Saturday, March 26, 2011

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these first two pictures were experimentation with the macro lens out on portage lake. not the best, but still a learning curve. just lots of cool stuff going on in the frozen ice out there. some guy came along who had been diverted from his flight to japan when the big quake hit there so he was making the most of it and out touring. he started talking to me as i was squatted down on the ice fumbling with the camera. of course to some of my friends this was a golden opportunity for me that i once again blew. a man was talking to me. i figure that just means nothing but chit chat, which i'm fine with. some friends seem to see any male attention as some possible divine intervention. i don't think i'm off the market but i did liken dating to going to a clothing store and trying on all size one pants when you actually wear a 6 or 8. it's a form of personal torture.
so at this stage of life i'm not opposed to being involved in a relationship, i just realize the chances of some grand match made in heaven are fairly limited. like the idea of a slope worker who is gone half the month so i can just do my own thing at times. besides, i'm not the girl who gets the attention. i'm more of an acquired taste. a person needs to spend time with me and i think i'm worth the wait and patience, but sadly we live more and more in an impatient world. it's rare someone hangs out long enough to actually get to know anyone.
also took this one with the macro tonight. it was the handiest camera. miss breezy chatterbug, as she is now to be known as has spent some snuggle time with miss rio catalina. i tend to call them miss or ms so i figured i may as well incorporate it all into her name. i'll mostly call her breezy or bug no doubt, but really, cats aren't into names that much anyway. it is quite cute to see a 120 pound dog snuggled up with a kitten. guess i'll get her weight next week. will feel horrible taking her into the pound for her spay on monday. eek. got a tag for her today.
this pair of eagles were hanging out on rovers run trail. i see a nest there and usually see just one of the pair when i see a baldie out there. cool to see them both the other day.
the wildlife never bores me and i always want to get the camera out and try a few pictures. no matter how many photos one has of bald eagles or moose or what have you. you never know when you will get an even cooler shot. you gotta try.
we had a dusting of snow today. mostly it's spring out there....well really "break up", the season between winter and spring. the trails will soon be difficult and i'll have to meander around finding decent places to walk with the dogs or just stroll the neighborhoods til the ice and snow melt back.
also saw some eagle activity this week when i was walking on some trails out of n. bivouac trailhead. they were just flying around.
worked a few nights and now i'm off for the next several. work wasn't bad. the kid i've cared for off and on these past several weeks is improving. it's always great when you can watch someone recover. felt very happy for him and his family.
these next pictures are again of turnigan arm and out portage way.
followed one of our disorganized nurses. i'm always baffled by such disorganization. i don't think i'm that exceptional as far as organization goes, but then i watch some of these people and i'm just baffled. computer charting really can streamline the bothersome documentation end of things. the truth though is, if you are disorganized in your work flow, no computer can fix it. this girl hadn't documented anything in her in's and out's flowsheet all day. then she'd acknowledged orders for just some labs, but never collected them.
i find silence or minimal words can convey a message more powerfully than words. those labs were ordered for 11 am and when i get there it's 7pm. now if someone had gotten the order at 5pm and hadn't gotten to it, well i'd just do it, but i don't feel i should do work for stuff that should have been completed hours before. i jsut kept quiet and she went and did it. the whole time she kept saying someone else had acknowledged those orders and she knew nothing of them...she repeated this again in the morning saying someone used her log into acknowledge those orders. really she's simply disorganized. i just ignored her and kept attempting to give report.
bottom line is she talks too much. she does't stop talking. try to give her report and she's talking the whole time you are. now i just talk through it and leave. she also copy and pasted my assessment across for her whole day. i did let her know that this was fine, but she still needed to check each line as i had put little notes in there, which were fine at 8am but not at all true after 10 am. it's her charting though so not my problem. people have always done such things. you'll find pulses documented on feet that have been amputated. or pupillary response to eyes that have no pupilary response. oh long as the patients get taken care of i guess.
in '64 there was a large quake with tsunami and this house and car are leftover from a little town that was on the waters edge along turnigan arm. at least that was my understanding.
have always driven past and wanted to stop and get a picture and this day i finally did.
back to some portage lake pictures.
this section of ice above was the part i was trying to get close in on with the macro lens.
that is the portage glacier in teh background there.
overall, the computer thing is settling a bit at work. there are less major issues. the big computer folks will be leaving in a week or so.
the peds units are still pretty dang busy and the adult unit is now getting super busy. heard a code called down there each of the two nights i worked upstairs. figured i'd be working tonight as they have lots of 1:1's. they had several sledd (slow continuous dialysis) machines and i need to get myself up and running on that. took a little class back in january, but they've really just rolled out with them in the past week or so. think they are pretty easy to run, but would still be nice to take a few and get comfortable on them.
both quilts arrived for my neices and both send nice little thank you notes! another neice recieved a package and she gave me a call. felt badly as i couldn't talk long as i was headed to work. may have to call her back. we always enjoy our chats. my brother also recieved the packages i sent down there.
this picture was of that fairly large ice flow on the powerline trail out n. bivouac. lena ran into it the other day. this is were i slipped this winter and broke 2 cameras. i skirted my way around it...not wanting to take a fall again.
life with the new kitten seems to be progressing. pogi is hissing less and seems much more interested in trying to befriend the bug. he even gave her a few licks of grooming. she didn't seem to react one way or the other. we'll have to see if they become buddies. i really hope they do. he does seem more like himself again. i'll put the little cage back in the shed as she hasn't ever used it except that first few hours and doesn't show any interest in it.
the dogs are chill about her. blossom has to be watched as she wants to play and doesn't seem to get that she is larger than the kitten and could do harm. the kitten is pretty agile and has thus far shown great skill in escaping becoming a chew toy for blossom. (much to blossoms dismay)
sign of breakup. loved the snow ball perched on the stump.
as you can see miss breezy is very chill in her surroundings.
went walking with a few friends from work today. blossom seemed quite frisky and she and rio had to have a moment of romping before we could relax into walk mode. rio occasionally will indulge in blossoms wrestle sessions. it's quite funny when she does. liked how crazy blossom looked in this picture.
mine were the only non-alaskan malamute dogs on the walk. i think ekko, amy's malamute, is still maybe 7 months. sharon is holding her black and white malamute who is over 2 years now. lena's malamute is just 12-13 weeks. manny.
loved this picture of manny. tough getting photo's of puppies and kittens...they are either on the move or fast asleep.
took a few pictures of the malamutes and thier peoples. this one came out best of the peoples...others came out best for the dogs. everyone had fun out there though. another lovely springish day. amy, sharon and i headed to a late lunch after the walk. that was perfect as i'd worked last night, slept and then met them for a walk. i was hungry...

i had a few of these, but must have accidently deleted one. just thought they were so cute of rio and the kitten snuggled together.

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