Monday, May 23, 2011

walk, swim, bike and macro lens playtime...

whenever i mention these mini triathalons i do, people will say, you should sign up for this race or that race. it's funny to me that in our society these days we are only validated if we get some sort of ribbon. if we obtain some lofty goal. one can't just walk-swim-bike because it's fun, or exercise is a good thing, or just nice to be outside. i'm not seen necessarily as fit as i didn't complete the gold nugget race or whatever. i do these things for me and for the love of the activities, the exercise and for a chance to be out in nature taking more pictures.

these above appear to be some sort of fungi to me, but i've no idea. they just looked like a cool thing to try and capture with the macro. very excited about this new lens and all the new growth gave me an opportunity to play a bit. fun to switch it up to the black and white as well. i know some people like to peak every mountain and run fast, me, i like to walk slowly, take in the details of nature. it's all about the details to me. my religion is found in the woods. it does all stop out there, the beauty takes over your soul.

rio enjoys the slow walk as she can sniff cool stuff, blossom is happy to chase her toy and seems less interested in the details of nature. she's happy to oblige as long as she gets a few tennis ball tosses in. much can be learned from nature and much can be learned by the dogs in our lives. it's not all that complicated. we make it complicated, but it really isnt'. when you are out there in the woods, the simplicity and beauty refresh you.

made a shopping run as i can't be without fresh milk. next weekends paddle will be fun. always nice to be going to one location and working out of there. you don't have to think in terms of everything tucking into the kayak. nice to know you have shelter in case the weather changes, that you don't have to go out in rough seas and paddle. i'm looking forward to exploring a new area of kachemek bay. haven't been to halibut cove before.

appears that there were some major tornado's today in the northcentral states. i didn't get much news on it, but what i saw looked pretty devastating. wouldn't want to go through one of those. looks awful. will have to remember those effected in my prayers. yes, i do pray. funny, how many people assumed that since i left the church of my childhood that i must have abandoned all belief. maybe, they just feel better thinking that? not sure. i have for sure never been asked to pray at any family gathering since i left. always thought that funny.

won't be able to sleep in tomorrow. have a hike to get to and that means i'll have to get rio out for a walk before too late so that she can settle in on the couch. don't really want to take her out for over 5 miles. doubt i'll get the bike in tomorrow, but hopefully the swim. will feel great after a longer hike. swam 30 laps today. the water felt quite chilly when i first got in, but felt great after a few laps.

the water is always peaceful. every noise is muffled if there is other noise.

thought these fiddle faddles looked like aliens. they did even more so in the black and white shot i took. not sure what they are actually called. some sort of fern like thing. they will uncurl soon enough.

the devils club is also on the verge of life. you never want to get caught in a devils club patch for obvious reasons. very prickly, not poisonous, but prickly.

watched part of a show on elizabeth smart. she was kidnapped and held for 9 months before getting found and brought home. at the trial she gave her testimony, it was very detailed apparently about what had happened to her during her 9 months of captivity. the trial didn't happen for years after her abduction. for her parents, this was the first they knew of what had happened to her. seems odd that something so huge would just go unspoken. the parents stated that after a few days she was all adjusted back to life, they just acted like none of it happened, just a blip in her life that was over. have seen this often in the mormon culture. hopefully, i don't offend anyone, but it just seems like the culture of mormonism tends to make people put this face of "all is well" out there. i often found a facade in people, you thought they had the perfect lives and then one day it all just unravels. suppose that happens out of the mormon culture, probably jsut the culture i was familiar with growing up so the experiences i had. arnold schwartzneger demonstrates this i guess. going along as govenor, loving spouse, father and actor and then suddenly all of the dirty laundry is aired.

the truth is nobody's lives are perfect and pretending anything different is just silly. pretending to be perfect doesn't get you closer to heaven. don't think god ever expected us to be perfect anyway. we simply aren't capable. life is a lesson, can't learn a dang thing if you are busy playing at being already perfect.

maybe i went a bit crazy on the fiddle faddles.

trying to move stuff out of these rooms in a slow and organized fashion...i'm not fooling anyone, eventually, i will have a time crunch and it will all just be piled up in the garage or whatever. can't hurt to try though i guess.

after my swim i met up with sandra behind the peanut farm (a restaurant). we hadn't gone far when this moose appeared by the trail. this is not unusual when you try to go for a walk or bike in town. this moose was in no hurry to move along, which is pretty typical for a townie. townies are moose that live here year round. our moose population decreases in town in the summer as they go on up to the higher ground for food. i think i heard the winter population gets over 2000 and in summers we are down to more like 1000.

can't believe i'm posting a picture that contains my arse. perhaps you jsut reach a certain age and you aren't as worried. i find myself saying things to myself like "i look pretty good for someone my age". sadly, many in my age bracket have neglected themselves for years and now thier bodies are paying for it with major health issues. i feel quite blessed with the good health i enjoy and know that every day is a gift and each day some horrible disease could turn up in me as well.

this is taku lake. we rode past it for a ways and then returned back. i'm still trying to build up on the bike riding. don't wish to kill myself with so much summer left to enjoy. moderation in all things. i have always found that to be a good way to live.

the creek that the bike path followed.

on the return back the moose was still lying in the same spot. i nearly crashed into sandra as she stopped for a picture a bit closer to the moose than i expected. was a good sign that the moose stayed put despite me about falling over right in front of it. looks like an old, healed injury to the hock on the back leg. maybe she can't get up as quickly as she used to to stomp us.

some little bird from the other day. yet to be id'd.

walked in kincaid today. did hte little campbell lake loop. when i got back they must have been having a class on paddle boarding.

stayed to watch a bit and snap some photo's. i've seen paddle boarding several times now and i still don't really get it. i mean i comprehend it, i just don't get the appeal. i mean if it's a nice day and i am going to be out on the water there are so many things that look like a great deal more fun than this does. kitesailing, surfing,kayaking. just don't get why this would be the activity one would chose.

standing and paddling also don't seem to be a very productive means of travel.

this kid didn't seem intersted in the paddleboarders, he just wanted to try and catch a fish. not much out there right now, at least that is what my sources say.

just a few snaps from the trail.

best crash now, busy day tomorrow. lots to get organized over these next few days.

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