Tuesday, July 7, 2009

micheal jacksons memorial and other things...

so i'm not sure what is up with all the sunglasses indoors. are we so afraid to show emotion in our culture? i thought the memorial was well done. very sweet that his daughter stood up in that massive crowd to say a few words. i think it's easy to forget that for all his shortcomings, he was someones dad. that was the person who raised them, well with a nanny and full staff. i guess he was excited that his kids could enjoy this concert series and take part in all that. he was excentric. many have chosen now to focus on the shortcomings and not accept the gifts that he did give to the world. a song can lift the spirits of many who have little hope to live for. people were touched by him around the world. i'm not a fan of al sharpton, but i did like that he said to the kids...he wasn't a strange man, the way the world dealt with him was strange. i think it's easy to forget the simple fact that someones father/son/sibling died. i think the same thing happened when princess di passed. the media focused on her shortcomings at times...those with class do what a society with kindness does in these events. they remember the good in the person who passed. i do love that jessie jackson wasn't a part. i really have little respect for him. anyway...obviously many across the globe wanted to be a part of the memorial and it is nice that society was able to make that happen. also nice that many have spoken kindly of the LAPD. i think the recent laker win prompted those with extra cash flow to donate to offset the costs of the celebration. i'm sure that will happen in this case as well. hopefully, los angeles isn't totally held responsible for costs incurred.

sarah palin was again on the news. speaking from bristol bay. she really should just get on a boat and hide out for a bit til the news passes by. she just again sounded non-sensical. it's time to lay back and let the storm pass.

eventually pictures will show up on the top of my page. they are of a mama duck and her ducklings at the dog park and rio. kelly called today and we met up for a walk. i warned her that my back was in spasms and i may be a bit slow. it was nice to take a different trail though. it wasn't me that gave out though. rio had a hell of a time in the alaskan heat. it was again into the 80's. i know this sounds quite cool to most of you in the lower 48, but it feels amazingly hot up here. not sure why that is. kelly said her mom always laughed at her when it got "hot" in alaska until she came and visited from southern utah...she figured out it was a hotter feel for unknown reasons. rio began laying down on the trail. we had to stop often to let her rest. i had my dog water bottle and gave her several drinks. still she had to stop often...until...the creek got near and the blind dog just knew it was near. she started walking faster and faster. the pictures above show her just standing in the creek with the water passing by her. poor girl. i felt badly for her. after i dropped them at home i went to the grocery store and bought them frosty paws. strangely located in the regular ice cream section in the supermarket. they love em though and it seemed a good treat after such a rough 3 mile walk. haha. in the winter she can do 5 without issue. in the heat of alaska though i pushed the girl too hard.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved Alaska so much that I would like to go back. There is so much to discover. Beautiful. Yes we were lucky to get nice weather. No rain.

  2. Frosty paws--I'll have to look for that. It is certainly hot here in the 80's--due maybe to the humidity and we're a bit closer to mountaintops.

    It is sad that funerals are made in to sensational bits I think. Really this is the one time where I think it shows more class to leave a family be. Our culture...

  3. really felt badly for the daughter in the end as the media played her words over and over and over. sad really...