Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 nights and i'm ready to sleep...

 just hit the dog park today.  sunset turned out to be pretty nice. poor rio had 2 big dogs decide to get overly friendly with her.  the first dog the owner was trying to control her other dog and couldn't help me get her large brown lab off of rio.  thank you.  second dog the owner was busy pulling her kid in a sled and just wasn't interested in what her dog was doing. that dog was pretty hefty and kept jumping on poor rio from different angles. rio was limping on her left shoulder immediately after this.  the other owner just walked annoying.  so it was a slow walk back to the car with rio limping.  gave her some metacam and hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.
 no walk yesterday as i got myself worked up over an odor in the house.  i think in the end that the fireplace smells are backing up into the house. the damper is closed.  my friend said something about air pressure in the house. not sure. mother passed along her fear of anything fire/gas related.  i must agree with her that fires are awful and a total loss is painful.  a good thing to avoid.  i could smell something and couldn't rule it out as gas so i called the gas company.  yes, i have done this before.  they are very nice.  they are at your house within the hour and it's like getting a mini home inspection.  the guy was nice and thorough. no gas leak.  he went in the crawl space and gave a good accounting of it being dry and the insulation that i'd had put in got positive words as well.  he checked the heater, the water heater, the's lovely! so i felt safe again and headed to work
 work in the adult unit went well.  patients weren't too taxing on me.  had a sweet little gal  who has some issues in her brain.  she was pretty funny.  she would make dragon faces complete with dragon sounds on request.  due to her brain injury she was confused about some things but often even if you have no idea what year it is..those little riddles and songs from days gone by will remain crystal clear.  she seemed to enjoy the game and it made her smile.  is it wrong to play with your patients brains?  "one for the money, two for the show...." she'd complete.  so many other little riddles like this.  probably a good work out for my brain to try and remember them all these past few nights.
had to laugh as the doc was talking to her cause she wants to eat but many of our patients will get swallow evaluations before we select their diets.  we want to prevent them from aspirating when we begin to feed them.  of course, the doctor mentioned to her that the swallowing expert would be in the next day.  not sure that is how someone would want to be referred a swallowing expert.  there are some professions where it would be applauded i guess though.
 we will see how the peds week goes.  still with the ongoing schedule snaffoo's.   i was only down for 2 nights this week..i would be totally fine with a vacation day this week, but it's still busy.  the final schedule had me down with a question mark on friday.  i figured i'd just leave it be as i knew the manager is a bit hell bent on me doing some weekends in the peds side.  well, it just got left off, another day is extremely short so they wanted me for that day.  i have already scheduled appointments though, in the end i said i'd work from 7-1 am tuesday overtime and then plan on wed/thurs/fri this week.
 have my follow up leg appointment tuesday.  hopefully i can get scheduled for the proceedure. that would be nice.  nervous about our new crappy insurance and how much they will cover.
loved that marie calendars are now selling their chocolate silk pie in these adorable individual sizes.  nummy dessert tonight for me!!  guess i will go look at the bills.  my paycheck already looks smaller this that the fiscal cliff i'm feeling or the new insurance.  i heard now too that if we want to go to employee health we will be charged over $150 for it.  it used to be a free service.  for anyone who assumes that being a nurse assures you great health care benefits let me inform you that we can have just as crappy insurance as the next guy. we do usually have enough connections to know which doctors really suck and whom to avoid!!
i'm ready for things to move along in life.  for now there is cat litter to clean and bills to pay.....yes, i have a very exciting life!!

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