Wednesday, July 8, 2009

summer heat continues....

i think we are up there in record numbers. it felt very hot to me. the signs i saw posted were in the mid 80's. there are lots of forest fires as well so there is a haze in anchorage and i think that may keep the heat in the city more...the haze. so since we're chilling back here at the house today for the most part i thought i'd take a few garden flower shots. i was inspired by a few blogs i neice, shannon being one of those. are my daisies that are blooming nicely in the front yard.
and another himalayan poppy blooms. they are so pretty. who couldn't love a blue flower!!

did take the dogs for a walk this afternoon...figured since rio had such difficulty yesterday i'd just go up the road to a little creek. rio was slow and lay down after the creek on teh way home. blossom dealt with it by spending some time in her puddle pool.

i also got to enjoy a nice hour long massage. i can't say it wasn't completely relaxing. my muscles were so tense that it's a bit painful having them worked out. so relaxation and pain. apparently, my arse is completely tight and not in the i've worked out for months good way. it's as large as it was last week, just the muscles that are hidden by the layers of fat and cellulite are totally cramped. this is probably causing a great deal of tork on my lower/mid back muscles....thus my distress all week.
my flexibility is improving greatly and the pain is diminishing. the massage definitely has helped. of's hard to relax when someone is massaging your arse. if you relax too much a little toot could sneak out. hehe. things you think about when getting a massage.
have really been enjoying lettermans monologue of late. his palin jokes are hysterical. i'm ready to head to bed and read more. watched a net flix last night..."i've loved you forever"...i think that was the title. okay, but not a must see by any means. i'd figured it out too early.
i even made it to the dog park meeting. really nothing said of note. why is it that anytime you get more than a few people together it just becomes a bitch session for the 3 people who showed up for the purpose of telling thier sad tale. did pick up the official pamphlet showing where all the anchorage dog parks are. we have 5 official dog parks in anchorage. i mostly use the university lake one and in the winter i use the gasline one. in the summers there seems to be too much grizzley activity there. usually a moose kill situation that can get ugly fast.
there was a very funny video in the local news. apparently, a group of researchers got together in thier remote location in the brooks range to dance to thriller complete with mosquito jackets. the mosquito's were all over the camera. so alaskan. i wonder if it's posted anywhere else.
well....that is as exciting as life gets here. too hot to do much here in alaska. back to work back is easing just in time to stress it out.


  1. That first daisy photo is awesome! They really are such happy flowers. I can never get over how cute Rio's face is either. Love those droopy lips. I've thought about getting Turk a pool but I doubt he'd ever get near it since he's terrified of water. Besides, if he's outside for more than 8 minutes he's standing by the door begging to be let back in.

  2. blossom loves her pool...but she's a water freak too. you inspired the daisy pics...thanks!! my lillies are about to pop too.
    that video is on you tube if interested. "arctic thriller". i loved it.

  3. After a few experiences sans dog at those dog parks, I think they're getting a bit out of control. Dog park does not equal dogs doing whatever they feel like doing and people tend to be pretty rude about it these days. Ryan got bitten by a dog on our first trip through and I almost got knocked over on our second trip - and neither dog owner apologized; actually both of them were pretty snotty about it. The good thing about the dog parks is that it gives the total fools a place to go - but the fact is that the multi use trails still go through there. Sigh. Why aren't people more reasonable...