Saturday, July 11, 2009

yes...i strongly dislike dandilions, but....

they can be quite lovely. below are a few i took photo's of one a walk around the hood the other day. above is my cat sapogi. usually just called pogi. sapogi is russian for boots. as you can see he has rather large paws. he's actually polydactyl. i love those extra toed felines and i also love orange cats so my friend found him for me and brought him to alaska from california when she visited.

i'm still having some back issues. went to work thursday. it was very tough and i had a pretty decene assignment. a fairly stable sledd patient. (continuous dialysis). still by the morning my back was worsening. i hated to call in but i have the last 2 nights. better to try and let these injuries heal than overwork and make it all worse. i think it's improving overall. had a massage wed and will have another monday. that did seem to really help. today i went to the gym and hit the jacuzzi and then swam around the pool and back to jacuzzi. that felt great. i'm thinking i should really try and get more into the swimming. swimming and walking...better for joints.
finished reading another novel by anna mcpartlin. they just seem to be nice books to read. this one was "apart from the crowd". i watched my netflix movie which was called, "under the same moon". about an illegal immigrant who's son left behind in mexico decides to come find her in los angeles. i thought it was good. happy ending and all that. my mom wouldn't have liked it...she was pretty anti immigration when she was alive. well the illegals anyway. she was anti many things. seems many people get more adamant in thier viewpoints as they get older. i remember always thinking it odd. i mean she was so unhealthy, probably wouldn't live long and she was engrossed in the news and so angry. guess i just wondered what it mattered at that point. her life on earth was not long at that point, seems silly to worry about things that really won't matter. is that cold. i mean, once your dead all that politics and stuff....who cares? what else did she have at that point though. she was too ill to get out much. she just had the tv...and she had rudy. i spoke to him last week. i still call her widower every few months. he's a really good guy. they married late in life and he was very good to her. he married her despite all the medical issues she had. they laughed and laughed. i know he misses her still.
oh...i said strongly dislike too as my mother would always correct me if i said i hated anything....she obviously didn't approve of that word, hate and would make me change it to strongly dislike. she had some hate though, those last years. life has a way of catching up to you. i always felt badly for her because she had all these expectations when she was young and when they didn't happen she had a great deal of disappointment.
i think we make our own happiness. i was laughing with jeff, one of my brothers, the other day about this...when i was a teenager i remember i painted my bedroom. it was cheap and really a simple fix for the room. it was very enlightening for me. as we get older we see our parents as they are..fallible humans. i remember thinking that day...why has my mother never just bought a can of paint. instead she just complained about the state of the house. i think overall my parents did a fine job with all of us. thier intentions were good though thier techniques were often imperfect.
well...perhaps i'll take some meds and head to sleep. start novel three by this writer. have no idea still why i would have bought 3 books by an author i've never read. so unlike far it's ben fine. they aren't necessarily great novels but they are great reads. sometimes i love to just read a book and not have to ponder meanings and symbols and such. i always hated that in english classes....finding all the symbols...i found it hard to believe that the authors were intent on making each sentence have some other meaning.
tomorrow is another day. the pain is easing and the mobility is improving. it does make me have more compassion for those who must live with chronic pain. it must be very difficult. when each movement and all daily activities are impacted it really wears you down.


  1. I loved your pics of the dandilion puffs - Taska calls them "wish flowers" because Tami taught her to make a wish when she blows on them. You've taken a lot of really cool photos over the years! Good eye, Betsy.

  2. we used to wish on dandilions i'm all don't blow the seeds all over....aaackkk!!! hehe. how taska...? heard she broke her thumb. ouch!!