Sunday, July 19, 2009

pig at dog park and other tales...

it's not too often you see a pig at the dog park, but yesterday we saw this guy, "bacon" enjoying the sunshine. he's quite a cutie. he even did a few tricks. blossom was very curious about this creature. she seemed to sense it didn't quite fit in, but she liked him well enough and it was difficult to redirect her back to the walk as she kept going back to investigate the pig one more time. very cute!

so my friend sharon's dog turned 1 and she wanted a dog party/walk. i was on call the night before so i decided to take blossom to the dog park before the big walk as i was running errands in prep for trip. first i heard a splash as we walked by, then this beaver kept swimming along where we were walking. blossom went in and the beaver started making his way over. so i called her out. finally the beaver came out of the water and ate whatever it is beavers i got a good look at him. the beavers are known to take on dogs at the dog park and i was happy i avoided any extra trips to the vet this week. he is kinda cute though.

as i left the dog park i had to stop for this mother duck and her ducklings who were crossing over to the lake. i always find it funny watching them casually move about the city. ducklings are adorable. i did see one yesterday all alone though...poor thing.

so we just met up at the camp bell airstrip trail and took a nice walk there. rio had to be left at home. she is eating a bit better...not outstanding, but at least she is more enthusiastic. she's not happy about being left behind and i always feel badly leaving her, but i knew when i adopted her she wasn't going to be walking with me for years...i'm happy that she has been able to have a good life here and if that is more sedentary now, it will be okay. she is still limping, but seems less painful. the brat is good at sniffing out the pills though and avoids them when she can. the walk was fun. the dogs had a blast. after the walk we brought the dogs to my place where the humans bbq'd and the dogs played in the puddle pool and wrestled.

can't say i've had many dog parties, and of course, they could care less, but it was a fun day. dogs just love to romp and all were exhausted! above is out on the trail, michelle, linda and sharon....and dogs teva and blossom. below is the birthday dog, cooper, enjoying his frosty paws snack!

just waiting for the pig pics to load and then i'm off for a walk with blossom, followed by some laps if i get my act together and one last errand. then i really need to get down to packing and cleaning the house a bit so all is ready. this is always the part i dread. the preparation. once that is done and i'm on a's all out of my control and i can just relax. the dogs will just have to be as there is nothing i can do. i do hate leaving them though. i know it's good for me to take a break from the pups and have fun . may be good for rio too as she may rest better without me to follow around. i just hope she eats.
work was a bit easier last night. the back is slowly improving. the pain is easing. i can even sit in the car at times without that horrid pain. off to the park...

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  1. Pretty brave taking a pig to a dog park! I saw a baby goat on a leash at Pride, but Kaamos didn't even notice it wasn't a dog.