Monday, March 28, 2011

monday walks are winding down...

always an enjoyable day...monday walk day!! we had a great time out there. nash is getting cuter and cuter..ignore the snotty nose. i knew if i cleaned it up he wouldn't have had that cute smile. tanya told us a story of a friend who was visiting europe and was at a cafe. a kindly looking older woman approached and asked if she was visiting from the states. when she said yes, the woman replied you can always tell the american kids as they always have food and snot caked to thier faces. i'm, of course, altering the words having not been there. not sure where that came from. who knew. of course, nash is part canadian. my nose always runs when it's a bit cooler out. has seemed warm to everyone here. we've been in the 30's and with the longer days that means meltage.
manny does his best puppy submission thing for blossom and turns around and nibbles rio's ears a minute later. submission is over rated! the dogs all had a good time out there. still snow. will need cleats by next week and the trail will be a mess soon enough. monday walks are numbered. we only do the walks through the winter. always sad to see them go, but they have been returning each year and we are all happy about that. the road to the trail was pure sheet of ice a few weeks ago, now it's melted and full of potholes.
my weekend improved after my down day saturday. it's my glimpse into the world of depression i suppose. can't imagine having to deal with that every day. it could really be tough. it's almost like there is a voice in your head streaming negative to you all day. nobody loves you, you are worthless, you have no friends. then, for me, it's over in a flash. for others i know those negative thoughts never relent. it's easy to see how that could become unbearable for someone.

hit the dog park on sunday. always a fun place. the dogs love it, i love it! then off to spend some money, that can make you smile. it was dividend time at rei, plus i had a $50 gift card and it's the 20% off sale. bought over $200.00 worth of stuff for like $80 bucks. got a new paddling jacket that was on sale and also figured i'd buy the computer topo map thing for alaska.

then i went to make the big purchase. i'm now the owner of an iphone4. i've caught up with the rest of the world, okay, maybe not the world, but a few friends and co-workers. had to switch to at&t to do it. i know i'll lose some alaskan coverage. must say that gci has been very good at the coverage in remote locations. should be a good change though. have alot to learn, but luckily i know lots of iphone owners so i have several resources.

feeling quite guilty this evening. when you adopt from the shelter you are required to bring the kitten back for it's spay. she was just getting all settled in here and tonight she's back at the shelter. no way to explain to a cat why you've just dropped her off at the place she was no doubt happy to leave. she was not happy to get in her carrier. that just made it worse. seems strange already at home with her gone. pogi is back to being needy. he's been really warming up to miss breezy chatterbug, though miss breezy has been giving him gentle reminders that his hissing of the first few days will mean he won't be forgivin immediately. hoping they eventually work it all out.

the shelter staff assured me she would be well cared for there. she's really going to be ticked when i have to put her in the carrier on wednesday and take her for her wellness check at the vets office. poor cat. things should settle in after that.
saw a few movies this weekend. went and saw the latest matthew mccougnhy flick, "lincoln lawyer". it wasn't bad, but maybe it was my mood that night, it didn't seem that well acted to me. sometimes actors just have so much magazine time that it becomes hard to seperate the person from the role they are trying to play. some of these hot looking actors are really just mediocre actors. they play the same charming character over and over and we just swoon. the two friends i joined both really liked the movie. oh well. again, not bad, just not acted as well as someone else may have done it. the interactions with tomei were also a bit pushed. again, my friends liked it so it's possible it was my state of mind that night. came home and watched my net flix movie, "one true thing". that one had hurt and streep in it. both are very good actors. this movie i actually really liked. the parents you see growing up often turn out to be very different when viewed as an adult. this movie shows how your relationships evolve as you get to know your parents as an adult. when the facts that were blurrred to you when you were young become more clear. the daughter always worshipped her father and felt her mother was simple. him the intellect. when she returns to care for her mother at her fathers request as she is dying, she see's the man that was her mothers husband.

in the end, often those things you discover aren't new discoveries at all. marriages and relationships in general are not always what they seem on the exterior. people accept things they never think they will and compromise on things they never thought they would. in the end, you have to make peace with the truth as it is. harboring hateful feelings is never beneficial to anyone. that negative energy consumes some people.

on that note, there is a water aerobics instructor at the gym. several months back we had a brief exchange in the locker room. we were all in the family locker room during the remodel. can't recall the whole conversation but it was over the plastic bags that we put our wet suits in to take home. they were only available outside the family one, i guess for fear some kid would put one over thier heads and suffocate. i said something about there being stupid people in the world and even adults can do something like put a bag over thier heads and suffocate. again, i barely remember what was said at all. so that isn't really what i said. i did say the word stupid though and it was a general statement of humankind. this water aerobics instructor got all chill and prim and says, "i don't think we need to use that language" like i'd just dropped the "f"bomb or something. saw her in the locker room today and she was all looking at me like i was evil...could she still be upset that i used the word stupid? personally, i think in the big picture me saying stupid a few times is far better than her holding some lifelong grudge against me and judging me based on one word. words are just words. anything directed at another individual with mallice is not kind. it's not the word really, in my mind, it's the intent.
the picture above is pogi. got this bed for miss breezy, but he managed to squeeze himself in there. the kitten cage will go back in the shed tomorrow. it was useful for a few hours anyway.

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