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iditarod 2011, the end of the trail....

may put some randoms in but i think i've covered the pictures i took pretty well. i'm listening to some old heart. gotta love it. someone sang heart on american idol so it got me wanting heart. the final musher to leave willow was justin savidis of willow. he had to scratch last year, his rookie year as his dog, whitey, bolted and wasn't relocated for 4 days. luckily, he was found and i think ran again this year. at present he's in 37th place.
the top ten i had predicted last night, didn't come out as predicted. those last spots were actually a battle that i hadn't expected. ken anderson made a come from the back run to get to the 9th spot. sounds like he snuck up on deedee with his head lamp out and flipped it on when he was right on her, apparently giving her a bit of a shock. he ended up catching up to jessie royer at the edge of town and they ran nose and nose into nome. quite exciting finish.
deedee ended up in the 12th spot, right after ally zirkle. those two were very close together as well.
above is gerald sousa of talkeetna. he runs sundog kennels. i only mention that as it seems like i've seen those trucks around town on several occasions. saw a license plate with that as well. was wishing i'd gotten that as my plate name. tons of personalized plates in alaska. he's down in 40th place so not near done quite yet.
at least 23 mushers are into nome at this point. buser came in 18th, after mackey who was 16th. he said people keep asking him if he was disappointed. a fifth win is not a common occurance and he now has a young team, who has just gained alot of experience. i think his run wasn't what he expected, but just finishing the iditarod is a huge feat. i think i heard that it may be getting to a total count of 2000 people who have done it. when compared to the many who have climbed denali or k2, it's a very small number. sometimes reporters just ask stupid questions.
sven came in 14th so a good run for him. rick swenson is also back. said the collarbone really hurt the worst the first few days after it broke, also said he could feel in moving around in there. that is one tough guy. i'm sure he's happy for a soft bed and perhaps a narcotic tonight.
above is another willow musher. matt hayashida. these are jeff kings dogs he's running with. his best finish in 7 runs is 21st. now it's still his best finish in 8 runs. he came in 22 this year.
#60 is matt giblin of juneau. another place where there isn't room for training i'd guess, or enough snow for that matter. he's running some of the seavey dogs. he's in the 41 slot now.
#59 is cim smyth. he is ramey smyths brother. his brother came in 2nd. cim has run several times, in earlier years he came into nome in 5th. he's into nome in 21st place.
so john bakers time, a record time, was 8 days, 19 hours, 46 minutes and 39 seconds. that beat busers record by 3 hours. he appeased himself over the loss of his record by stating that the record lasted the longest at 10 years. a big smile of course. felt bad when i read my post yesterday as i had written that baker was an inupiat instead of inupiaq. it's all in the details. i think it's been 30 years since a native alaskan has won the iditarod and he's the first from that part of alaska to win. there is hope in the villages that this will encourage more natives to try thier hand at dog mushing. of course, i was thinking with the price of gas going up and up it may be wise to turn to the dogs again anyway. the price of gas in those villages can be $5-7 a gallon easily.
the iditarod insider voice reckoned this race was like the story of the tortoise and the hare. baker did long runs with his dogs and then got long rests. his competition in the end, smyth, did short rests and fast bursts. baker quietly wondered how long he could keep it up. smyth has a history of the fastest runs from safety to nome, but this time, it wasn't fast enough.
in this race, just to finish is to win though so getting those top ten spots is icing on the cake.
i think this series of dog pictures, which i really liked, were of jessie royers team. she is out of fairbanks. she raced ken anderson up front street and came out in that sweet 10th spot. she has now never finished below 21st in 10 starts...that is pretty impressive. she could be one to watch...for my we need another female to win again.
jsut love to watch these dogs in action. just a beautiful thing. mackey was funny to as he came in. he decided on this run he was out of shape. usually his dogs have been so strong he didn't have to work too hard, this year, that just wasn't the case. he had to do alot of running off the runners. he really is a fun character.

japan is still a mess, but so far the nuclear plants haven't sent radiation our way. people have been purchasing iodine. i haven't. brave or stupid, who knows. so far, all is least that is what they keep telling us. feel horrible for all the people over there. there, but for the grace of god go i. we can find ourselves in a similar situation here with a huge quake. no nuclear reactors so that is a relief. those tsunami's are the worst though. in this world of internet and video you see the devastation and it does cause you pause. just impossible to fathom. i'm sure i still only get a glimpse of the hell they suffer. reports of a 25 foot wall of water, running at the speed of a jet and traveling some 6 miles inland. tried to picture what 6 miles would amount to here. my home is pretty far inland.
there is jessie royer coming off the road and onto long lake.
#57 is james bardoner of tennessee. he scratched. i think many from other states just have no idea what they are getting themselves into. most people who visit alaska, have a difficult time comprehending the size of this place. my one brother asked if a car just comes out and picks them up if they scratch. there are no roads out there. once you leave willow, you leave any connection with a highway system. i think you don't actually get to a real community for some 300 miles.
start back to work tomorrow night. back to the adult icu for more computer experience. part of me thinks this is some sort of trial and that the charts will be back soon. don't think it will happen this time. overall paper is easier. that first run through the assessment is challenging. once it's in it's not too bad. practice, practice. hopefully, i'll get it.
did shame myself into a swim again. only you can motivate yourself. it was crowded when i got there. did get my 30 laps in and eventually got my own lane for the last 20 lengths. at one point i shared the lane with 3 others. does make you increase your speed.

the paper said one of our orthopedic doctors crashed at the local ske resort, alyeska. doesn't sound too good according to the paper. the moose injured 6 year old was also mentioned in the paper. working in the icu's you often read about your patients before you see them. it is strange. i read the obituaries now. i never did that before i was a nurse. now, i know those people, those people who have died.
watched, "the sixth sense" last night. hadn't seen it for some years so it was kinda new all over again. good movie. freaky. tonight i have my net flix movie which arrived oldie, "harold and maude". i know i liked it years ago. it's probably been a few decades since i've seen that one though so doubt i'll remember much of it. suicide attempts and a volkswagon bug come to mind. we'll see.
one of those magazine salesman came to the door today. at least i think that is what it was. i didn't answer. i love my peep hole. had it put in a few years ago. i'm sure he knew i'd looked at him and opted to not answer. they can really be pushy and one really freaked me out once. i encouraged the dogs to do thier best "get away from here" barks.
#55 is kelly maixner of big lake...another mushing community. he's from north dakota originally. works as a pediatric dentist up here. there are people from all walks of life on the trail. one of our pulm docs ran years ago, beth baker. she had to drop out as she was assisting a fellow musher. something about carbon monoxide poisoning in a tent. i may be off on that. i did look it up once as i had originally heard it was some sort of burn. who knows...but as a medical person she scratched in order to assist the other musher.
he's in 31st place. not bad from a rookie with a young team. he likes green to so i'm a fan already. hehe.
green coat, green gloves...gotta love it. not sure why no green booties. he'll have to work on that for next year.
just his rookie year though so he may be on a tight budget.

didn't feel like cooking so i ordered chinese from panda. basic stuff. doesn't keep you full for too long, but sure tastes good. figured now i'll have a few meals for the next few days.
i haven't made the switch over time wise. still staying up too late and sleeping it too late. the dogs are on the old time as well. i think getting back to work will force us on the new schedule. it's just when i'm off work i have little sense of time.

#54 is peter kaiser of bethel, another off the road entry. he came in 8th place. looked good.
keep going to the iditarod site and watching the clips of people coming in. the crowd gets smaller and smaller. of course, it's getting late so probably after a certain time it's going to be race officials and family.
i've just about run out of things to say. #52 here is sonny lindner who is already into nome in the 15th place.

te dogs don't need introductions. they are the ones that do the leg work to nome. bakers team was still chomping to go at white mountain and safety. not a good thing for the competition to see. sorta psychs them out.

there is another great spit moment.

so rather than talk, look at these dogs...

thanks to all who stopped by. have had lots of views this week. fun for me and i hope fun for all who stopped by. back to my regular pictures of this amazing place i live next week. happy trails...and again. praying for a safe journey to nome and home for all those still out there on the trails.

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