bit worried about Rio as she's been drinking and peeing more.  she seems okay otherwise but she is a big girl so "older" in the dog world.  better to get on top of an issue earlier than later.

 nice little happy moose family.   i kept my eye out for them last night as i walked into the dark bog...no desire to surprise a family of moose in the dark.  for how large they are they can blend in during the day pretty easy..let alone at night.  did take a flashlight with me.  quickly learned that a little flashlight is very handy tool for night photography.
 the new taller tripod is helpful as well.  easy to use and pretty easy to carry as well.
 moose attitude..sticking her tongue out at me i'm sure!  hehe

 well, i guess i shall go nap...then see what work brings for me this week.  it was funny talking to the WWF employee she asked me what i did before starting WARIS...explained that i still was a full time nurse and part time walrus advocate.
oh...to make a living saving walrus, that would be a treat!!  thankful for:  A.  the beautiful animals we share this earth with ( though i find animals are better at sharing than humans are) B.  to be able to walk in the woods and enjoy the peace out there C.  the opportunity to bring walrus attention and make a difference in one of the beautiful creatures we share this earth with.

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