Friday, July 31, 2009

kodiak to dutch...5 chignik cont

isn't this little bird cute! can't recall it's name. a birder on the ferry figured it out. it's just a cute little bird to me. below is just outside the donut hole. the boardwalk ends about here. the houses are small, all tend to have satelite dishes and are in varying state of disrepair.
sandra enjoys her filled scone at the donut hole in chignik. the place was packed!

our ferry awaits us at the end of the dock in chignik. i'll post more tomorrow hopefully...we'll see what tomorrow brings. off to make dinner. oh the picture below is outside chignik...i thought the green part looked a bit like the space shuttle. do you?

one night down 2 nights to go. they just called to see if i can come in 2 hours early...not happening. 12 hours is enough. seems like forever since i've been a nurse so i'm still getting back in the swing. i was on peds. i was a neuro nurse last night. one recovering from meningitis, one post op from a brain surgery (she had a stroke last year) and another with long history of brain cancer with multiple long term repurcusions. it's a frightening thing...this kid thing. so much can happen. as i get older i don't regret the no kid thing. i'm sure there can be great joy, but there can also be so much heartache. losing a dog is hard enough.

anyway...back to chignik.
i think mostly in this community they live a subsistence life style. that means living off the land and whatever government/native corporation money comes thier way. when the state was set up the natives in alaska did much better than the natives of the lower 48 did. they set up corporations to deal with the lands/money and depending on the corporation some did very well, others less well. i think most have done pretty well. we had to get land use permits on unalaska to hike on the land...the same was true when we went to st george island. actually, many don't bother getting the permits in dutch/unalaska. i think it's just respectful to obey those requests. they usually ask for less than $20 for the permit.
most of these small communities are ruled by thier corporations. there is no police force. many have unarmed safety...dang can't think of what they call them. safety officers...that is it. they call for state troopers if something bad happens. this can take awhile in this villiages as weather can prevent police from getting in. overall, they just take care of themselves out there.
my neighbor just stopped over to tell me she saw a black bear on the street as she came home from work.

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