Thursday, May 12, 2011

lake hood and kincaid for a walk....

always enjoy trolling around lake hood looking at all the aircraft. the lake is probably one of the busiest float plane depots anywhere, but there are wheeled craft there as well. you must drive carefully though as you share the road with planes.

not too often that one sees a purple airplane. kinda liked it.

liked that this showed ski's, floats and wheels. it's like my tire changeover when i get rid of my studs. these planes have to changeover with the seasons as well.

beautiful day out there, a bit windy, which is why i didn't get out and take too many pictures. i loaded the bike and had planned on heading back for a bike ride/photo op, but again it was quite windy and i was underdressed. did get my swim in, just 20 laps. taking it easy still due to my back tweakiness. overall it's better though so that makes me happy. my canker sore hell is diminishing as well. must be time to return to work. haha.

these planes were on the lake, they each have little storage houses which can be pretty cool and unique looking. the lake wasn't too active today. gets nuts there once summer really gets going.

as you can see, it was a bit windy out there.

will return again and try for more fun pictures, but that is about it for planes today.

very exciting for me as the leaves are just about to burst out everywhere in town. love this week, when it all turns green. should be within the next day or two.

i grew up in california and though leaves did fall a bit in fall and there was new growth in spring, it was nothing like what happens here. i love the brightness of all those fresh leaves busting out at one time. amazing really.

saw a few birds out on the trail today. went to little campbell lake (also known as beercan lake by a few locals). there was this guy out there fishing with his dog. i see him out there just in the summers so we chatted for a bit as always, catching up. no fish out there per this gentlemen as they moved their hatchery and didn't want to stress baby fish with a move. will probably take a few years for them to catch up and restock this lake. blossom loves this little lake for swimming. generally park at the lake, let her swim and then do the round hte lake hike. she just about dries by the time we come back around and she can cool off before we leave. it's a great butt workout as there are some nice hills. my back felt it a bit so we just went slowly. rio appreciates that as well.

not sure what the little grey bird is, cute though, the one above is probably a woodpecker, i'm going with downy woodpecker if i'm reading my book right. the bird below is a ptarmigan. the dogs occasionally will scare one up. okay, really it's a spruce grouse. i think they are both good eating, though i've never had either. they generally make quite a flap when they get scared out of the brush by the dogs and i have a momentary freakout thinking a bear is coming out of the woods at me.

pretty bird.

aren't those baby leaves pretty.

rio enjoyed her day in the woods. she's relaxed and snoring at present.

blossom did some leaps off the dock and wore herself out chasing her tennis ball. of course, she's a bit annoyed with me at present i believe. i figured since i had her a little sleepy i would attempt to do some trimming in her nether regions. it's a matter of hygiene and i'm all about good hygiene. apparently, blossom isn't all about scissors though.

quite enjoyed our walk out there.

went for my short swim and then met a few folks for the pt adolphus trip just to see about questions and all that. occasionaly we do meet up's. i think next time i'll chose a less popular restaurant. sandra mentioned moose's tooth at 6:30. it's a great place, but so dang popular, especially in the summers. the wait was over an hour i'd guess. it was just bob, sandra, alex and i. good for everyone to meet and have an idea who they'll be traveling with.

finally posted a few short video's to my facebook. landmark for me. of course, i still haven't figured out how to take the video from my camera and put it in the video library on my computer. so far i just save them to documents. whatever. seems like it should be a simple thing to do. spoke to my brother jeff today. he'd posted a very cute picture of thier son, he said he still has issues as well. not just me i guess.

have my little $30 solar charger charging in my window. will test it out a bit and see how well it does charging stuff. all prep for the big trip. the biggest worry is that all the battery life will die off on the camera gear. eek!

that is blossom in a small puddle. oddly, she remembers exactly where the puddles collect in the spring and runs to those area's ahead of me. i always find it somewhat amazing that she remembers such things, but then wildlife in deserts remember where the water sources are out there. that is part of survival. never give dogs enough credit for their brains.

not looking forward to going back to work. hopefully, the back holds out.

getting sleepy and i'm almost done reading this book. should finish before i start back to work.

will check and see if all is forgiven with blossom before i turn in, luckily dogs are pretty dang forgiving sorts.

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