Wednesday, February 18, 2009

remodel nightmares

just was excited this morning as it was 8 am and there is light outside. so winter is slowly working it's way into spring...very slowly. won't really be spring for a few months, but it's great to have the light coming back. it changes every day. this is blossom on the back deck after breakfast...hers. i just ate some of the potato salad i made last night. i still love that stuff and mix it up every so often....sans celery. i always picked it out anyway.

so...this is what i wanted to add. this is the decorative tile that i plan on using in my upstairs bath. i just thought it was cute when i first saw it. so they arrived yesterday. i'm obviously having remodel concerns as i had a dream last night about the tiles and the remodel. first in the dream i was going through the tiles that had arrived yesterday and there were actually only two tiles that i had ordered the rest were blank or little statues of animals or trolls. then, in my dream, my boss showed up with these horrid toilets. she was telling me that they were getting the place ready for a transfer of patients from a care facility. she tends to be a bit pushy. people have accused her of having aspergers. i was all telling her, "you know this is my house" and asking if they planned to buy my house or pay rent. she basically ignored me and moved my stuff to make way for the odd toilets. very strange. i think stress tends to show up in odd dreams for me though. the tile is cute anyway. i still have to decide if i will replace the tub as well. seems like if you are already in there doing the tile, the tub would be natural to change as well. they can also just re-finish it. i'll have to compare costs.

it's supposed to snow and i'm not quite awake. i think i'll go back and read more of khaled hosseini's latest book, "a thousand splendid suns". just wanted to get that tile picture in here.

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