Thursday, April 30, 2009

dog pride...!! first a few pictures of ducks in the bog. the place is crazy with birds right now. i was in the bog today and the neighborhood. i had to try and put together the doors of the shower so i didn't want to spend the whole day out. yesterday i went with kelly to the rovers run trail. no bear sightings, no scat and no tracks. we did see a news crew and i ended up on the 10pm news in a little bit about the possibility of them closing the rovers run trail due to last years attacks. i saw myself on tv and it wasn't a pretty picture. i'm telling you my nose is getting bigger and bigger. there is no way to stop the genetic rush of growth. oh well.

on that same broadcast they showed a clip of an alaskan dog that was in colorado getting fit for prosthetic legs. the dog had gotten trapped in an illegal snare. the dog had chewed off two legs to escape. the guy on the clip was a guy named martin who owns that is the place i had found through to get rio's leg brace made. i introduced the local vets to this company and now this company is helping this unfortunate dog. i felt pretty happy that my actions to help rio have now helped other dogs. just kinda cool. i had to give rio big hugs for her role...she had no idea what i was up to, but that is a dog for you.

signs of spring...the tree's in the yard have some beginings of growth. just a cool process to watch. the shower has also been a fun process to watch. the pictures below are after the grout was put in. today the door gets hung, hopefully, and tomorrow i will be able to that means a saturday shower at home!!! hurray. then next week i need to work on fixing the dings in the tub and see about getting it glazed. i may be able to do that myself.
watched a good netflix the other night, "righteous kill" it had de niro and pacino so with couldn't be a bad flick. now i'm off to work so i better get off the computer. the days continue lovely and warm, the tires are changed over, the yard is getting raked....spring....

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