Tuesday, May 10, 2011

great day on turnigan arm with friends...

finally reheated. probably not too smart to go for a 9pm bikeride after swimming with wet hair. finally got in the tub in an attempt to reheat. usually that only happens in the winter. i never knew what "chilled to the bone" was before i moved here. it's real and it can take some doing to get unchilled. i like the steam room at the gym for that.

i accomplished very little today but had a great time. above is blossom on the windy to rainbow trail out at turnigan arm. those trails dry up first and the plants come back to life the quickest for the area so always a great spring walk. at some point on the trail i felt my back tweaking. occupational hazard from working in hospitals i think...occasionally for no reason my back tweaks up a bit. it's quite painful. i find unless you have some sort of numbness or neurologic deficit it's best to work through the pain.

may have overdone it, we'll see in the morning if my back eases up or completely tweaks. i figured i'd do a swim. it wasn't too bad though i felt the twinges of pain multiple times and ended up only doing 20 laps (40 lengths). then i've been really wanting to get on my new bike so i tossed it in the car and did a short 3-5 mile ride after my swim. as you can see it was pretty out there. back felt not too badly on the ride for the most part. getting the bike in/out of the car was painful, but like i said, i try to work through it. liked my shadow picture above. then just took a few trail shots to mark the event of my first bike ride on the new bike!

it's harder to take pictures from a bike than from a kayak. was worried the camera would slip from my hand and take a hard hit on concrete. all is well though, neither i nor the camera suffered any great tradgedy.

anchorage has the best trail system of any city i've known. especially our size. it's so easy to get out there enjoying the sunshine. my thanks to those who came before and saw the value of trails. so often people don't want to spend money on these things, but recreation is a great assest that makes our lives fuller and richer, if we utilize them.

the monday walks are official over for the year, but are now replaced with a roving monday walk. not necessarily every week and the times and trails will change. i just post on facebook, make a few calls and see who shows up. windy to rainbow is a great trail. not very long really but has it's challenges. mostly it's the wind that seems to always be at play. i told everyone if your car starts rocking when you hit the arm and the white caps look brutal we'll jsut do potter to mchugh. we got lucky. it's always a bit windy though, you may be able to see blossom's coat in the breeze.

when i drove back home in the afternoon i drove into a heavy rainstorm in anchorage. after a short nap/stretch/back ease attempt it had cleared quite a bit.

above is boddhi, a few sticks were destroyed to entertain the pups.

the views were majestic out there. windy to rainbow has many peekaboo views of turnigan arm. there are a few steep spots, which i always love. (being the fan of heights that i am, haha) they really aren't that bad though and windy point is home to several mountain goats so you always get a few sightings out there as well.

too far away to get pictures of though for me and my 300 zoom.

love to incorporate the branches into the turnigan views. thought a few came out kinda cool. a new perspective on the same old turnigan arm. :-)

many photo ops meant that this shortish trail took a few hours. such a beautiful day though i don't think anyone minded making many stops to enjoy the views. that is me above, blossom was originally in a picture, but she had moved on. dogs aren't known for being overly cooperative with pictures.

love the mosses that grow on the rocks. in the light this stuff was a beautiful tone of green. that being my favorite colour, i took notice.

blog is taking longer as i have to keep getting up to walk around or reposition. i think the back feels slightly better than it did earlier. i mostly used my little camera today. had my big camera out, but i do get lazy at times. just easier to take snap shots. i should have just changed the lens to the 50mm. so many dogs around it can be tough. they had a great time though.

think we had 6 dogs and 6 humans. all evens.

just a few of the many lookouts up there. love to see the green stuff coming in. the wildflowers will show up here first as well.

tanya out there with a smathering of dogs.

me with blossom and teva. teva just decided to join, then blossom decided to take off. rio stayed home today. did take them both to the bog in the morning. the trails get a bit harder for rio this time of year with the loose rocks, climbing and roots and such. she was a bit bummed to be left behind, but that tends to happen more in the summers. she will adjust to it i'm sure.

her kitten ms breezy is probably happy she stays with them. the kitten's latest thing is chasing rio's tail when she happily wags it. so far she hasnt' seemed to notice it yet. her tail is so far from her brain that it may just be an oversight.

blossom and teva, true to the lab in them, found mud and reveled in it. she looks pretty proud of herself.

who could resist such adorable dogs?

maureen, karen and michelle enjoye the day on the trails. tanya and lena were also there, though lena played catch up and then booked a bit early to get her kids. don't think she's done this trail before and i suspect she'll be bringing her boys here really soon. it's a great trail. we saw no signs of bears, but with so many people and dogs it was unlikely.

the bog was pleasant this morning and yesterday as well. yesterday i was awokened by the sounds of sandhill cranes. very distinct call. never saw them out there though. i was going to stop on the way back today at potters marsh, but the sky was not looking very welcoming at that point and soon the rain fell. crazy since we had such beautiful weather out here all day.

maureens pup kaya is so adorable. he seems to be able to hold his own with the big dogs. loved his big bear bell. blossom and i had ours on as well.

manny is growing by the week. crazy. he looks great though. lena said he was totally excited to see his dog buddies again. they do get to know their monday walk crew. i had thought andrea was working with tanya when i texted her but apparently she was off so never heard of the walk today. bummer. she would have enjoyed it.

indy joined us though tanya has banned him for some walks. he did do some leash time. poor pup. he really is affectionate but has a tough time controlling his excitement.

overall, the dogs did great out there. boddhi seems to have become protective of his little malamute brother, manny.

lena and tanya out in front on the trail.

the malamutes again hanging out.

this was blossom before she found mud to play in. always great to have trails with plenty of water for the dogs.

lena and manny.

the laundry is going so i haven't been totally useless today. i had some plans for on the way back from the walk , but my back pre-empted those.

haven't watched the news these past few days, have read the paper, but fear i may have been dozing as i read.

more of me and my girl blossom.

headed to kincaid yesterday afternoon. it was really windy and the trail i opted to try to take was flooded over still. spring run off. will have to wait for that one til later. was a lazy day yesterday. cloudy and drizzly. went to the bog and as soon as i got on the front deck it started to hail. i curled up with a book and enjoyed the afternoon with a book and a fire in the fireplace.

this place changes day to day and it can be raining in anchorage and sunny in turnigan or out in the valley as today demonstrates. should make some calls and follow the great weather.

teva out on a lookout.

days like this are the bomb in alaska. you just have to forget about doing chores or errands, drop everything and enjoy. of course, we seem to have had loads of days like these of late so when i do get a rainy day i just want to sleep away.

my life allows me to be lazy at times. can't complain, lazy is good sometimes. the bills get paid, the animals get fed. the basics are met. my house is not spic and span. learned that from my mom. enjoy life first and wash the dishes later.

more peekaboo shots of the arm. love days like this!

another kaya shot.

the trails of turnigan interconnect and you can actually go for miles and miles. tomorrow tanya and i will do the potter to mchugh section. that section is longer, less peekaboo views and has a little hill or two to climb.

we'll see if the weather holds and if our luck of no bear sightings holds out as well.

below is the road and train tracks that follow along turnigan arm.

tanya has a hard time keeping her hat on her head with the wind out there. once we were in the woods it settles down a bit.

these few are from the attempted hike out at kincaid yesterday. this "puddle" was way to big to get around for me. blossom chased her toy in, so i could see how deep it was. too deep for me to cross over.

that water is the trail.

the cats have been spotted at times giving each other affection. there is hope of a bonding there.

it was cloudy in anchorage today. this little break was all i saw of the sun before i headed out of town. i really didn't have much hope of the day we got.

back to a few last turnigan shots from the day....from the big camera.

tanya with her pups, indy and boddhi.

this has no doubt been a rather dull post. i'm headed to bed and hopefully, get some well deserved sleep. my body should be a bit sore after my hike, a swim and a little bike ride. i'm not in biking shape yet. hopefully, i'll get out on those trails more this summer. used to really enjoy bike riding and i'm excited to have a decent bike again.

sleep well.

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