Thursday, July 30, 2009

kodiak to dutch...4

was able to get a boat with the name chignik on it. i'll post more pictures later...but this is a start. below is at the dock as we prepared to tie up. i thought it odd to transport a 4 wheeler by skiff. seemed a bit dangerous, but 4 wheelers are main mode of transportation in most of the small communities of alaska. well at least in the summer...that changes to snow machines in the winter.

as you approach chignik you see this rock formation. apparently it is often covered with clouds and we were encouraged to take pictures before we docked in case it i got way too many pictures of it. will post others later as we approached much closer on the way out. it is a cool formation called castle cape.
below is the bell on the tustemena. the boat was build the same year i was born. it apparently has gotten an overhaul and is not going to be replaced as was planned previously. perhaps i should get an overhaul as well. it's not so simple for humans though.

the first community we stopped at on the ferry route was chignik. the entire community seemed to make thier way to the dock for the ferries arrival. i believe there are less than 200 people living in chignik. we had heard that there could be fresh donuts purchased here. sure enough a woman awakens early the day the ferry comes and bakes like crazy. the donuts were wonderful as was the scones and banana bread i heard. the prices were also not high. there was another little gift shop there. chignik is still on the alaska peninsula.
the community does have dirt roads and a nice boardwalk between homes. the homes are a bit run down and i noted many to have metal braces to keep them tied to the ground against the strong winds they must endure in the region. more photo's later....


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