Monday, January 14, 2013

can't sleep poetry

poem #1

can't sleep,
so i listen to the rain,
part happiness,
part disdain,
it's january,
we should have snow,
but apparently,
mother nature,
changed our globe,
shake and shake,
but the wet remains,
turns to ice,
makes all insane,
why oh why,
a winters rain?


hold my hand,
don't let go,
i'll pull you out,
of your troubled world.

the life you live,
should not be so,
you should be free,
and safe, grab hold.

if only i can pull you here,
you will be able to release your fears,
dream and laugh,
go to school,
you will be free,
from all those rules.

poem #3

rio sleeps,
unbothered by noise,
or stress.

it eludes me,
this sleep,
so awake,
i write.

few will see.

poem #4

cusp of change,
i like routine,
but in this world,
of ours,
will put you in a rut,
shake it off,
let it go.

poem #5

am i a failure,
do i live too small,
have i walked,
when opportunity called?

this simple life,
has let me down,
if i don't jump,
i may just drown.

i give too little,
expect too much,
wait this world,
to bring me love.

have i missed,
the chance to grow,
squandered days,
the chance to know?

i sit, i dream,
i hope, i pray,
i've walked for miles,,
on many days.

still, here i am,
what have i to show,
much to see,
my spirit to grow.

say the words,
ask for help,
before my life,
absorbs my self.

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