Sunday, May 22, 2011

the rapture that wasn't...or was it??

as i was out walking today i thought perhaps i was already in heaven all along. this place is so beautiful, how could any heaven top it. i didn't notice any decreases in the human population today so either the rapture prediction was totally wrong (surprise, surprise) or the rapture occured and there are very few humans who are good enough to have been lifted to the gates of heaven. do recall some biblical verse about it being harder to enter heaven than for a camel to get through the eye of a needle. it's a pretty exclusive club. i wasn't too worried.

confidence was high in town as well as i wasn't the only person out shopping today. stopped by the dimond greenhouse on the way back from walking out at jodphur loop in kincaid. we had a leisurely stroll out there. i had every intention of going for a swim and then a bikeride, but i got gardening and then it got too late and then i got busy with other projects i've neglected.

slowly trying to empty these two rooms out as much as possible. i don't want to just empty them into storage though, i want to get rid of the crap that seems to have collected so that i can get it more organized when i put all the stuff back in here.

todays walk in kincaid was briefly held up by the moose in the background of the above picture. right where this moose was the trail hairpins around so no real safe way by it. i suspect we could have walked right past, but after taking a few pictures we just crossed over to the trail on the other side. it was windy out there and that can spook the moose so i'd always rather just err on the safety side.

it was cloudy earlier and got cloudy later, but for the times i was out enjoying the world it was quite lovely. the gods were smiling down on me.

always love this tree for some reason.

rio is snoring, must have worn her out. the kitten is curled up next to her as usual and gets a bit nervous when rio starts to dreaming and making noises.

we did a few walks yesterday. first we walked the bog and then we walked the multiuse trail from goose lake out a few miles and back. after that i hit the gym for 20 laps and then the coastal trail from earthquake park down to westchester lagoon and back. could feel my butt and thigh muscles this morning. really was hoping for a repeat today. i'll try for it tomorrow.

these are from the coastal trail. didn't get out there til 9pm. should give you some indication of the daylight thing. i got home at llpm and could easily have done some gardening or set up a tent in the light that was left of the day.

stopped several times to take some pictures.

still a bit clumsy with the gears, but i think i'll get it down.

downtown anchorage.

this is from the multiuse trail walk yesterday.

the greens are so amazing right now. i can't get enough of them. still have loads to do in the garden/yard. this is always the time i get stuff planted and put in. once it's in, it usually does well for the few months we have for this stuff. my lawn desperatly needs a professional i think. i'm failing it. no idea how people have those beautiful lush lawns. no doubt they don't have large dogs.

the various tunnels sure look different this time of year. just a few months ago we were skiing through these tunnels.

love all the changes that happen with each season. it's amazing how fast the world is altered by the seasons.

watched the seasons final episode of bones. love that show. the murder solving part of this weeks show was pretty weak. the solve it while undercover at a bowling alley. that part was pretty dumb. angela had her baby, aww...and looks like bones and booth will finally get it together. with vincents murder, they got together one night and she is now preggers apparently. will be interesting to see what that will do for the show. could destroy it. part of the appeal has always been the unrequitted love between them.

i'm obviously addicted to milk. my current milk container is expired and now i'm at a loss as to what to eat for breakfast. i'm a stickler about expiration dates. i think that comes from living alone and food not being consumed in a timely fashion. it probably also comes from the terror that was my families refrigerator when i was growing up. that thing was rarely cleaned out and when it was cleaned out it was terrifying. in those days tupperware was the end all. you could never throw out tupperware. so unrecognizable food had to be properly removed and the container matter how bad the odor.

looked out at the pond on the bog and saw these baby ducklings. was surprised to see them. seems almost too early. they are so adorable. of course, i hadn't taken my zoom lens that day.

not sure what these ducks are, will have to look in the ole bird book.

the bog is quite active these days. birds are going nuts, nesting i guess.

more trees in the bog, as you can see i've been quite obsessed with the greens of late.

can't hate a girl for enjoying leaves after not seeing them for months on end.

they will be here such a short time and then they'll be gone again.

have a kayak trip next weekend. eek! summer is here, there are things to do, places to roam to and adventures to be had. gotta fill it all in while we can, soon the darkness and chill will return. with the light out so late it's easy to keep going.

these are back to kincaid today. was a bit breezy out there. that moose we saw was pretty mellow from what i could tell.

we took a little side trail so we could see the views. do wish to explore some of the other loops out there. should park in one of the other parking lots for the loops this way. rio seemed a bit sleepy as did blossom. not a good day to explore and get lost. not that i'd get scarey lost out there, but just that it could add an hour or two onto the walk and that would be tough for rio.

here is our friendly trail moose. he kept watch on us, but didn't seem too concerned.

here are the dogs waiting while we see what mr moose will do. actually it looks like a female now that i've called it mister.

rio had no idea there was a moose thre until we had completely passed the thing.

as long as i was waiting, may as well try a few black and whites.

luckily we weren't really in a hurry at all.

blossom takes one of many opportunities to rest.

may regret not finishing this last night as now it keeps saying it can't save it, will it all just disappear. the first computers in most homes were word processors. many days i spent hours working on a school project on the word processor only to have it all disappear. it drove me back to the old typewriter. i'm happy i learned to type though. it has served me well all these years. i believe it was required course in our school.

the devils club is begining to grow. seemed fitting to get a picture of the devils club on the day of the rapture. i'm sure for some people on this earth every day feels like the rapture. my life is quite pleasant for which i am forever grateful. always good to remember that others do not have such a pleasing life. many of this world suffer greatly at the hands of others and of thier own governments.

slept in today. often curl up with the paper and read a bit, especially on sunday mornings. really need to start getting out of bed and taking the paper out to the back deck. change to summer mode. this morning looked cloudy though so it made it easy to crawl back in bed. now it's after noon and i haven't even showered yet.

will stop by freddies today for my beloved milk. i'm feeling like eating chocolate chip cookies too. haven't baked in forever.

the days have been starting out cloudy and bleak, but soon the sun shines and they all turn out to be beautiful in the end. that never happened in ketchikan. if it started out cloudy there, it would end cloudy as well.

do want to get to the gym for my swim. hopefully, i can do the swim/bike thing.

there were a few sandhill cranes out on the beachs of the coastal trail. the trails here are awesome. i suspect much of this was turned into parkland post tsunami/quake. there are still some wealthy beachfront homes out closer to town.

slipped a few black and whites in. next sepia, if i can figure that out.

this squirrel did something to really tick off these magpies. i watched the pair of birds chase him all over the treetops. i feared he would meet an untimely death, but that squirrel was able to hang on to the trees and eventually the maggies gave up.

he was flying all over with those birds in hot pursuit though. i just watched all the action. it lasted about 5 min. blossom was quite interested due to all the noise the birds and squirrel were making. below squirrel is to left side with both magpies in pursuit.

here the maggie is quite close....scarey!

these are all of a moose getting a drink in the bogs of baxter bog. always love catching a moose in the water. not sure why, but i think we all do.

thought these looked kinda cool.

again, no zoom this outing. so many lenses. hard to carry all the gear around all the time.

thank god moose are pretty tolerant of me and my dogs stopping to take pictures. my dogs are pretty good, though in reality rio just wasn't aware of the moose being there. it's all about wind direction for her.

my bog looks pretty in black and white too. you get a sense of the colours without even seeing them

well, i have nothing to say of any grand intelligence today and loads to do, so i'm going to hope this actually works and if not, i guess i will start all over again tonight.

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