Tuesday, March 1, 2011

R.I.P. frank woodruff buckles.....

got to chat with my friend michelle tonight. we like to yak about the oscar night. she didn't see it all as it comes on too late back east. gwetheth paltrow sang one of the songs that was up for an award, and didn't win. she doesn't have a very great voice. like me, she can sing well enough to sing around a campfire or with friends, carols at christmas, a cafe maybe. most of us, if we can carry a basic tune, could be taken into a studio and made to sound better than we are. however, put a mediocre singer at a mike on a big stage and thier mediocrity will be exposed for all to see. add that to the fact that right after she finished singing celine dion came out to sing while they showed pictures of those academy members who had passed away. celine can sing. she can sing the hell out of anything, it just made paltrow look even more mediocre. i thought, wow...who did she piss off.
was a bit slow getting myself motivated as usual this morning. eventually i get up and moving. the day was so beautiful that i just kept walking. we did rovers run and then took a side trail out to the homestead trail and back via the view trail. the side trail has the best views. there is a fork and i'll have to wander the other trail i haven't taken one of these days and see where it leads. didn't take many pictures, thought about tossing in a few oldies, but these will suffice.
not sure if you can really see what's in the tree or not. i tossed the tennis ball and it got stuck up in the tree. then i stupidly thought i could hit it out with the lightweight chuck it stick. that, of course, got stuck up there as well. i tried to find a good stick to get them both down with but the snow off the trails goes to your crotch. that idea was soon abandoned. finally, i took the retractable leash and attached myself to it so i wouldn't lose that to the same tree. my aim is not impressive and so this whole process took me some time. eventually, the chuck it, the ball and the leash were all back in my possession.
the girls are a bit sleepy tonight so i hit the pool. it was peak time so i only did 20 laps. it felt great though. for some reason the new locker room was closed again. the showers in the family locker room bite so i tried wearing my little swim cap to avoid getting my hair wet. apparently those aren't very effective. felt kinda hot swimming with it on as well. not that comfortable at all. got home in time to watch the american idol mens. seems to actually be several that have talent, will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. think i'll be missing it for the next few weeks. work, work, work. altered my schedule a bit to accomadate the iditarod this weekend. hopefully, my boss knows i actually requested the change and all is set for tomorrow. it will be my first day with the computer system. am getting a bit anxious. we have also started using the new dialysis machine so i could have a very stressful night.
yesterdays monday walk was the usual crowd, me, andrea and tanya. we had a good time as always.
watched some footage of the 2009 iditarod. always amazing to me. i romanticize of doing the iditarod myself. i'm sure many do. the reality is it looks like alot of hard work, training and bitter cold temperatures. i'd love to be out there in the wilderness with the dogs, but know i'll just have to live vicariously through those who do the actual race. as i was getting my dogs into the car there were a few vehicles at the trailhead getting ready to run some sleds on the mushing trails. they had to have had over 20 dogs between the cars and the dogs were barking and barking and barking. managing that many animals is too overwhelming for me to think about. i was getting a bit nuts just listening to them in the few minutes i was there. taking care of my two dogs takes up enough of my time, energy and money, i can't imagine....
these pictures here are from the other days hike up prospect heights. not sure why this one branch was so differently coloured than the rest.
the last remaining veteran from WWI has passed away. he lied and enlisted at the age of 16 in 1917. just a bit of history. the wars will never stop, they have changed dramatically over the years. i have thus far been very blessed to have been kept distant from the impacts of war. i'm aware of the sacrifices others have made in history and will continue to make. amazing that someone would lie to go to war, but it was a different time. he was born in 1901. the world of today resembles little the world from his childhood.
other bits of news worth mentioning. another family's sailboat was hijacked. others were recently killed after they were hijacked. doesn't bode well for this family. why do people continue to sail in these area's? in other news a london ice cream shop was selling human breast milk ice cream. really? how does our species survive? i've long decided that very few intelligent people are required to keep the world going. the middle east is a mess. gadhafi can't stay for long, but where would he go? can't imagine anyone taking him in.
need to clean out the kitchen. not sure how meaningful expiration dates are on most things. previously, very few things were deamed expirable(not really a word i'm sure) now, everything is given a date of expiration. even soda pop, which i doubt really expires. decisions must be made. i have a small kitchen so i suppose i'll have to do the wasteful thing. hate to donate supposed expired foods to charity, though i suspect all the stuff that says expired could be eaten for another 5 years. one wonders how they determined the expiration date on mac n cheese? tonight i ate taco's, which rarely go to waste at my house. there aren't many things i will totally scarf down, but taco's is one of em.
watched "before coco was chanel" last night starring audrey tautou. love her movies, she's also starred in "amelie" and "he loves me, he loves me not". i quite liked both of those as well. was interesting to get some history on one of the great fashion designers. not that i'm all into fashion, but i think no matter what you think, they have a huge impact on culture. chanel definitely did. she did away with the corset and all those huge hats and crazy dresses women wore back in the day. she was an independant woman when all women were dependants of someone, be it thier spouse or thier lovers. ultimately, she seemed to have chosen correctly. men in the day certainly seemed to treat thier lovers better than thier wives.
well, i should head to bed and a little light reading. took this flag picture at fur rondy while i waited for the snowball fights to begin. seems fitting to end with this picture and a personal moment of silence in memory of all who were lost in WWI, all who fought and all the lives impacted for decades to come. thanks to frank woodruff buckles for your service, may you rest in peace with all your comrades.....

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  1. I want to see that Chanel movie. I saw the other one that came out around the same time with Shirley Maclaine. I was also so impressed and enthralled with her for her independence and modern attitude. She was smart and forward thinking and didn't let anyone tell her what to do. After I watched it, I thought to myself, that's the best female role model I've seen in film in a LONG time. Very inspiring.