Monday, February 2, 2009

dog walks continue while we wait on the volcano eruption

just moved a few notes from the myspace blog. the inaguration note...i'm avoiding the news at this moment. also a note from the trip to shuyak...were supposed to catch the ferry to dutch harbor, but got weathered in so that is now the new trip for this summer!! guess i'll just ship a note or two over each time i add a note to the new blog. hope you can bear with it. i hate having information all over the web and would rather just put my life in one spot.
was on call the last 2 nights i was supposed to work. i should have just worked as i have car insurance due. oh well. hopefully, all will work out on that one. couldn't sleep much saturday night since i was on call and waiting. watched some more episodes of "bones" and read "my girls" a bit. never got called in. i figure that once this volcano erupts, if it does, the respiratory patients will be flocking to the hospital, both old and young. redoubt hasn't blown yet. i check the alaska volcano observatory site on occasion and it still sounds pretty active. they seem to believe it will still blow. today they did say that they doubt anchorage will get more than several mm's of ash. so that is good. i am ready with masks and goggles for me and dogs and bought extra water. best to be prepared and not need any of it.
chatted with my friend michelle this weekend and rudy. he was my mom's husband, now widow. great guy. seems to always want to chat. i know he misses my mom. always fun to catch up with family and friends. also spoke to tom last week and jeff. phone calls and visits with smaller groups of family are the best for me. too many family members can just be overwhelming. not sure if that is because i have been alone for so many years and it's just too nuts being around that many people. i suspect though that it's more because the more of my family that gets together the more it becomes a mormon event rather than a family event. this becomes very uncomfortable, very fast. i am bummed as there is a wedding in the family this summer, one i can actually attend, except that it's the week i had made plans to attempt the ferry to dutch harbor and we've been planning already for several months. i let my neice, kacey know that i wouldn't be able to attend. sounds like they have pretty limited space for the actual wedding in laguna at the condo. i miss so many of the weddings at this point, seems better to just skip them. mostly, i find that weddings are a horrible time to visit. everyone is crazy and just too busy. i'd rather head out when it's more relaxed. of course, my brother ross and family are never relaxed. they are on the go all the time. so even if it's not a wedding they rarely have time to visit with the aunt. once kids get older they would rather be with thier friends anyway. we all just move on and get involved with our own lives. as long as my neices and nephews are happy with thier lives i'm happy. i do wish the best for each of them and hope that they live an honest life..true to thier beliefs, whatever those may be. i hope that if they want to leave the mormon church, they are brave and do it. it isnt' an easy thing, leaving the religion of your youth. especially one that holds some power over you. i think a few of my siblings have been less than happy staying with the church but fear can keep you in a place of comfort. sometimes it's best to be uncomfortable and follow your heart. i did and have no regrets for that, except that it did put a large gap between me and several siblings. i knew that was a risk, but as i said this life is eventually each persons life to live and i'd hate to wake up one day knowing that i let myself be swept along rather than followed what i believed to be true. aside from these uncomfortable family issues from time to time where i'm sure my name is spoken ill of, my life is really quite happy. it's simple, uncomplicated, peaceful...
the dog walk is a highlight and todays was lots of fun. several friends met me for 2 different walks, back to back. first walk was with sharon, sandra and tanya. finally was able to meet sharons puppy...her puppy is quite large already at 6 months. he's an alaskan malamute named "cooper". very good pup. she is obviously working hard at training him. he's quite well behaved. she had a meeting in town so i took cooper for the second walk where sandra left and we were joined by andrea and kelly and thier dogs. so 5 dogs the first walk and 6 the second. the dogs had a blast and we all got to laugh and laugh and laugh. that many dogs with 2 puppies makes for lots of fun. cooper joined us at home for a few more hours of romping with blossom adn now my two dogs are beat!
the girls got 2 walks yesterday. first i took them to campbell airstrip and then to the dog park at university lake after i had met a friend for coffee.
last night i joined sandra for a movie night. we went and saw "slumdog millionaire". it was a really great movie. we both totally loved it and i think it deserves any awards it gets. loved how they integrated his life into the movie. don't want to give it away...just say...go see it!!

i really need to get off my computer and try and put this quilt together so it doesn't look too awful when i take it to gails tomorrow for finishing up. she's a real quilter and i'm sure she'll be aghast at my seams and such. i think martha will appreciate it, even if it's not the best made quilt ever.

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