Sunday, April 30, 2017

no drone is safe in my yard...

 Tusker will go after it.  nice that he noticed the drone from the townhouses behind me and immediately began to chase it from our yard and bark at it.  above and below he endures the wind at the beach.  he looks a bit like Chewbacca i think.
 they had a great time and it was pretty despite the wind, just can't stay too long with the sand blowing.  i did not get much sleep today after my shift so we got a late start but the low tide was late as well so worked out great.
 they were on leash down and back.  they did pretty great overall.  gotta keep on them.  they will not be extended leash walkers for a long time if ever.  Tusker seems to always be looking for something to chase.  the dog on the inside closest to me behaves the best...that is generally Ivy Rose.
 they had fun though, which is always fun for me.  this pair crack me up.
 Tusker looks like he just got caught committing a crime.  haha.  bed head i guess.
 work last night was varied i guess.  went in, was slated for ICU, when i got there, they had forgotten to tell sup they didn't need me.  i ended up in the ER.  lots of ICU patients seemed to keep coming in so i ended up helping with those mostly.  got bumped around here to there.  eventually, the last patient i helped with i ended up taking upstairs to ICU full circle.
 the night before i was on call all night.  got good sleep and lazed about watching the latest episodes of Gilmore Girls..why not.
 it is windy all over Anchorage.  had to put Skellys umbrella inside for the night.
 after work this morning i got a bug to go check on the bear.  I've been popping by often as i come and go places. usually not after work though. happy i did this morning though i just had a cell phone which is low on charge and also apparently low on space since I've got thousands of pictures on there.  silly me had figured if i went that early there wouldn't be hardly anyone there...wrong.  she has quite an audience all the time now it seems.
 these are from other times i visited her tree.  she seems to be spending more and more time out of the tree these days.  itching to get moving and get out of that tree. the cub, we know there is at least one, should be ready to roll soon.  I'm not sure she is keen on leaving as long as that male  bear is still in the neighborhood, which he has been.
 anyway, this morning she had left her tree and climbed up to the top of a tree nearby to munch on  buds...just crazy and amazing to watch a bear of this size climbing around that high up in a tree.  later as i drifted to sleep in my mind she fell, thankfully, that didn't happen to her and i watched her climb back down before giving up for bed. i did run home and grabbed the puppies and the big camera for a few shots before she climbed down.  she was on the ground when i left but i really had to crash.
 this guy was supposed to stop by fairly early to discuss the little free library project.  he texted at some point to move the time and i suspect i made little sense in my sleepy state texting back.  so not sure where we are with that.
 she really is a beautiful bear.
 we did manage a walk in the bog the other day.  i have been hesitant since there are so many birds...we were tortured by a duck that opted to walk right in front of us.  good training as was today's walk on leashes down to the beach.  lots to do training wise but it is great to see little improvements week by week
 otherwise, we have done the airstrip and the tank trail.  the trails are clearing some but many off limits until the lakes/rivers are open.  not worth the risk.
 here she is back in her tree another day.
 she is clearly my spring time entertainment at this time. the birds are still coming in.  saw only 1 swan at potters. have spotted sand hills flying over, saw terns are arriving as well.
 she was enjoying a lazy day in her tree this day. lots of yawns.
 check out that tongue.
 this morning as we all watched the bears three police cars pulled up. they said nothing to anyone and i suspect they were really mostly there to enjoy the scene as we all were.
 got a few fun video's of her climbing since at first all i had was the phone.  those seem to be being enjoyed by many.  the video probably gives better perspective of how far up that tree she was and how precarious her climb was.  i suspect the bears in this area are related and are, as a group, great tree climbers due to their starts in trees.

 snuggled up to that limb...

 that ER can really beat you up.  probably nice to end up in the ICU.  the patient needed the dialysis nurse more than me.

 back on the ground another day.
 everyone is enjoying her activity.  she is one photographed bear.  i tend to chill less than 1/2 hour unless there is something really cool happening.  I'll stop by then go for a walk, then stop by again. there are several of the big camera folks who are there for hours and hours.   they have impressive equipment and some mongo lenses and tripods.  my one camera body is in getting cleaned.
 the wind seems to be settling down.
 Round Island was wet and windy today...the walrus buggered off for the day.  off to feed.
 chilling at the base of the tree.  this turned out to be a lovely bear photo session .
 nice sun hitting her.  she has been laying at the base of the tree quite a bit lately.
 there was some rays of light coming through behind her which turned out pretty sweet.

 debating a return trek up the tree.
 and then checking out her fans.
 now the photo session gets really fun...

 this bear really knows how to work the angles and the light.  a real pro!
 if that isn't a pose i don't know what is...!!
 work it girl!!
 the tree does look much bigger with her leaning up on it.

 loved that ray of light behind her.  don't think i really noticed that when i was snapping away.
 a favorite.

 it's early but i lack sleep so i shall retire early. i have things to do tomorrow.  gotta get my BLS check off done.  thankfully i got the computer part done the other night. i worked peds the first night.  not to much happening so i was able to get that stuff done. would rather do it at work than home.  i know i could get paid, but when I'm home i just want to be home.  i don't want to be doing work stuff.

thankful for:  A.  this fun spring ritual of bear watching  B. deep and long sleep  C.  the entertainment  value of the puppies...they really do make me laugh and smile.

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  1. have been absent for awhile for no known reason. such is life. love being with you and yours tonight.