Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pets, pets and more pets....

shortish hike today as i had the vet appointment. we just did a loop at n. bivouac. the parking lot is a sloshy mess and i about got stuck in there so i turned around and went to another little parking area. this all seemed to take away from walk time. we did run into jill and her doodles so the dogs had a good time. blossom's weigh in was not good. she has put on 10 pounds since last year. may explain her joints being a bit more sore these last few months. the vet wants her to lose weight. her evening meal was measured out, poor pup. plan is to get those 10 pounds back off her. they do gain a smidgey each winter, but that was my excuse for her last's my excuse every winter. seems that winter weight used to drop off of me more rapidly in previous years and now i guess both blossom and i have slowed in our metabolism. boo hoo!! pogi is still hissing a bit with his new catmate, but i'm still hopeful in time they will become chums. as you can see miss breezy and ms catalina are tight already. the kitten is asleep on my back...i was leaning forward to work on the computer and now she's in that nook. when i move she'll drop like 8 inches. maddie came to visit but with the doorbell and dogs barking she took refuge under the bed and wasn't into introductions.
not many pictures this week. mostly a cat/animal week. errands and whatnot. still lots to be done. the list grows longer and longer. i did chill in bed and finish that annoying book, "house rules" by jodi picoult. she can tell a story well, but she frequently lacks attention to details and her endings are thrown together. this ending was the same. in the end her other son without aspergers had wandered into the same house where the asperger kids teacher was staying. he had a habit of entering homes and stealing stuff. he had startled her as she exited the shower and she then slipped and bashed her head. his brother showed up for his apointment and deduced that his brother must have killed her and covered up the crime. everyone was so relieved that she just died of an accidental fall. i mean, really, she wouldnt' have accidently fallen if there hadn't been some stranger in the bathroom. both boys would be locked up, one for breaking and entering, leaving the scene, probably manslaughter or reckless endangerment. the other kid for not calling it in and for altering the crime scene, moving the get the point. the mom would have lost her house when the parents of the girl sued her for wrongful death. happy that book is over, hopefully, i can find a better book to keep me from my to do list.

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