Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i'm in sleep mode, can't get out!

funny as i just read my neices blog and she can't sleep at all. i think it comes from working 7 of 9 days with little sleep between 12 hour shifts. at some point the body just takes a breather. i worked an overtime in acc and it was pretty nuts. i think we got down to 3 patients and by morning our area was filled up with 8 patients. i transferred one out at about 2130 and he "coded" on the floor at about 2200 and was back in my care by 2230. i think he really just had a big seizure and dropped his sats. would have been easier to just keep him...then the patients just kept coming. intensive care can be like that. the next two nights i was chilling on the regular pediatric floor. haven't been that un-busy at work in ages. gotta take the easy with the crazy. you get paid the same either way. the night sure goes faster when it's crazy though...gross...i just sneezed all over my hoodie. i hate when that happens. i get sneeze fits. i'll go like 30 sneezes. clears the sinus's i guess. one day i was folding laundry and i blew snot all over my clean shirt i was folding. luckily i was in the wash room so back it went.
i spent the weekend at the dog park. saturday blossom decided to take a swim in the open water by the creek, sadly, she took her beloved frisbee in with her and it immediately got sucked under the ice. if i'm lucky i'll find it during spring melt, but it's more likely some other dog will luck out. dogs have absolutely no understanding of current. gravity is a twister for them as well. though i can say "gravity" to blossom and she will immediately look down a hill for her toys...so she may be of superior intellect or i've just trained her well. i have not been so fortunate with the current lesson, thus the frisbee is a goner. i am always very bummed at the loss of a toy. it's the cheap part of me. on sunday, i found that every man i've dated in anchorage was also opting to go to the dog park. i was quite the belle of the ball there.
valentines was actually fun. we'd opted for a ladies night out...anti-valentines celebration. actually, i really just wanted to attend a hockey game. i convinced them to include this in the night out. i love hockey. there were some good brawls. i think it was because they had our team in pink jerseys for valentines. put a guy in a pink jersey and surely a brawl will follow. our team, in pink jerseys, eventually won the game in a shoot out. w e headed to another friends for more wine, chocolate and a dip in the jacuzzi. i only had 3 hours sleep though so it was difficult getting moving sunday.
sandra met up with me sunday evening to attempt the skate skiing. she is much more proficient than i am...but my knee feels better so i thought i should try and get out there a bit and give it a go. i am very stiff on the skies and haven't gotten it yet...but i figure if i get out for even 30 minutes at a time i will learn a bit without getting too frustrated.
sunday i watched my netflix, which was "goodnight and good luck". i liked it but felt it was a bit flat. not sure if it was poor use of black and white or poor character development...or maybe i was just too tired to watch a movie filled with monotone whispers. i always enjoy watching the cloon-bug on the screen though. he is a hottie. i thought robert downing jr looked great in black and white and was a shining spot in the otherwise flat flick.
in between naps i've fininshed the book i was reading "the girls" by lori lansens. it was interesting, but not deeply moving. i do recall a conversation in the wee hours of the night in ketchikan with a friend of mine...those wee hours are referred to as "sex and secretion" hour as the conversations at the nurses stations tend to deteriorate at that hour. anyway. conjoined twins came up and the conversation got a bit twisted...i think i will just leave it at that. i would find being attached to anyone very bothersome i think. i guess you just deal with the life you are given, but i'm very happy that i am not physically attached to anyone. to not even be able to turn your head or take a piss without company. very annoying indeed!!! i have also watched several episodes of "bones" as i am currently watching season 3 i believe. great show. a friend borrowed season one.
the poor frogs tank is full of algea. the thing has lived forever and since it's such a muck maker nothing will survive with it. i've been saying every day that i will clean the tank today and again...no tank cleaning occurs. i did organize my taxes so i can do that and get started on the bathroom tile project. the tiles arrive today...well my cool, pricey accent tile arrived. i'll have to take a picture for the blog. too late now. i was trying to take a picture of the leak in the downstairs toilet. the joys of homeownership. always some leak or another. i also need to empty rooms out to de junk. i've lived here almost 5 years and crap accumulates. much is just waiting to be recycled appropriately. such a bother.
weather is nice...have been out picking up the dog poop in the yard and of course, more dog walks. met up with my friend maria today and gail yesterday. off to start a new book....

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