Saturday, May 21, 2011

mostly dogs...and black and white!

took an afternoon to look at the little book that comes with the camera and sort out how to do black and whites. i have always enjoyed taking black and white pictures in the past. it's rather easy with these new digitals. in the film camera days, you had to load black and white film and use it til the roll was complete. with these you can switch back and forth.
loved the one above of blossom. just captures the sweet spirit of this wonderful dog.

yesterday i easily switched back and forth on my day to day ramblings and photo's so i suspect there will be more black and white's in the blog now.

these were mostly taken in baxter bog by my place. have been moose in there the past week. this guy seemed to want his black and white taken.

there are also some baby ducklings out there already. forgot to take my zoom lens on this outing, just took the macro. hopefully i'll get some cute pictures of them soon. love the baby ducks and geese, just so dang adorable.

funny how the place looks totally different in black and white. always fun.

mostly did the bog while i worked these past few days. was very sleepy last night and opted for bed over blog. it happens.

thought i'd drop in this blog before i headed out for the day. thinking i'll head over to kincaid. it was cloudy earlier today, but it's looking nice now. may get in another mini-triathalon.

yesterday i walked 5 miles, swam 20 laps and then rode the bike an additional 5 miles.

funny how i do all these mini triathalons and when i mention it people seem to think i should enter real triathalons. i'm not competitve by nature so i have no drive to do a crowded triathalon. always seems funny that all the exercise i do has no merit unless i have done these events. the gold nugget up here seems to be one event that everyone participates in. there are some true athletes that participate, but the event is easy enough that really anyone can complete it. i've seen the photos at the event and there are some less than fit people competing.

guess it makes them feel fit to say they've done the gold nugget. fitness is a day to day event though. i used to do lots of bike events in california, probably 25-50 mile treks most weekends. got my shirt, paid by entrance fee. it was fun, and a good way to motivate you to ride through the week. i'm not condeming it for others, just haven't felt driven to enter myself.

work was fine, had one peds icu patient. kept me steady. i'm still baffled by how behind people get on the computer charting. that first round can be a bother, but then after that you just get in there on the hour, every hour and just click across for the most part. i've think i'm deciding i'm more gifted at the computer stuff than i gave myself credit for.

must make a few phone calls today. writing it down here perhaps i'll shame myself into getting it done. the floor people called to set up a time for the real measurements and estimates to get done. i've decided to go with the lighter laminate for the two spare rooms. much cheaper than real stuff and it's worked fine downstairs. will probably do the darker laminate bamboo in the main bedroom. if and when i remodel the kitchen area i may just replace with the darker laminate down there as well. that is a ways off though.

my kitchen really needs a remodel badly though. it's so tiny and i'm thinking someone could find a way to utilize the space down there better and give me more cupboard space and a better layout.

these are all from the dog photo session. finally had to toss the tennis ball for blossom as she got restless, but these came out cute too.

trying to get ready for the day as i write. multitasking. usually, i just get confused. did i do this, did i do that? all so confusing.

the dogs both have new collars, the old ones were getting stinky. thier leashes are stinky as well, but those retractable leashes are pricey so doubt i'll replace those until they are busted. rio's was used on huey as well. i've definitley gotten my money out of them.

thought this was sweet. blossom frequently will stop what she'd doing and come over to check on her big sister, rio.

the macro does a nice job with portraits.

probably should have cleaned the eye goop before i started in on the photo session. oh well.

the garden is calling me as well, i really should stop by the garden shops and attempt to get a lawn and some flowers.

gardening should count on my mini-triathalons, but there's no way to measure the work. my back lawn is a constant problem. suspect the soil is crap and i need to infuse it with something to heal it.

my puppies are just do dang cute. loved these pictures.

black and white is so soulful.

the dogs didn't mind laying out on the grass in the bog. some days i get the brushes out and do some grooming out there.

playing with the macro a bit.

blossoms new tag. her collar is covered up by all the fluff. my one friend always says she's jealous of blossoms colour and curl. i must say i'd kill for those curls as well. just perfect.

the nose.

rio always looks so contemplative, probably the blindness, but makes for a nice picture i guess.

blossom just is happy, happy, happy all the time.

hope i haven't bored you all with the "family" portrait session. the dogs are my family in a way. they are the constant in my life. i take care of them and they make me smile.

another sweet picture of the pups together.


rio catalina....

doesn't look like the rapture will happen today as predicted. i wasn't really worried. i do know the dogs will all go straight to heaven. i'm hoping there is room in dog heaven for me one day, who wants to hang out with all those holy people, let me hang with the dogs for eternity. way more fun!!

a little green to end the day.

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