Wednesday, February 4, 2009

another day another dog walk...

attempting to add some pictures. i'm a novice so we'll see how this goes. the first pictures are of the girls. first catalina. she looks so cute
in her coat and booties. i just had to take some
pictures of her today. she wears the leg brace on
every walk. she's had it for going on two years
now. she hardly limps now and can walk our
2-5 mile/day walks pretty easily. she gets loads
of attention. could be that big coat and booties.
it takes forever to get her ready for her walk. her neck hang so much that now i take her collar off in the house. she was getting a little moist sore spot in her jowels. monday, we had two fun walks. first i met up with my friend sharon and her malamute, cooper. he's bigger than blossom already, but only 6 months. still more growing. he's a great dog though. he ended up spending the day with us. tanya joined for both walks and sandra joined the first walk. she doesn't have a dog, but does seem to enjoy watching them all blunder around.
the second walk brought in kelly and mandy and andrea and
her dog, buddah. so 5 dogs first walk, 6 dogs second walk. it was loads of craziness. yesterday it was just me and tanya and the dogs and today...just me and the girls. i think blossom likes a break...nobody fights her for her frisbee. we've been getting some fresh snow. it's always so pretty out there with all that snow! the snow is still white. i look outside in the mornings and the volcano hasn't erupted yet. who knows if/when that will happen. i guess we're ready as you can be. for's dog walks and frisbee chasing. blossom is very impressive at catching her frisbee midair.
part of my week has been spent trying to get this quilt made for martha. have been getting alot of help. one friend, kim, has an embroidery machine so she did lettering for us. that night i threw together the mid part of the quilt. the next night it was off to gails place and she and her husband helped me tag team the rest of the top of the quilt. really they did the bulk of the work. they are both like master
quilters....they had rulers and tools for quilting. it's not perfect at all, but i know that martha will really love it. i just hope we can get it finshed up this next week. gail took the quilt and will try and meet up with bj (one of the peds docs) and see if she'll do the quilting. it's a group effort. bj has a fancy quilting machine. she also has a big heart. anyway...the quilt looks cool with the pictures from the trip all over it. gail and mac and i had a blast last night with our little quilting bee. fun playing with the dog, duke, it's been a bit since we walked. so i'm thinking i should finally get the sewing machine serviced. never have done that. the thing was a high school graduation gift. not one i wanted, but i have used the thing quite a bit and since i never would have bought myself one, thanks mom and dad for attempting to domesticate me. i'm not domesticated, but...have made lots of baby quilts, a few dog coats and rice bags for sore necks. it wasn't a total waste.
news....well personal news. i finally ordered teh accent tiles. i bit the bullet and hopefully, it will look great when it's all done. now i will just need to get the rest of the project started. i'm excited, but i just hate spending the money for stuff. once it's done it's always been worth it. oh...and i've been doing this thing. such a pain, dating. i have never liked dating. such a bother really. seems like every time i open myself up for the date thing i get all these guys interested and then really bothering me. i know most girls would love all the attention, but i just really find it tedious. if only it was easier. you know, mr right just shows up and you know it's mr right, you get along and get to skip all the get to know you crap. i'm just annoyed cause one guy keeps texting me. i'm no text girl. i find texts and im's really annoying. i mean, it's one thing to i m someone you know, but what is the point with someone you don't know. you can't get to know someone via text. whatever. so that is my date rant. it's really no surprise i haven't found the dude...he has to get past the first dates and those are really a pain in my mind. so anyway....we'll do the requisite coffee date and then he'll be calling me forever like the other coffee date i had the other day...boys i am not interested in always stick to me and the ones i'm interested in just leave. oh well. it still only takes two to tango as they say. i'm fine single, but a good guy in my life would be cool to. i try to treat it like shopping for a house or a car.
other news of note. there is that lady in california who had 8 babies. apparently she already has 6 that were all implanted as well. she lives with her parents. doesn't sound like they are too supportive. what are people thinking? all those tax dollars hard at work. so irresponsible on her part and the doc who implanted these babies.
rio just joined us on teh couch. blossom was already on the couch in rio's usual spot. rio is blind so it's pretty funny when she tries to climb on the couch right where blossom already is. not sure what blossom thinks of her. can a dog tell another dog is blind? who knows.
that is as much excitement as i can think of for the night. i love my non-dramatic life.

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