Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so i hope the frog survives....

i finally totally cleaned out the frog tank. this frog has been around now for years. i really don't think they usually live this long. i initially bought 6 of these little underwater froggers. he's all that is left of the group. he's like a bionic frog. he lost one leg to the filter the first week. who would have thought he would still be here. frogs are really dirty little buggers. everything else i've tried to put in the tank has here he is. i totally cleaned the whole tank. this may kill him off. the shock of it all. i'd put it off long enough. it looks pretty with all those bright new green rocks. green is my favorite colour.
the moose are making thier way into anchorage. they do this towards the end of winter each year. they just are looking for food to get them through the last of the season. bark just doesn't look that tasty to me, but it's what they eat. the one in the picture above was taken the other day in the park by my house. there is a trail easement behind my house. it's just a half block away, about a 1 and 1/3 mile loop. there are often moose in the bog. it's called baxter bog. it's not unusual for them to cruise the neighborhood as well. i walk the bog several times a week...generally between shifts as it's a nice stretch. often i take the side streets back through various neighborhoods back to my house. just makes it longer and gives me some leash training time with the dogs. a few pictures below is rio at the fence on patterson. (sorry,i can't figure out how to change the order) anyway. there is a dog that lives at this fence. rio goes and says hello to the dog everytime we walk past her doesn't matter whether the dog is there, rio goes nuts. since she's blind it takes her a few minutes to figure out if the dog is actually there. it cracks me up everytime.

the other moose was one we ran across on our monday walk this week. it was a nice group. picture below...liz and her new baby (3 weeks old), tanya, kelly and i. it's been great doing these monday walks. the dogs get worn out and we've had a variety of people show up. it's my social thing. the walk. i also hit the dog park a few times and joined kelly on another walk last week.

work was a bit insane...i think it always is. we had a super sick kid on peds...they started calling me at 11:30 am. she needed sledd. i'm the only peds nurse who does sledd. sledd is a continuous slow dialysis. basically, it's run 24 hours/day. some patients are too unstable for a regular dialysis run. these patients are generally the sickest people it seems. i ended up running the sledd on her for the first two nights. those were usually my adult icu week days so i was back in the adult unit saturday and then peds again sunday. sunday, i tried to watch a bit of the oscars while taking care of my two peds icu patients. we have a long term kid and i also had a new paraplegic girl. her parents were pretty chatty. very nice people. teachers. so i ended up in there chatting. para is not so bad compared to other stuff that can go wrong. our nation is pretty set up to make a paraplegics life fulfilling. it's way better than being a quad or having some horrid head injury.
have been listening to my ipod. i get stuck on the same music for a bit. i still am enjoying the soundtrack to "once" and music by "five for fighting". right now i'm listening to another favorite group, "matchbox twenty". there is so much good music out and old. my ipod is filled with quite the variety i'd guess. it was a not so exciting day of laundry and clean up. i need to start on the spring clean up...i can't believe how crap adds up. i've almost lived here for 5's time to at least pretend i'm moving out and clean out the place. so much stuff that seems to bog you down...all those photo's, negatives, cd's, gets nuts. as the media stuff on computers gets more more prevalent some of these things will just least for the next generation. i'm sure they will collect other matter of crap. each generation has it's own packrattedness.
many jokes at work about this woman who had octuplets. we were coming up with idea's for multi-baby breast feeding adjuncts. the conversations seem to deteriorate in the wee hours of the's a well known fact in hospitals. we refer to it as "sex and secretion" hour or if there are several men on shift it may become "guns and gore" as well. just have to keep yourselves entertained in the late nights.
it's late, i'm getting a headache and i really want to get back to the book i've been reading. "a thousand splendid suns"...i think that is the title. i think i fixed this so that you can leave comments if you so desire. eric told me that he wasn't able to easily leave a comment when he tried. he also said there was a name for my life philosophies....of course, i've already forgotten.

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